Shady and the Seven Dragons

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This Ponyland Production is a take on "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves." Featured are the dragons that came with the UK Princess Ponies. This "Snow White" is taken from different versions of the story I know of, including the Disney version, a "Hello Kitty" version I saw, an episode of "The Brady Bunch," and various storybooks. For those of you who have seen Shady in the cartoons, you will note I am writing her slightly out of character in some parts, although you will notice that a lot of Snow White stories portray her as optimistic. Well, this Snow White is going to be a bit pessimistic. Also, in the beginning, Baby Shady makes an appearance as Shady as a baby. And before anyone reads this and tells me I'm mixing up my Disney movies, I'm using a song from "Cinderella" on purpose because I like it a lot better than "Someday My Prince Will Come."

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away (why do all fairy tales start like that?), there lived a great pony king. The king's wife died after their only child was born, a baby pony they named Shady, because she had sunglasses on her rump. The king remarried another pony so that Shady could have a mother. The new queen was very beautiful. She was royal purple with royal blue hair, and a gold crown on her rump. True, she was beautiful, but she was also very spoiled, and cruel, and always had to get her own way.

The Queen walked through the hallway, looking at her subjects, when the nurse of the castle, Heart Throb, approached her with the baby pony, Shady, and introduced her to the Queen.

"Your majesty, this is Shady," Heart Throb said. "Your stepdaughter. She is a very darling baby, and so well behaved!"

The Queen just looked at the baby pony, and made a face. Then she started off.

"Cute," she said, and then walked off. Shady burst into tears and started to cry. Heart Throb tried to calm her down.

The Queen walked into the back room of the castle, and approached her magic mirror.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall," she said. "Who's the fairest one of all?"

The mirror faded in to reveal a pink Pegasus pony with blue hair and blue lightning bolts on her rump. Her name was Firefly, and she was the magic pony in the mirror.

"You are," she said. "Definitely you, Queenie."

"That's right, and don't you forget it!"

But the Queen wasn't going to take any chances with Shady growing up to be even fairer than her. So as soon as Shady grew up, the Queen made her a scullery maid. But even though she was dressed in rags, they couldn't hide that Shady was turning into a very pretty young pony. The Queen went to her mirror one morning to ask her daily question.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" she asked.

"Well, you were the fairest," Firefly said, fading in. "But someone's come and dethroned you."

"What?!" the Queen shouted. "Who?! That's what I'd like to know!"

"Who, you ask? Why, it's simple. It's she of pink and chartreuse, even though she's just a scullery maid, she's still the fairest of them all. Oh yeah, and she's got sunglasses on her rump, too."

"SHADY?! It can't be, it just can't be!"

The Queen made a face, and stormed off. Shady was outside, scrubbing the steps. She walked over to the well, and began bringing up a bucket. A group of birds flew over and perched on the well. Shady looked up at them and smiled.

"Want to know a secret?" she asked. The birds nodded. "Promise not to tell?"

The birds nodded again, and Shady began singing.

We are standing by a wishing well

Make a wish into the well

That's all you have to do

And if you hear it echoing

Your wish will soon come true

I'm wishing

(I'm wishing)

For the one I love

To find me

(To find me)



I'm hoping

(I'm hoping)

And I'm dreaming of

The nice things

(the nice things)

He'll say

(He'll say)

Shady continued to sing a little, and listening for her echo. As she was singing, a pony from a neighboring kingdom came walking by. His name was Steamer. He was pink with white hair, with a green streak in it, and he had a train on his rump. He climbed over the wall to see who was singing.

Shady: I'm wishing

(I'm wishing)

To find me

(To find me)


Steamer: Today

Shady turned around, saw Steamer there, and began to run off.

"Hey wait a minute!" Steamer shouted. "I didn't mean to frighten you! Come back!"

Shady raced up the stairs, and hid behind the curtain. Steamer began singing again.

Now that I've found you

Hear what I have to say

One song, I have but one song

One song only for you

One heart, heavily beating

Never retreating

Constant and true

One love, that has possessed me

One love, thrilling me through

One song, I heart keeps singing

Of one love, only for you

Shady looked down at Steamer, smiled, and giggled slightly. The Queen was watching them through her own window. She glared at the both of them and shut the curtains. She had to do something fast.

Later, the Queen brought in her faithful hunter, Lofty. She had a job for the yellow Pegasus pony.

"I want you to take Shady into the woods and kill her," she said.

"You want me to what?!" Lofty shouted, surprised.

"You heard me! Take her out and kill her! And bring me proof in this box!"

The Queen held up a box, and Lofty gulped. She agreed to do it. Later, Shady and Lofty were walking out in the forest. Shady kept glancing at the sky.

"Something's wrong, I know it," Shady said. "I know something terrible is going to happen! Look at the clouds up there! It looks like it's going to rain. Maybe we'll get all wet and catch pneumonia!"

"Yeah, well . . . ." Lofty said. "That'll be the least of our worries."

"What do you mean?" Shady asked. She turned around and saw that Lofty was bearing a knife in her teeth. The pink earth pony let out a blood curdling shriek. Lofty shrieked as well, causing her to drop the knife.

"I can't do it!" she shouted. "I can't do it, I can't do it, I just can't do it!"

"Can't do what?" Shady asked.

"I can't kill you! The Queen wants me to kill you because you're a better pony than she'll ever be!"

"Oh dear. I knew something bad was going to happen. What should I do?"

"Run! Run far away into the woods! Run as far away as you can and don't come back!"

Shady let out a gasp and ran off. Lofty flew up above her and began shouting at her.

"Run, Shady, run!" she shouted.

Shady ran far into the forest. It was dark and terrifying. Shady kept on running and didn't stop. She tore pieces of the dress she was wearing on the tree branches. Finally, she ran out of the forest, and caught her breath. All the little forest animals gathered around her.

"Oh, where do I go now?" Shady asked. "I'm lost, and alone! And there's no one I can turn to for help!"

The birds began chirping. Shady looked at them. They seemed to be pointing off in the distance.

"Do you know where I can go?" she asked.

The birds nodded, and they, and the other animals began leading her towards a small cottage. Shady walked over and knocked on the door with her hoof.

"Hello?" she asked. "Anyone home? Looks like no one's home. Or they're not answering because they don't want to."

Shady found that the door was unlocked, and peeked in. Indeed, no one was home. She cautiously walked inside and looked around.

"Boy, everything in this house is small," she said, looking around. Then she wandered up the stairs, stifling a yawn.

"I didn't realize how tired I was," she said. She looked into the main bedroom and saw seven little beds. She yawned, stretched out, and climbed into a group of them, since she was too big to fit in just one.

"I'll just take a little nap," she said, curling up into the bed. She yawned again, and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, in a mine not too far away, there were seven little dragons picking away diamonds, rubies, and all other kinds of gems out of the mine. Their names were Spike, Smokey, Prickles, Firey, Sparks, Flash, and Spiny. And as they were working, they were singing.

Dragons: We dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig

We work the whole day through

To dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig

Is what we like to do

Flash: It ain't no trick to get rich quick

Firey: If ya dig, dig, dig with a shovel or a pick

Sparks: In a mine

(in a mine)

Prickles: In a mine!

(in a mine!)

All: Where a million diamonds


We dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig

From early morn 'til night

We dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig

Up everything in sight

We dig up diamonds by the score

A thousand rubies, sometimes more

Though we don't know what we dig 'em for

We dig, dig, dig-a-dig, dig

While Spike was inspecting a diamond, Spiny (the dopiest of dopey dragons) walked over to the table, and picked up two diamonds that were laying there. After awhile, he tapped Spike on the shoulder. Spike turned around and saw Spiny with the diamonds in his eyes. Spike gave the purple dragon a Look, and smacked him in the back of the head, causing the two diamonds to fall out. Then, the clock on the wall began to chime five. Spike looked up at it, and then turned to the other dragons.

"Heigh ho!" he sang out.

"Heigh ho!" the other dragons sang in response. Then they all started marching away from the mine, singing.

Heigh ho, heigh oh, heigh ho, heigh ho

Heigh ho, heigh ho

It's home from work we go (whistling)

Heigh ho, heigh ho, heigh ho

Heigh ho, heigh ho

It's home from work we go (whistling)

Heigh ho, heigh ho, heigh ho, heigh ho

Heigh ho, heigh ho, heigh ho hum

Heigh ho, heigh ho

It's home from work we go (whistling)

Heigh ho, heigh ho, heigh ho

Heigh ho, heigh ho

It's home from work we go (whistling)

As the dragons were marching home, Spiny stopped suddenly, and all the other dragons ran into him.

"Why'd you stop, Spiny?" Spike asked.

"I forgot where we live!" Spiny shouted.

"We live thattaway!" Flash and Firey shouted, pointing in two different directions.

"Can't we hurry it up?" Smokey asked, yawning. "It's time for my nap."

"And I think I'm catching a cold," Prickles said. "Ah-choo!"

"I know where we live," Sparks spoke up.

"Which way do we go?" Spike asked. Sparks blushed, and tried to hide his face.

"I'm too bashful to say," he said.

"I know!" Spiny shouted, jumping up and down. "Let's follow the Yellow Brick Road!"

"That's in the Wizard of Oz!" Firey growled.

"Let me get into the lead," Spike said. "Okay, everybody, let's go! Heigh ho, heigh ho!"

The dragons began singing their "heigh ho" song until they finally reached their little cottage in the woods. They saw that the door had been opened, and ran inside.

"Hey!" Firey yelled. "Someone's been sitting in my chair!"

"Has someone been eating your porridge, too?" Spiny asked.

"I-I-I th-th-think there's s-s-somebody upstairs," Sparks said, timidly. "Sleeping in our beds."

"Maybe it's Goldilocks," Spiny said.

"Come on, everybody!" Spike shouted, leading his dragon friends up the stairs. They ran into the bedroom and saw that somebody was sleeping in some of their beds.

"What is it?" Spike asked.

"It's a monster!" Smokey shouted.

"I'm allergic to mon . . . . to mon . . . . to . . . . . ah-ah-ahhhh-CHOO!" Prickles sneezed so loud, it woke up Shady. She shot up, and looked around.

"Oh!" she shouted, once she saw the seven dragons.

"It's just a little pony," Spike said to his friends.

"Yeah and she's sleeping in our beds!" Firey shouted, angrily. Spike ignored him and turned to the little pony.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"My name's Shady," the pink pony said. "Who are you?"

"I'm Spike!" the purple-pink dragon shouted.

"I'm Smokey," the blue dragon said, yawning.

"I'm Flash," the yellow dragon said, smiling broadly.

"I'm Sparks," the pink dragon said, and then he blushed and tried to hide.

"I'm Pri . . . . Pri . . . ." the green dragon started. Then he sneezed. "AH-CHOO! I'm Prickles."

"I'm, uhh . . . . I'm . . . . . uhhhh," the purple dragon said, trying to remember his name.

"He's Spiny," Flash said. Then he pointed to the red dragon. "And he's Firey."

"Yeah," Firey said. "And we want you out of this house!"

"Oh please don't make me leave!" Shady begged. "She's after me!"

"Who is?" Spike asked.

"The Queen! She wants to kill me!"

"The Queen?!" all the dragons shouted at once.

"Don't worry, Shady," Spike said. "We won't let that Queen get you. She won't find you way out here."

"Thanks," Shady said. "I'll work to earn my keep here, though. I'll do the cleaning, and the cooking, and . . . ."

"Cooking?" Flash asked, excitedly. "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!"

"A good hot dinner!" Smokey shouted. "Just the perfect thing to help you sleep."

"Just so long as it doesn't have any€”ah-choo!€”pepper in it," Prickles said.

The others laughed, except for Firey. He didn't think this was such a good idea.

Back at the palace, the Queen was standing in front of her mirror, with the box Lofty brought back to her on the floor in front of her.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall," she said. "Who's the fairest one of all?"

"Shady," Firefly said, coming into view. "Do I have to tell you fifty-two billion times?"

"Shady's dead, you stupid mirror. I have her heart in this box."

"That's the heart of a pig, you pig."


The Queen opened the box, glanced at it, and growled. Then she let out a shriek.

"Oooh that rotten woodspony!" she shouted. "I'll have to deal with her later. I have to take matters into my own hands now. Eeeerrrgghhh! If you want something done right, you've gotta do it yourself! Where is she hiding?!"

"In the woods. With seven dragons. Who are really cute, I might add."

"Ah ha!"

And with that, the Queen stormed off. Firefly shook her head, and groaned.

"She needs to cut back on the caffeine," she commented before she faded out.

The Queen made her way down the stairs to a laboratory and began pouring things into a cauldron.

"I'll show her who's the fairest one of all," she grumbled. "I'm supposed to be the fairest one of all, not her! How can she be more fair than I am? I'm the one with the good looks!"

The Queen put an apple into the cauldron, and then pulled it out.

"This should do the trick," she said. "Once I dye it red."

Suddenly, the apple turned bright red, and awfully delicious looking. The Queen laughed, and then checked a spell book real quick.

"I have to make sure there isn't a cure for this sleeping death spell," she said. She began turning pages vigorously. "Hmm. It says here that love's first kiss is the only thing that can break the spell. Well, I won't have to worry about that! Those stupid dragons will bury her alive!"

The Queen let out an evil laugh. Her plan was fool proof, and Shady wasn't even expecting it! That night, she and the dragons were having a small party. They were dancing around and singing. Well, more like yodeling. The dragons liked to yodel.

Dragons: Oh dee yodel dee

Oh dee yodel dee

Oh dee yodel dee-yee-yay-hee-hee

Oh dee yodel dee

Oh dee yodel dee

Oh dee yodel dee-yee-yay-hee-hee

Spike: Oh dee yodel dee

Sparks: Oh dee yodel dee

Prickles: Oh la la la dee lo hoo hee

Oh la la la la hoo dee

Dragons: Oh dee yodel dee

Oh dee yodel dee

Oh dee yodel dee-yee-yay-hee-hee

Flash: I like to dance and tap my feet

But they won't keep in rhythm

You see I washed 'em both today

And I can't do nothin' with 'em!

Dragons: Ho hum, the tune is dumb

The words don't mean a thing

Isn't this a silly song for anyone to sing

The dragons continued playing their instruments, yodeling, and dancing around. Sparks came up next ready to sing his verse.

"I . . . ." he started, but then he blushed, giggled, and tried to hide. Everyone else laughed. Firey, who was playing a pipe organ, glared at his friend, and started over. So did Sparks.

"I . . . ." he started, but then he tried to hide again, causing everyone to laugh. Firey had very little patients for Sparks. He jammed his hands on the keyboard of the organ. That got Sparks going.

Sparks: I chased a pole cat up a tree

Way out upon a limb

And when he got the best of me, I got the worst of him!

Dragons: Ho hum, the tune is dumb

The words don't mean a thing

Isn't this a silly song for anyone to sing

Oh dee yodel dee

Oh dee yodel dee

Flash: Oh lo oh dee oh lo

Oh lo oh dee oh lay hee

Oh lay hee, oh lay hee, oh lay hee

Shady then got up and began dancing around the room with the dragons, one at a time, except for Firey, who wanted no part of the dancing whatsoever. In the back room, Spiny was involved in trying to stand on Prickles's shoulders. The two of them had put on a long coat, and were trying to appear to be a big dragon, just Shady's height, if she stood on her hind legs, which is what she was doing as she was dancing. All the other dragons laughed at the sight. The dance ended when Prickles felt a large sneeze coming on.

"Ahhhh . . . . . ahhhhh . . . . . ahhhhh . . . . ahhhh-CHOOOOO!"

The force of the sneeze sent Spiny directly to the ceiling, and then the purple dragon crashed to the floor. Everyone began to laugh. Shady sat down and giggled.

"That was fun," she said. "But I think maybe we should go to bed."

"Awwwww," Spiny groaned. "Can you tell us a story?"

"Yeah," Smokey said with a yawn. "It'll help us sleep."

"And make it have a happy ending!" Flash shouted. "I love happy endings."

"I hate happy endings," Firey muttered.

"Well . . . ." Shady said. "I don't know if I know any stories. But I'll try. Once upon a time, there was a pony, and she fell in love with a handsome Big Brother Pony. But she hasn't seen him. But she dreams about him. And since dreams are wishes, she never gives up hope that her prince will come someday."

"Dreams are wishes?" Spike asked.

"That's what I've heard," Shady said, and she began singing.

A dream is a wish your heart makes

When you're fast asleep

In dreams you will lose your heartaches

Whatever you wish for, you keep

Have faith in your dreams and someday

Your rainbow will come smiling through

No matter how your heart is grieving

If you keep on believing

The dream that you wish will come true

"Well, then," Shady said. "Goodnight."

"Night," all the dragons said, sleepily.

The dragons were letting Shady use their beds, while they slept down in the living room. Not that they minded. They were all sound sleepers. Firey was the last one to go to sleep. He thought about the song Shady had sung, and grumbled.

"Hmph," he said. "Mush!"

And then he fell asleep.

The next morning, the dragons were about ready to leave for work, but they were giving Shady some instructions.

"Don't let anyone in," Spike said.

"Yeah, you never know when someone will be the Queen in disguise," Firey said.

"Right," the other dragons said.

"Oh don't worry," Shady said. "I'll be careful!"

The dragons nodded, and were on their way to work, singing as they went.

"Heigh ho, heigh oh, it's off to work we go!" they sang, and they started whistling.

Shady went back into the cottage and began sweeping up. Instead of using a broom, she was using her tail. Unknown to her, the Queen was standing behind a nearby tree, dressed as a peddler woman, with a basket full of apples. She was waiting for the dragons to leave before she put her plan into action. She walked up to the cottage door, and knocked on it. Shady answered it, but only slightly.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Would you like to buy an apple, miss?" the Queen asked, in a scratchy voice.

"Well, I don't know," Shady said, a bit nervously. "My friends didn't really say . . . ."

"But it's just an apple. Look at it. Isn't it big, and bright, and red? Doesn't it look delicious?"

Shady looked at the big, red apple, and licked her lips. She looked at it, hungrily.

"I'd like to," she said. "But I'm just a guest, and my friends didn't leave any money."

"Well, consider it a gift then," the Queen said. "Just take a bite. You won't believe how delicious it is. The taste is to die for!"

"Well . . . . I don't see any harm in just tasting the apple."

Shady took the apple from the Queen, and took a bite. But the minute she took that bite, she fell to the ground in a deep sleep. The Queen laughed evilly, and ran off to her castle.

"I'm the fairest! I'm the fairest!" she sang out. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?"

Firefly faded in, and looked directly at the Queen.

"You," she said, and then faded out again.

"I knew it," the Queen said, and then she began laughing.

Later that evening, the seven dragons were coming back from work that day, singing "heigh ho" as they went. When they got to their cottage, Spiny stopped, and the others crashed into him.

"Would you stop doing that, Spiny?" Spike asked.

"Look!" Spiny shouted.

The seven dragons ran over and saw Shady laying there in a deep sleep. They gathered around her, wondering what happened. Spike looked at her closely, and turned to the others.

"I don't know how to say this, but she's . . . ." Spike said. Then he gulped and turned to the others. "Phhttt!"

"Phhttt?" Spiny asked.

"Phhttt," Spike repeated.


The seven dragons then made a bed out of flowers for Shady. They didn't have the hearts to bury her. They all stood around the bed for days, mourning.

"This is the saddest day of my life," Flash said.

"We told her not to open the door," Firey said.

"I think she was tricked," Prickles said.

"This is just like that story I read once," Spike said. "The one about the princess named Snow White."

"Yeah," Smokey said. "Now we've got the Snow White Blues."

The Queen was watching this through her mirror and smirked. This was better than she ever could have imagined. Spike pulled out a keyboard and began playing on it.

Dragons: Oh, oh, oh, uh oh

Oh, oh, oh, uh oh

Spiny: She was the fairest in the land

Sparks: The Wicked Queen got the upper hand

The Queen: Hah!

Smokey: Now we're crying at the terrible news

Dragons: Everybody's got the Snow White Blues

Snow White blues

It's givin' us the Boo-Hoo-Hoos

Our hearts are really breakin'

We wish you would awaken

And take away the Snow White Blues

Oh, oh uh oh

The Queen: I don't care!

Dragons: Oh, oh, oh, uh oh

Spiny: My eyes are dripping and my nose is wet

Smokey: She was the sweetest girl I ever met

Sparks: Somethin' scared her, and she blew a fuse

Dragons: Everybody's got the Snow White Blues

Snow White blues

It's givin' us the Boo-Hoo-Hoos

The Queen: Boo-Hoo-Hoo!

Dragons: Our hearts are really breakin'

We wish you would awaken

And take away the Snow White Blues

The Queen: I don't care!

Dragons: And take away the Snow White Blues

The Queen: I don't care! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Dragons: Yeah we got the Snow White Blues

(instrumental interlude with Spike playing the keyboard)

Dragons: Oh, oh, oh, uh oh

Oh, oh, oh, uh oh

Spiny: She was the kind of girl that loved to play

Sparks: Now all that she can do is snore all day

Smokey: Since she's takin' this incredible snooze

Dragons: Everybody's got the Snow White Blues

Snow White blues

It's givin' us the Boo-Hoo-Hoos

The Queen: I'm still not crying!

Dragons: Our hearts are really breakin'

We wish you would awaken

And take away the Snow White Blues

The Queen: I don't care!

Dragons: And take away the Snow White Blues

The Queen: I don't care!

Dragons: Yeah we got the Snow White Blues!

The Queen was satisfied with her work, and walked away from her mirror. As the dragons were mourning over Shady, a pink Big Brother Pony with white hair with a green streak in it, and a train on his rump came over.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"It's our friend, Shady," Spike said.

"Yeah," Sparks said. "She's . . . . phhttt!"

"Phhttt?" Steamer repeated.

"Phhttt," the other six dragons said at once.

Steamer looked into the bed, and realized he had seen the pink little pony with the sunglasses on her rump before. He leaned over to Shady and gave her a kiss on her cheek. The minute he leaned up, Shady opened her eyes, and looked around.

"What happened?" she asked, leaning up. "Did I fall asleep again?"

All the dragons began jumping up and down cheering.

"Hooray!" Spiny shouted. "She's not phhttt! Anymore!"

Shady looked at Steamer and smiled. Then the two of them, followed by the seven dragons, walked off to Steamer's kingdom, to celebrate, and have a wedding, of course. The wedding was a few days later. The Queen was consulting her mirror.

"Mirror, I hear there's a party going on at the other kingdom across the forest," she said. "Why wasn't I invited? Don't they know the fairest of all is first on the guest list?"

"Yeah," Firefly said, fading in. "But in this case, the fairest of all made the guest list, and she left you off on purpose, 'cause you're not wanted there."

"You're kidding!"



The queen was so angry with her mirror, she gave it a large kick, smashing it. Firefly then jumped out of the wall and flew off.

"I'm free, I'm free!" she shouted as she flew out the window as fast as she could.

The Queen took no notice. She immediately went to the other kingdom to see what was going on, grumbling all the way.

"Now then," she said, looking around. "Who's the little pony who thinks I'm gonna . . . ."

The Queen looked out on the dance floor, and saw Shady and Steamer dancing together. She was completely shocked!

"But . . . . but she . . . ." she stammered. "Ah heh, heh. Ah heh, heh. Ah ha. Ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha, ha, hah!"

Everyone at the party turned to stare at the Queen, who was just so shocked, she was laughing herself silly. Then she turned, and ran down the hallway, laughing like a lunatic all the way, never to be heard from again. Steamer and Shady just looked at each other, shrugged, and continued dancing. That song she had sang to the seven dragons certainly proved true.

Have faith in your dreams and someday

Your rainbow will come smiling through

No matter how your heart is grieving

If you keep on believing

The dream that you wish will come true

And, of course, like all fairy tales, they lived happily ever after.

The End