My Little Pony Videos

These are the "My Little Pony" cartoons I have in my collection

"My Little Pony"*
"My Little Pony in Dreamland and Escape from Catrina"
"My Little Pony: The Movie"
"My Little Pony: Escape from Catrina"*

My Little Pony: Complete First Season
Season 2
Flight to Cloud Castle and Other Stories
Quest of the Princess Ponies and Other Stories

I managed to tape episodes of "My Little Pony" off the Disney Channel whenever we had the previews. You'll see some repeats because from our family ended up getting the Disney Channel full time, but we never taped over the repeat episodes, because of certain things that were in between the pony episodes that I simply will not allow anyone in my family to tape over. We also have episodes of "My Little Pony Tales" on tape, but they're not going to be listed here, since I don't know what we have from memory, and I don't feel like scrounging around for tapes.

Disney Preview Episodes
"Little Piece of Magic/Mish Mash Melee"
"Woe is Me"
"The End of Flutter Valley" Parts 5 and 6
"The End of Flutter Valley" Parts 7 and 8
"Baby It's Cold Outside"
"Bright Lights"
"The Quest of the Princess Ponies" Parts 3 and 4
"The End of Flutter Valley" Parts 1 and 2
"The End of Flutter Valley" Parts 3 and 4

Full Time Disney Episodes
"Fugitive Flowers"
"The Magic Coins"
"The Ghost of Paradise Estate"
"Return of Tambelon"
"The Glass Princess"
"Through The Door"
"Flight To Cloud Castle"
"The End of Flutter Valley"
"The Four Golden Horse Shoes"
"Spike's Search/The Prince and The Ponies"
"The Quest of the Princess Ponies"
"Escape From Catrina"* (edited version)