The First Thanksgiving

It was autumn in Ponyland, and Cupcake was in the kitchen baking pumpkin pies.  After she took a couple out of the oven, she Firefly and Medley flew in Julie and Megan so they could help the ponies set up decorations for their own Thanksgiving feast.  When she walked out of Paradise Estate, she noticed that Julie looked a little down.

"What's wrong, Julie?"  she asked in a concerned way.  "I thought you'd be excited, helping us decorate for our Thanksgiving feast."

"It's not that,"  Julie replied as she hopped off Medley.  "I have to do a report on the very first Thanksgiving for school, and it's due Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  I don't even know what happened during the First Thanksgiving, other than the Pilgrims and the Indians had a big feast."

"Don't worry, Julie,"  Megan assured her younger cousin,  "I'll . . ."

"We'll help you write it!"  Firefly interrupted.

"You will?"  Julie asked.  "How?"

"By recreating the First Thanksgiving!"

"Right now?"  Cupcake asked in a skeptic way.

"Firefly I don't think it's a goo . . ."  Medley started, but then she got cut off.

"It'll be perfect,"  Firefly replied.  "All you two have to do is sit back and watch.  We'll handle everything here."

"Firefly, maybe I should . . ."  Megan started.

"Nonsense.  We know all about the First Thanksgiving.  Don't we, Cupcake."

"Ah . . ."

"See."  Firefly then left to get some other ponies to help her set things up.

"Somehow, I dread to think what's going to come of this,"  Megan sighed.

"As long as they can help me with my report, I'm all for it,"  Julie replied.

Within minutes,  Firefly had a crude back drop of England set up in front of Dream Castle.  Megan, Spike, Brandy, and Duck Soup, and some of the ponies were sitting in front of the castle as the audience, while the others were setting up.  Firefly soon came out to introduce the play she was about to perform.

"Ladies and animals,"  she started,  "welcome to Ponyland Production's First Thanksgiving.  We hope you enjoy."   She then cleared her throat.  "Once upon a time . . ."

"Pardon me,"  Medley interrupted,  "but historical plays don't start like that."

"All right.  A long time ago, in England, there lived a family of Pilgrims.  A Papa Pilgrim, a Mama Pilgrim, and a Baby Pilgrim."

"This is gonna end up looking like a bad fairy tale,"  Peachy sighed to Lemon Drop.

"Firefly,"  Megan corrected,  "uh, maybe you shouldn't confuse this with a fairy tale.  After all you might get your facts mixed up and . . ."

"Who's telling the story?  You or me?"


"Now where was I?"

"Mama, Papa, and Baby Pilgrims,"  Cherries Jubilee said after walking out from behind the back drop.

"Yes.  Anyway, there were a family of Pilgrims who were upset that England wasn't treating them fairly."   Soon, Airedale came out dressed in a male Pilgrim hat, and brandishing a sign in his teeth.

"No taxation without representation!"  he shouted as he dropped the sign to the ground.  Then he stopped.  "Wait a minute.  Firefly, Megan told me that the taxes had nothing to do with the Pilgrims.  That was the Boston Tea Party."

"Just go with it, Airedale,"  Firefly replied.  Airedale sighed, and continued to march across the backdrop with the sign.  Medley soon walked out in a female Pilgrim's bonnet, carrying a blanket wrapped Ember on her back.

"Airedale,"  she started,  "I fear that England's laws are making it unfit to raise a family here.  We must head off for the Promised Land."

"You mean, America?"

"Yes.  If other Englishmen can settle there . . . then so can we."

"Uh, hold it for one second guys,"  Megan interrupted.  "Firefly, the Pilgrims didn't leave England because of taxes.  They left so they could have religious freedom."

"Whatever,"  Firefly blithely replied.  Megan sighed but continued to watch the warped history unfold.   The back drop of England soon became a back drop of an ocean setting with three make shift ships in front of it.  Airedale was on one, and Medley and Ember were on another.  The last one was left empty for some odd reason.   "So in October of 1492, the Pilgrims boarded three ships called the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, to head off to the Promised Land."

"I don't mean to interfere with your production,"  Wind Whistler interrupted,  "but first of all, 1492 was the year Columbus discovered America.  The year the Pilgrims left England was actually 1621.  And, they sailed on the Mayflower.  The three vessels you just mentioned were Columbus' ships."

"They were?"  Firefly asked, finally listening for once.


"Megan, why don't you make this stuff clear when you tell us all about your history?"

"I try to,"  Megan started.

"All right Airedale,"  Firefly directed to the male pony before the blonde girl could finish what she wanted to say,  "hop on the ship Medley's on.  We're going to have to do this scene again."  Once Airedale was on the middle ship,  Cherries Jubilee and Magic Star got to work pulling the other two boats out of the scene.

"Okay.  Now in 1621, the Pilgrims set sail on the Junebug to the Promised Land."

"Mayflower,"  Lemon Drop corrected.

"Yeah, Mayflower.  And believe me, it was a rough trip."   A gush of water came sweeping on stage, and the backdrop became a stormy weather scene, with Posey providing the rain with her watering can.  The waves that resulted made the boat sweep up and down and back and forth.

"I don't think I like traveling in this type of weather!"  Ember cried as Medley tried to soothe her by rocking the baby pony in her front hooves.  Soon Snuzzle began taking over Firefly's narration as the waves got choppier.

"And the angry waves tossed them! And turned them!  And threeeeew them into the air . . ."   As she was saying this the boat tossed, turned, and was thrown up into the air by the large waves.  "And then back down again!"   The force of the angry waves caused Airedale to become sea sick.

"Stop the boat,"  he said in a woozy voice as his face began to turn green,  "I wanna get off!"   His cheeks then puffed out as he held his mouth closed with his hoof.

"This trip continued for days and days,"  Firefly continued.

"And the angry waves tossed them,"  Snuzzle said as the angry waves bit began once again, much to the dismay of Airedale's stomach.  "And turned them . . . and threeeew them into the air."

"Waaaaaah!"  Ember cried as the ship was tossed back into the air, and then came hurling back down. 

"It's okay, baby,"  Medley comforted while nuzzling the baby pony.  "Mama's got you.  It's okay."

"And then back down again,"  Snuzzle finished.   Airedale soon leaned over the side of the boat, away from the audience, and began hurling his breakfast.

"Did they have a big feast while on this trip?"  Lickety Split asked in a hopeful voice.

"Sure,"  Minty started with a few hard biscuits placed in front of her,  "if you call hard tack and gruel a feast."

"Uh, no,"  Firefly answered the purple pony,  "the feast comes later."

"Who can think of eating at a time like this?"  Airedale asked while looking up from the boat, his face still a lovely shade of green.

"Soon,"  Firefly continued, "after a long time of boat travel . . ." 

"On the angry waves,"  Snuzzle interrupted,  "which tossed them, and turned them, and . . ."     

"Okay,"  Butterscotch interrupted,  "enough with the angry waves already.  You're making Airedale sick."

"You've already made Airedale sick,"  the boy pony interrupted before upchucking over the side of the boat one last time.

"Anyway, after a long trip, they soon landed on Plymouth Rock."   The boat then crashed on large rock, causing Medley, Ember, and Airedale to be flung roughly clear across the side of the boat.

"And I thought things couldn't get much worse,"  Airedale moaned while clutching his stomach again.

"Hey, you said landed,"  Medley said as Airedale helped her up,  "not crash!"

"Crashed, landed, what's the difference?"  Firefly asked.

"A lot of bruises,"  Medley said while swishing her tail a bit.  "Are you okay, Ember?"

"Yes, I'm fine,"  the baby pony replied.

"You want to recap this for Julie?"  Megan suggested.

"Well,"  the younger girl started,  "I've been taking notes.  So, two Pilgrims Ponies and a Baby Pony left England to go to America because some mean man was making taxes bad for them.  So then they went on the Nina Pinta Santa Maria Mayflower where angry waves tossed them, and made the father Pilgrim sick.  Then they crashed on a rock named after a car, and got bruised except for the baby."

"Right!"  Firefly eagerly shouted.

"I don't know . . ."  Julie skeptically started.

"This isn't how it went at all you guys,"  Megan interrupted yet again.  "See, what really . . ."

"Hush!" Firefly snapped.  "Now, on with part two."

"Is this where they eat the feast?"  Lickety Split asked in an all too eager voice as a backdrop revealed a wooded area scene.

"Not quite yet,"  Firefly replied.  "Anyway after landing on Plymouth Rock, the Pilgrims sought land, and began to build up houses.  While they were gathering firewood for their homes, they met some of the strangest creatures."  Airedale was gathering firewood when Twinkles came by with a shaggy mane around her head.

"Mew,"  she said as the pony looked at her oddly.

"Uh, guys,"  Airedale started,  "is she supposed to be a mountain lion or something?"

"Yes,"  Spike said as he walked into the scene,  "but she's been sick."

"But,"  Airedale started,  "she doesn't exactly sound like a mountain lion."

"I'm gonna hate myself in the morning for this,"  Twinkles sighed to nobody in particular.  She then took a deep breath and exhaled it into a loud roar, that sent Airedale's hat flying up into the air before landing on Spike's head.        

"Uh, nice to meet you,"  Airedale said in a nervous voice as he retrieved his hat, and tossed it back on his head.  Twinkles then trotted off.  Surprise soon walked in with socks on her ears, snout, tail, and hooves.  If Airedale thought Twinkles the Mountain Lion was odd, this was more strange than before.

"Now what the heck are you supposed to be?"  he asked.

"Uh . . ."  Surprise started.  "Would you believe one of those odd creatures Firefly was telling you about."

"Surprise,"  Masquerade started,  "get off the stage.  You aren't supposed to come in yet."

"Sorry,"  Surprise replied as she left the scene.  "I just thought Twinkles shouldn't be the only strange creature in Massachusetts."

"Anyway,"  Firefly continued,  "the Pilgrims were collecting firewood to make houses for their families, when a huge snow storm fell.  This resulted in a lot of them dying . . ."

"Half of them, to be precise,"  Wind Whistler interrupted.

"Good.  Because the other three Pilgrims are represented by more Ponies."   Soon Minty, Cherries Jubilee, and Gingerbread walked out.  Only Gingerbread was wearing the bonnet.  She and Cherries Jubilee simply fell to the ground, with all four legs sticking straight in the air, but Minty, on the other hand, decided to go for a more dramatic route.

"OOOOOOH!"  she moaned as she got on her hind legs and put her forelegs to her chest.  "This is the end!  I'm a going!  I'm a going!  AAAAAHLLL  EEEEGUUUEEEE OOOOOH AAAAAAGH  EELLLLLL AAAAAH . . ."   Before she could do anymore dramatics,  Magic Star trotted up to her.

"You're laying on the death scene a little thi-ick,"  she said in a sing song voice.

"Hey, I'm an act-tor,"  the green pony replied in a snobbish voice.  She then turned to the audience.  "I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeVille."

"Just die already!"  Cherries Jubilee replied in an annoyed voice from the floor while she held one eye open.

"Oh all right!"  Minty sighed.  "Bleah!"  She then stuck her tongue out, and assumed the dead pony position.

"This left half of the Pilgrims dead."  Soon Glory and Moondancer, Lofty and North Star, and Bow-Tie and Applejack walked in carrying stretchers.  They scooped the "dead" ponies up in them while singing "Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum,dum, dum, dum, dum," as they went.  Soon the backdrop changed from a winter time forest to the inside of a log cabin.

"Oh dear,"  Medley said while feeding Ember some baby food,  "how are we ever going to survive this winter, my love?"

"Don't worry, Medley,"  Airedale said while putting a hoof on his "wife's" back.  "We'll find a way to survive."

"Well, luckily,"  Firefly continued,  "they found help in an Indian named Summerset."

"Samoset,"  Ribbon corrected as she walked on stage.  She had a pouch full of arrows slung on her back, and had a feather tied in her mane.

"Yeah,"  Firefly added,  "him too."

"I heard about your problems,"  Ribbon said to Airedale as the backdrop changed back into the winter woods.  "I will help you and your family out during these harsh times."

"Thank you,"  Airedale gratefully replied.  "I'm Airedale, this is my wife Medley, and our baby, Ember."

"I am Samoset.  Follow me.  I will help you hunt for food."  And with that, Ribbon led Airedale into the woods to hunt for food.

"And so, with Samoset's help,"  Firefly continued,  "the Pilgrim family survived their first winter in the new land."

Soon another backdrop fell to reveal an Indian tribe camp.

"After Samoset helped the Pilgrim family survived their first winter . . ."

"They had a big feast!"  Lickety Split exclaimed.

"Not yet!"  Firefly snapped.

"Well, can you hurry the feast up?  I'm getting hungry here."

"We'll get there later.  Now, after the Pilgrims survived their first winter . . ."   Surprise then interrupted coming out wearing a headband with a feather glued to it.

"The Indians attacked!"  She then began war whooping as several ponies came out of no where and began flinging arrows at Airedale, Medley, Ember, and Ribbon.

"Ugh,"  Surprise started as Skydancer flew in wielding a tomahawk.  "We scalp um strange clothed people." 

"Guys,"  Megan interrupted, yet again,  "cut!  Stop!"

"What's wrong?"  Skydancer asked.

"You're going about this all wrong.  First of all, the Indians never attacked the Pilgrims.  Secondly, they weren't savages or thirsty blood killers.  And third, and most importantly, they don't talk like that.  Real Indians had a language of their own.  And it didn't consist of ughs, hows, or me wannums."

"Okay guys!"  Skydancer called to the other Indian Ponies.  "Call off the attack."

"Aww,"  Bubbles pouted,  "but I wanted to scalp somebody."

"Firefly, this isn't how it went,"  Megan continued.  "You see . . ."

"Ah tut tut tut tut tut tut!"  Megan just heaved a frustrated sigh and let the Ponies continued.  "Anyway, Samoset lead the Pilgrims to his village where he met his Chief, Squanto." 

"Squanto wasn't their chief,"  Megan pointed out.  "He was another Indian who knew English."

"Well, just for intents and purposes, he's now the chief."

"Whatever you say,"  Megan sighed.   Gusty soon walked out of a teepee in a war bonnet, squatting low.  She soon raised her hoof in greeting.


"No, no, no,"  Skydancer shook her head.  "Gusty, Squanto never squatted."

"He didn't?"

"No. Squanto, with an N.  Not Squatto."

"Oh. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Never mind,"  Firefly added.  "Let's just get on with this."  Gusty then picked herself up, and approached the Pilgrim Ponies.

"Me chief, you settlers,"  she said in stereotypical Indian fashion,  "we sign peace treaty." 

"Guys, enough with the broken English already!"  Megan shouted.  "And Gusty, they weren't at war either. They exchanged gifts and signed a treaty of Friendship."

"Do over!"  Gusty called.  "To show that we mean no harm, we will exchange gifts."

"All we have is hard tack and gruel,"  Airedale said as he tossed a hard round biscuit on the table Gusty was standing behind.

"Then we give you corn,"  Gusty replied as she tossed a kernel of popcorn on the table.  "Lets sign peace treaty!"

"I give up!" Megan sighed as she threw her hands in the air.  As Airedale began signing a piece of paper,  Heart Throb ran in with her hair in two braids and a feather in it.  She was also wearing a turquoise necklace.

"Darlings!"  she called,  "which one of you is John Smith?"

"What!?"  Ribbon asked as if she just couldn't believe what the Pegasus was saying.

"Who are you?"  Airedale asked.

"Why I'm Pocahontas, darling!"

"Pocahontas!"  Megan exclaimed in disbelief.  "Guys, Pocahontas was before the First Thanksgiving."

"Are you sure?"  Firefly asked.


"Yeah, but are you really sure?  I mean you weren't there.  How do you know this isn't how it happened."

"Maybe Megan older than we think,"  Baby Cuddles replied.

"Never mind,"  the blonde girl sighed,  "just continue."

"Anyway, after they signed the friendship treaty,"  Firefly started . . .

"Then they had the big feast?"  Lickety Split asked one last time.

"Yes.  They had the big feast.  And the first item on the menu was turkey.  And they nominated some guy named Miles Standover to hunt it."

"Standish," Megan corrected as Sparkler walked out wearing a Pilgrim hat like Airedale's, and a gun slung over her back.

"Why am I doing this?"  she asked.

"Could be worse,"  Magic Star replied.  "You could've ended up playing the turkey.  Come on out, Buttons!"

"I'm not coming!"  Buttons replied from behind the back drop.

"But Buttons,"  Medley started,  "we need you."

"Yeah,"  Airedale added.  "You're the most important part in this play."  Buttons sighed, then walked out in a turkey costume, complete with waddle, beak, and tail feathers.

"But I look ridiculous."

"Relax,"  Cherries Jubilee replied.  "It'll all be over with soon."

"If you say so,"  Buttons sighed.  "Let's just get this over with."   She then began running from Sparkler, but in slow motion.

"Gobble, gobble, gobble,"  she added in an unenthusiastic type way.

"Bang, bang,"  Sparkler replied as she aimed the fake gun, with her teeth, at Buttons.  Like the lavender pink unicorn, she also was acting unenthusiastic.

"Oh no,"  Buttons continued, as if she were reading in a monotone voice off a cue card.  "I have been hit.  I'm dead.  Bye."  She then fell to the ground.

"Um, guys,"  Firefly started.  "Can we get a little more enthusiasm here?  Buttons, I've seen Brandy play dead better than you can."

"Fine,"  Sparkler sighed.  "BANG BANG!"

"AH!"  Buttons screeched.  "I AM HIT!  Goodbye cruel world!"  She then fell on her back, acting as if she were dead.

"Well,"  Magic Star started,  "at least she didn't pull a Minty on us."

"And so,"  Firefly started as Airedale, Medley, Ribbon, Ember, and Gusty sat down to have their feast.  "The Pilgrims and the Indians sat down to have their big Thanksgiving feast.  With turkey, and cookies, and ice cream, and cupcakes."

"Yum!"  Lickety Split exclaimed as she sat down behind a bowl of ice cream and dug in."

"And they all lived happily ever after,"  Firefly finished.  "The end.  Okay, Julie.  Did you get all of parts two through the end."

"After crashing on the rock,"  Julie repeated.  "They met an Indian named Summerset, who taught them how to attack and scalp people.  Then they met Chief Squatto and they exchanged hard biscuits and popcorn and signed a peace treaty.  Then Buttons dressed like a turkey so Miles Standover could shoot her.  Then they had a party and lived happily ever after."

"That's right!"  Firefly exclaimed.

"I don't think so."

"Guys,"  Megan interrupted, trying to get the last word in before Firefly interrupted her again,  "I appreciate all that you're trying to do.  But I think it's best if I handle it myself."

"What was wrong with our version?"  Cherries Jubilee asked.

"Nothing,"  Megan replied.  "It was good for a laugh.  But that's not how it really happened. And if she turns in a report based on your production alone, she may get a failing grade on this report."

"And then I'll flunk out of the fifth grade,"  Julie added.

"Come on, Julie,"  Megan said.  "I'll tell you how it really happened."  And with that, the two girls headed inside Paradise Estate.

"I thought our version was better,"  Gusty said to the other ponies, before they all helped with the clean up.

That Wednesday, before Thanksgiving,  Cupcake and Gingerbread were setting out some pumpkin pies for the Ponies own feast.  Which didn't consist of turkey, but a lot of fall type goodies, like pumpkin pies, cinnamon apple cider, candied sweet potatoes, and apples.

"These pies are going to be delicious, Cupcake,"  Gingerbread said.

"As long as Lickety Split and Applejack don't get to them first,"  Cupcake replied.  Both of them laughed, then saw Julie run up to the Estate.

"Cupcake!  Cupcake!"  she exclaimed.  "I got an A on my report!"

"That's great, Julie,"  Cupcake said.

"Megan told me how it really happened.  See the Pilgrims actually left because they didn't have the rights to worship who they wanted in England.  So they wanted to go to Virginia so they could have their religious freedom.  Only, they were traveling in a big storm, and that veered them off course into Massachusetts, and Plymouth Rock, which they never crashed or landed on.  The rock serves as a marker for where the Pilgrims first landed.  Then they met the Indians who helped them survive the winter, and they had a feast to give thanks for the Indians and their new found freedom.  And that's what Thanksgiving is all about.  Giving thanks."

"Well, I'm glad you finally learned the true meaning. Now, if we can only get the rest of the ponies to let it all sink in."

"Okay,"  Firefly said as she cut into the conversation.  "So, maybe we don't know about the First Thanksgiving.  But I know how the Fourth of July got started!"

"Oh no,"  Gingerbread moaned.

"You see it all started when Samuel Jefferson wrote the Constitution of Declaration!"

"Thomas Jefferson,"  Cupcake corrected,  "and it was the Declaration of Independence."

"That too.  And then, Benny Frankie created electricity by flying a kite in the air, and creating fireworks.  Then they elected George Washington to be the King, and he rang the Liberty Bell too many times that it cracked.  And that's how the Fourth of July came to be."

"Here,"  Julie said as she handed her History text book to Firefly.  "I think you need this more than I do."   And with that, she helped Cupcake and Gingerbread finish baking the pies.

"What?"  Firefly asked in a confused way.  "You mean that isn't how the Fourth of July came to be either?  Gee, I think Megan oughta tell those stories to us more often."

The End