Misc. My Little Pony

This is the place where you can see my MLP collection that doesn't relate to toys or cartoons.

Reading and music are my life. So naturally, these categories are first on the list!

"My Little Pony: Baby Firefly's Adventure and other My Little Pony Stories" by Maria Matthews
"The World of My Little Pony: An Unauthorized Guide to Pony Collectibles" by Debra L. Birge
"My Little Pony Around the World" by Debra L. Birge
"The Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons" (entries for "MLP the Movie," "MLP 'n Friends," and "MLP Tales")
"Sold Separately" by Ellen Seiter (an entire chapter focuses on MLP)

My Little Pony Three-In-One Book of Coloring and Activities
My Little Pony and Friends Coloring Book


As Andy Williams once sang, "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" I LOVE Christmas! I'm an avid collector of all kinds of Christmas ornaments, and MLP just happens to be something that goes into my ornament collection!

My Little Pony Christmas Ornament: Pinkie Pie
My Little Pony Christmas Ornament: Sparkleworks
My Little Pony Christmas Ornament: Kimono
My Little Pony Christmas Ornament: Sunny Daze

My Little Pony Charm Bracelet (Mail Order)
My Little Pony Charm Bracelets, made from the charms that came with the first issue G3 MLP's


What else am I gonna call them? These are backcards, papers, and anything else documentation-wise.

Lofty's Backcard
Masquerade's Backcard
MLP Reproduction Patent
Paradise Estate Brochure
My Little Pony Reproduction Movie Poster

My Little Pony Mini Trash Can
My Little Pony Viewmaster Reels
My Little Pony Fleece Blanket
My Little Pony Bubble Bath Containers
My Little Pony Coasters
My Little Pony Mini Lunchbox


I'm aware that Hasbro's Fairy Tail birds weren't part of the MLP line, but I have to list them here anyway. I can't leave out my little birdies, especially since they play a part in my fanfiction.

Fairy Tail Fuzzy Tummy Snuggle Tails
Fairy Tail Tickle Tails
Fairy Tail Tinsel Tails

Assorted CPK Magic Meadow Ponies
Blue Pony Luv Stable:
Pink mother pony w/blue hair
Yellow Big Sis Pony w/dark pink hair
Lavender Baby Pony w/yellow hair


Here are dolls I use to represent my OC's. The only exception is Valerie, since she was a character on the Monkees TV show (only one episode, though), but I found a doll to portray her.

Phyllis Brewster
Valerie Cartwright
Julie Olsen
Tommy Olsen
Tina Cooke

MLP G3 Tea Set