Take a look at some of my artwork! A lot of these were done on the computer, but I recently acquired a scanner, so now they're hand drawn. A lot of the pictures are also scenes from my fanfic.


Wind Whistler this is a pic Heather drew from our story, "Wind Whistler Flips Her Lid."

Another scene from "WWFHL." These are two of the "Star Trek" ponies that appear in Wind Whistler's dream sequence.

"Fascinating." the "Star Trek" ponies are turning on Wind Whistler's brain. Another scene from "WWFHL."

Steamer and Shady a scene from "Summer Love"

Mike and Ember from a scene out of "Endless Winter." Mike is a little annoyed at Ember's Monkee/Monkey jokes

Mike and Morning Glory from "Sunny Girlfriend." Those ponies sure get themselves into "sticky" situations!

Pegasi from top to bottom, Lofty's cousin Airedale, Lofty, and Baby Lofty (WARNING! This one takes a little time to download. Sorry)

"Falderee! Falderah!" Buttons's mountain climbing may start to wear Jerry's nerves thin

Whizzer in her "Vacuum Cleaner Salesman" get up

Check out the suction on this baby! now that's what I call a vacuum!

The Haunted Forest Jerry, Ember, and Spike find trouble

"You're scaring us!" Jerry blows a fuse. Who can resist the faces on Spike and Ember?

A Friend in Need our three heroes meet Pinkie Pie, and pony from Ponyville

A Little Surprise Fluey sure wasn't expecting this on a typical Monday afternoon!

"Uhh, maybe you should stay outside, Jube." giant Cherries Jubilee tries to get into the Moochick's house

"Hi." Cherries Jubilee, Mike, and Paradise entering the Mountain of Midgets


Medley and her Twins here's a picture of Medley adn her baby twins, Melody and Jet

The Witch Trio from Skull Mountain, the Witch Trio from left to right, Witch Poodle, Witch Cat, and Witch Kitten

"More Gloob, too." the Witch Trio's latest plan to destroy the little ponies

"BLUURRRRGGGHHHH!" the Witch Trio's pet slug, Blurgh. You wouldn't want to meet up with this guy in your garden!

"Eeeuuuuwwww!" the plan to destroy Blurgh wasn't well thought out as Wind Whistler had hoped

The Fairy Tails stopping the Gloob

Ember Over the Rainbow Ember has her first encounter with a human over the rainbow

"Mama!" Ember meets her very first Little Pony

The Long Night Twilight tries to get Ember back to sleep

Funny Faces Applejack, Cotton Candy, and Firefly try to cheer up crying Ember

President Stork taking Ember because of a mix up at Stork Inc, Ember has to be taken to her rightful parents, much to Cotton Candy's dismay

"Take a letter, Brandy." Firefly dictates a letter to Stork Inc. to get Ember back

"I May Never Wash These Lips Again!" a scene from "Spellbound." Princess Phyllis has just rewarded Mike for helping her lift the curse

Bubbles Sketch a sketch of Bubbles I did on notebook paper. The blue lines have been erased from the body using PhotoShop.