AUTHOR'S NOTE: Another Disney-esque story. This time based on (surprise, surprise) "Pinocchio," which is quite possibly the very first animated Disney movie I've ever seen, and one of my all time favorites. A lot of the original Disney characters are in this version, like Jiminy Cricket, Figaro the kitten, and Cleo the goldfish. Mostly the villains, but most of them are pony versions of them (like Foulfellow, the coachman, and Stromboli). Songs are included as well, at least some of them, and they were written by Leigh Harline, Ned Washington, and Paul J. Smith


When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

When your heart is in your dreams
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
They're secret longings

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true


It was a beautiful starlit night in a small town in Italy. A small cricket by the name of Jiminy Cricket was hopping about, looking for a place to stay for awhile, when he came to a small cottage. It belonged to a young woodcarver by the name of Jerrivani Blavatario (but most everyone called him Jerry). Jiminy looked into the window, and crept in. He saw many toys, clocks, and music boxes, all carved from wood. The detail in them was incredible. Jiminy looked around until he saw something sitting on the shelf.

It was a puppet. A marionette pony. It was painted yellow, with purple raindrops on it's flanks. It's purple mane and tail were made out of real doll's hair. It even wore a little blue vest, and a golden yellow hat with a red feather stuck in it. The only thing it didn't have was a mouth, and details around the eyes. Jiminy climbed up one of the puppet's strings and climbed onto it's nose.

"Cute little thing," he said. Then he took his weather beaten umbrella and tapped the pony on the nose. "Good piece of wood, too."

Before Jiminy could go on, he heard a door open, and footsteps coming down the stairs. He jumped off the pony and hid on a nearby shelf. Then he saw Jerry walk into the room, along with a little black and white kitten.

"I think I'll be able to finish this up tonight," Jerry said. "Just a little paint and she'll be perfect. What do you think, Figaro?"

Figaro mewed, as he jumped onto the table Jerry was working on. Jerry pulled a pair of glasses out of his pocket and put them on. He always wore glasses when he was detailing one of his creations. He picked up some paint, and added an eyelid and some eyelashes onto one of the pony puppet's eyes. Then he did the same with the other one. He adjusted his glasses, got some more paint, and gave his pony a smiling mouth.

"That makes a big difference, doesn't it?" he asked, looking down at his kitten. Figaro nodded in agreement.

Jiminy watched on, and smiled.

"Very good," he said, turning to a carving of a scowling face. "Very, very goo—"

Jiminy gave the carving a glare, and then shrugged.

"Well, you can't please everybody," he said. He went back to watching Jerry, but not before taking a glancing glare at the scowling carving.

Jerry put his paints away, and took off  his glasses. He looked at the pony puppet thoughtfully, and smiled.

"I have the perfect name for you," he said. "Lemon Drop. What do you think, Figaro? You like it?"

Figaro thought over the choice of names, made a face, and shook his head.

"No, huh?" Jerry asked, slightly disappointed. He turned to a goldfish bowl in the room that contained his goldfish, Cleo.

"How 'bout you, Cleo?" he asked. "You like it, right?"

Cleo made a face, and shook her head as well. Jerry rolled his eyes slightly and shrugged.

"Well then we'll leave it up to Signorina Pony here," he said. He took one of the strings attached to the pony, and looked directly into her painted purple eyes.

"What do you think?" he asked. "You like it?"

Jerry pulled on the string, making the puppet look like she was nodding her head. Then he looked at his kitten and his goldfish smugly and laughed.

"That settles it," he said. "Lemon Drop it is! Let's try her out here. Now for a little musica!"

Jerry walked over to one of his music boxes, and pushed a button. A whistling sound came out of it. Unfortunately, Jiminy was hiding underneath it, and he was getting clobbered by the gears.

"Hey!" he shouted. "Ow, ow, ow! Take it easy there . . . . ooohh! Oh break it up, will ya?!"

Jiminy crawled out from underneath the music box and ended up getting his hat knocked off by the turning key on the side of the box.

"Lot of downbeats in there," he said. Then he looked over at Jerry, who was making Lemon Drop prance about, jumping around, kicking her legs, and dancing. With a simple flick of the wrist, or pull of the string, that simple little pony was almost lifelike.

Jerry brought Lemon Drop over to the fishbowl. Cleo looked at the puppet coming near her, and smiled as Jerry lifted the pony over the fishbowl.

"Cleo, I want you to meet Lemon Drop," he said, making Lemon Drop bow. He moved the string attached to her front hoof, and lifted it slightly, and he also lifted a string attached to Lemon Drop's hat. It looked like she was tipping her hat to the goldfish.

Jerry then brought Lemon Drop down to Figaro, who was washing his paws. He made Lemon Drop stroke Figaro's back with her hoof. Figaro liked to be petted. He raised his tail straight up in enjoyment. Jerry had Lemon Drop take her hind leg and give Figaro a kick in the behind.

"Oh boy, she's up to mischief already," Jerry said in a teasing sort of way.

Figaro glared and swatted Lemon Drop's hind leg. It flew upwards and clonked the pony puppet in the head.

"There, you see what happens?" Jerry asked, adjusting Lemon Drop's leg. He flopped Lemon Drop down to the ground so she was flat on her stomach. Then he had her start to back Figaro to the step. Figaro fell onto the step and leaned up, staring at Lemon Drop's face. Jerry just made one slight flick to her head, and Figaro fell down the step again.

Jerry started laughing, as he lifted Lemon Drop up off the ground.

"Works pretty well, I think," he said, smiling. He took Lemon Drop's mane in his fingers, and stroked the silky purple material. "You're really a cute little pony."

Jerry walked back to the shelf and put Lemon Drop back. As he straightened her hair out, all the clocks on the wall began to chime.

"Huh, it's later than I thought," he said, stretching. "Time for bed. Goodnight, Lemon Drop."

Jerry took the pony puppet's chin in his hand, and smiled. Then he picked up Figaro, and walked away from the shelf.

Jiminy yawned, stretched, and began to settle in for the night himself. Jerry was leaning back in his bed, staring at Lemon Drop, smiling.

"She almost looks real, huh?" he asked Figaro. "It'd be great if she were a real pony. Oh well. Can't do much about that."

Jerry was about to get settled in, when Figaro began to paw at him, trying to get him back up. Jerry groaned.

"Figaro, I just got comfortable," he said. "If you want the window open, open it yourself."

Figaro sort of groaned, and jumped up to the window sill. He was a very resourceful little kitten. He pulled the window open a crack, and squeezed through it. Then he began pushing it open. Once the window was fully open, he sat on the bed, and caught his breath. Jerry managed to look out the window, and shot up as fast as he could.

"Hey Figaro, look!" he shouted. "The wishing star is out!"

Figaro looked at the night sky, and his gaze went straight to the biggest, brightest, blue star shining there. It was known as the wishing star, and it has been said whoever makes a wish on it, the wish will come true.

"Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight," Jerry chanted. "I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I make tonight."

Jerry smiled, and turned to Figaro.

"I'll bet you know what I'm wishing for, don't you?" he asked. Figaro shook his head. Jerry laughed, and took his kitten off the window sill.

"I'm wishing for Lemon Drop to be a real pony," he said, scratching the kitten behind the ears.

"A very lovely thought," Jiminy said. Then he yawned. "But not at all practical."

Things fell silent around the shop just then. The only sound that was heard was the ticking of the clocks on the wall. Jiminy was trying to get some sleep, but the ticking was keeping him awake. He began watching the pendulums swing back and forth. All the ticking was driving him crazy. He shook his head out, and tried to drown it all out, until he looked over at an hour glass on the desk across the room. The grains of sand were falling, but it sounded like rocks being dropped onto a metal plate. Jiminy pulled his hat down over his ears to try to drown it out, but it wasn't working. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore.

"QUIET!" he screamed at the top of his voice. All the ticking and noises stopped suddenly.

"After all," Jiminy said, settling down for the night. "Enough's enough!"

Jiminy was about to drop off to sleep when a bright light came into the room, waking him up once more.

"Now what's up?!" he shouted.

The wishing star began to fly out of the sky, and into the window. Jiminy grabbed his stuff, and ducked into a jar, so as not to be seen. Once the star was fully into the room, it morphed into a pretty, light blue unicorn with purple hair that had a red streak in it. She also had blue diamonds on her rump.

"As I live and breathe, a real live unicorn!" Jiminy gasped in amazement.

The unicorn walked over to Jerry, where he lay fast asleep. Not even the bright light woke him up!

"Young Jerrivanni," the unicorn said. "You have given such pleasure to others with your creations, you deserve to have your wish come true."

The unicorn walked over to the shelf where Lemon Drop was sitting, and lowered her head. The tip of her horn began to glow.

"Little pony made of pine," she said. "Awake! The gift of life is thine."

Lemon Drop was surrounded by a bright glow. Once it subsided, Lemon Drop's strings were gone. She yawned, and stretched out her hooves. Then she turned her head around, surprised as anything.

"I can move!" she shouted. She was even more surprised at what she just said. "I can talk! I can walk!"

Lemon Drop stood up, and ended up crashing to the ground. THUMP! The unicorn giggled.

"Yes, Lemon Drop," she said. "I'm Sparkler, the fairy unicorn, and I have given you life."

"Why?" Lemon Drop asked.

"Because tonight, Jerrivanni wished for a real pony."

"Am I real pony?"

"Nope. To make Jerrivanni's wish come true will be entirely up to you."

"Up to me?"

"Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish, and someday, you'll be a real pony."

"A real pony!"

"That won't be easy," Jiminy commented from the other shelf. Sparkler and Lemon Drop didn't appear to have heard him.

"You must learn to choose between right and wrong," Sparkler continued.

"Right and wrong?" Lemon Drop asked. "How will I know?"

"How'll she know," Jiminy groaned.

"Your conscience will tell you," Sparkler continued.

"What are conscience?" Lemon Drop asked.

"I'll tell you!" Jiminy shouted, jumping down from the shelf. "The conscience is that little voice inside of you that people don't listen to. That's the trouble with the world today!"

"Are you my conscience?" Lemon Drop asked.

"Who me?!" Jiminy shouted.

"Would you like to be Lemon Drop's conscience?" Sparkler asked, smiling at the cricket. Jiminy was a bit flustered, but he nodded anyway.

"Uh huh," he said.

"Very well," Sparkler said. "What's your name?"

"Cricket's the name. Jiminy Cricket."

"Kneel, Mr. Cricket. I hereby proclaim you Lemon Drop's conscience, in charge of showing her right from wrong. Arise, Sir Jiminy Cricket."

During that, Sparkler had lit up her horn, and a glow surrounded Jiminy. His attire changed from ragged clothes to a black jacket, new shoes, new hat, and new umbrella.

"Hey, this is swell," he said. "Thanks. But don't I get a badge or something?"

"Well, we'll see. Now Lemon Drop, you be a good girl, and always let your conscience be your guide."

And with that, Sparkler disappeared out the window.

Jiminy began looking at his reflection in a pot, humming to himself.

"Not bad, not bad at all," he said. Then he spotted Lemon Drop's reflection looking at him. "Oh yeah. Almost forgot about you. Well, Lemon Drop, let's get down to business. You want to be a real pony, don't you?"

"Sure do," Lemon Drop said.

"Okay. Then there are things in this world called temptations. They're the things that seem right at the wrong time. However the right things may seem wrong sometimes, often the wrong things seem right at the wrong time or vice versa. Understand?"

Lemon Drop was about to nod her head, but she quickly turned it into a shake.

"Uh-uh," she said. "But I want to do right!"

"Atta girl, Lemon Drop!" Jiminy shouted, jumping up onto Lemon Drop's nose. "And if you ever need me, just whistle."


When you get in trouble
And you don't know right from wrong,
Give a little whistle!
Give a little whistle!

When you meet temptation
And the urge is very strong,
Give a little whistle!
Give a little whistle!

Not just a little squeak,
Pucker up and blow.
And if your whistle's weak, yell "Jiminy Cricket!"

Take the straight and narrow path
And if you start to slide,
Give a little whistle!
Give a little whistle!
And always let your conscience be your guide


"And always let your conscience be your guide!" Lemon Drop sang, while walking forward. She accidentally stepped in a jar, and stumbled off the shelf. She landed on the floor with a loud,


Both Jerry and Figaro shot up after hearing that.

"Who's that?" Jerry asked, scanning the room.

"It's me!" Lemon Drop shouted.

"Oh, okay," Jerry said,  nodding. He was about to go back to sleep when he realized something. "Waaaiiiiit a minute. Come on, Figaro, let's go check this out."

Jerry pulled a pistol out from underneath the bed, just in case robbers happened to come in the middle of the night. It looked like he would need it. He and Figaro walked into the workshop area, and glanced around quietly as they could.

"Someone's in here, I know it," Jerry whispered. "They could be anywhere, waiting to jump out."

"I'm right here!" Lemon Drop shouted, giving Figaro a gentle nuzzle.

"RRREEEEOOOWWW!" Figaro yelped.

Jerry was so surprised, he accidentally fired the gun into the ceiling. That set off all the clocks in the shop, scaring both Jerry and Figaro out of their wits. Both of them glanced underneath the shelf and saw Lemon Drop laying there.

"Hey," Jerry said, walking over. "How'd you get down there, Lemon Drop?"

"I fell," Lemon Drop said as Jerry put her back on the shelf.

"You fell, yeah, that makes sense," Jerry repeated with a nod. Then he realized his pony puppet was moving and talking. "Huh?! You . . . . you're talking! But . . . but . . .  you can't talk!"

"Yes I can!" Lemon Drop shouted. "And I can move too!"

"No, you can't! You're just a puppet. I must be dreaming. That's it. I'm dreaming. I'm definitely dreaming!"

And with that, Jerry gave himself the hardest slap in the face as he could in order to wake himself up. He shook his head out, and turned to Lemon Drop.

"Okay," he said. "Say something."

Lemon Drop smiled, and began to giggle.

"You're silly!" she laughed.

"Okay, I'm not dreaming," Jerry said. "You really are talking and moving."

"Yeah! Sparkler the fairy unicorn came and I got a conscience, and someday, I'm going to be a real pony!"

"Do you know what this means, Figaro? It means my wish came true!"

Jerry grabbed Lemon Drop off the shelf, and brought her down to the little kitten.

"This is my cat, Figaro," he said. "Go on, he won't bite."

"Hi, Figaro," Lemon Drop said, raising her hoof in order to pet the little kitten. Figaro shied away for a moment, but then let Lemon Drop pet him. Then he started to rub up against her legs.

As Lemon Drop was enjoying Figaro's company, Cleo began jumping up out of her fishbowl. Jerry looked over and nearly ran over.

"Sorry, Cleo, I almost forgot," he said, taking Lemon Drop over to the fishbowl. "This is my fish, Cleo."

"She's cute!" Lemon Drop giggled.

Cleo leaped out of her bowl and gave Lemon Drop a kiss. Then she did the same to Figaro. Figaro wiped his mouth with the back of his paw and made a face. Jerry started to laugh over that, until the clocks on the wall began to strike again. Jerry looked over, and stretched.

"We'd better get to bed," he said.

"Why?" Lemon Drop asked.

"Because I need the sleep. And so do you."


"Well, because everybody sleeps."


"I don't know, it's the way things are."


And with that, Lemon Drop followed Jerry to bed. The next morning dawned bright and sunny. All the little ponies in the village were running through the cobblestone streets, ready to go to school. Lemon Drop burst out the front door and watched them all go by. Jerry and Figaro followed a few moments later.

"Oh look, Jerry, look!" Lemon Drop shouted. "What are those?"

"Little ponies," Jerry said.

"Real ponies?"

"Yeah, real ponies. And they're all going to school, just like you are."

Lemon Drop nodded, and picked up a school book from the ground. Then she started off, following the other little ponies to school.

"Bye, Jerry!" she called.

Jerry smiled, and waved to Lemon Drop. Then he walked back inside his shop and started to get to the work he had to do that day.

Lemon Drop skipped along the streets, happily. She skipped past two ponies walking by, talking about the day.

"Look at that, Gideon, a little wooden pony," the taller pony said. He laughed and continued walking. Then he whirled back around.

"A wooden pony?!" he shouted. He and his sidekick turned around and stared at it.

"Look at that!" the taller one shouted. "A real life pony puppet without strings! We could make a fortune off of her. Now who could she be worth to?"

The shorter pony, Gideon, began thinking it over. He never said much. He was a stupid pony, too dumb to speak. But every now and then, he came up with a good idea. He spotted a poster on the wall, advertising a puppet show, run by Stromboli, the Pony Puppeteer. He latched on to the taller pony's (Foulfellow's) tail, and pulled on it. Foulfellow looked at the poster.

"That's it!" he shouted. "I'm a genius! Come on, Gideon! Follow that pony puppet! We'll make a fortune off of her, or my name isn't Honest John!"

Which it wasn't.

Foulfellow and Gideon began following Lemon Drop down the street, until they ran ahead of her.

"Here she comes," Foulfellow said. "Now all we have to do is . . . . ."

Foulfellow looked down, and saw Gideon holding a rather large mallet in his hooves, ready to bring it crashing down on Lemon Drop's head. Foulfellow grabbed it.

"No, stupid!" he hissed. "Don't be crude!"

Foulfellow clonked Gideon over the head with the mallet, and stuck his leg out while Lemon Drop came skipping by. She tripped, and fell flat on her stomach.

"Oh dear!" Foulfellow shouted. "How clumsy of me! Oh dear, dear, dear! You poor girl, I hope you're not injured!"

"No, I'm okay," Lemon Drop said, standing up. "I'm going to school!"

"School eh?" Foulfellow asked. "Then I don't suppose you've heard of the easy way to success."


"No? I'm speaking of the theater, young lady! You're a natural born actress of course! Just look at you, you're perfect! I can see your name in lights! Lights ten feet high! Ahh, what is your name?"

"Lemon Drop."

"Lemon Drop! L-E-M . . . . . uhh, I . . . . no, O . . . . . L-E . . . . well, never mind, never mind. Come along, young lady. It's off to the theater!"

And with that, Foulfellow and Gideon began to lead Lemon Drop down the street to the theater.

In the meantime, Jiminy was beginning to run down the street, trying to catch up with Lemon Drop. He had slept in by accident.

"Fine conscience I turned out to be!" he shouted. "Late the first day! Oh well. How much trouble could Lemon Drop get in between here and school, anyway?"

Jiminy began to go off, until he said the procession come by. He had to do the double take, but there was Lemon Drop, going along with these two. He ran to catch up with them, and jumped onto the top hat Foulfellow was wearing. He let out a shrill whistle.

"What was that?" Foulfellow asked.

"Oh it's Jiminy!" Lemon Drop shouted. "What are you doing up there?"

"Huh? Who?" Foulfellow asked. "Young lady, you must be seeing things!"

"Oh no. He's my conscience. He . . . ."

"Now, now, there's nothing up there to be afraid of."

Gideon had seen Jiminy standing there on Foulfellow's hat, and took a swing with his mallet. Jiminy jumped off quickly, and Foulfellow's hat flew down over his head. He began to yell as he tried to pull it off. Lemon Drop looked on, confused.

"Psst!" Jiminy called from a nearby flower. "Lemon Drop! Over here!"

Lemon Drop looked over, saw Jiminy, and ran to him.

"Guess what, Jiminy?" she asked. "I'm gonna be an actress!"

"All right, Lemon Drop," Jiminy said. "Just calm down a little. Now, remember what I said about temptation?"


"Well, that's him?"

"Oh no, Jiminy. That's Mr. Honest John!"

"Honest John?!"

Jiminy looked completely shocked to hear that! In the meantime, Foulfellow was trying to pull his hat off. Gideon took a torn piece of the top and lifted it up like a lid.

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!" Foulfellow bellowed at the top of his voice.

Since Foulfellow was leaning on the ground, Gideon picked up his mallet and gave the hat a good whack with it. Foulfellow sailed out of it, and crashed into a nearby puddle. Then he glared at his sidekick.

"Now remember Lemon Drop," Jiminy said. "Tell them you can't go to the theater. Say thank you, you're sorry, but you have to go to school!"

"Right," Lemon Drop said with a nod.

"Oh Lemon Drop!" Foulfellow called out. "Lemon Drop!"

"Here they come," Jiminy said. "Now you tell them."

Foulfellow and Gideon came by and saw Lemon Drop standing there.

"Ah, there you are," Foulfellow said. "Come on, we're wasting time. On to the theater!"

"Goodbye, Jiminy!" Lemon Drop called.

"Goodbye?" Jiminy repeated, quite confused. "Huh?! Hey Lemon Drop! There she goes. What do I do? I know. I go run and tell Mr. Blavatario. No, wait. That'll be snitching. I'll follow her myself!"

And with that, Jiminy ran off down the street, after Lemon Drop.

That evening, Jiminy managed to catch up with Lemon Drop. He sat up on a lamp post and began watching the show.

"Looks like a sell out," he said.

Jiminy made himself comfortable and saw a big, green pony with pale green hair take center stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" he shouted, in a thick, Italian dialect. "Presenting the one and only marionette that can move without the use of strings! At least I hope so. The one and only Lemon Drop!"

The curtains opened on the stage, and a group of pony marionettes blew on their trumpets and were then pulled up out of sight. Lemon Drop was standing at the top of the staircase, ready to descend them.

"IIIII've got no strings to hold me dow—" she started to sing, but she ended up tripping, and tumbling down the steps. She ended up flat on her stomach. Everyone started to laugh.

"Go ahead!" Jiminy called from the lamp post he was sitting on. "Make a fool of yourself! Then maybe you'll listen to your conscience!"

Stromboli wasn't too happy. He grinded his teeth, and began screaming at Lemon Drop in Italian. The audience continued to laugh. Stromboli stopped yelling and laughed.

"Cute kid," he said.

The spotlight hit Lemon Drop, and she picked up where she left off in her song.


I've got no strings to hold me down
To make me fret or make me frown
I had strings, but you can see
There are no strings on me

Heigh ho the merry oh
That's the way I'll always be
I want the world to know
Nothing ever worries me

I've got no strings so I have fun
I'm not tied up to anyone
They have strings, but you can see
There are no strings on me


The audience began to applaud. Lemon Drop smiled, stood up on her hind legs, and began smacking her hooves together, as if she were applauding too. Then she began to do a little dance. As she did her little dance, a bunch of Russian marionettes came down and began doing a typical Russian dance. Lemon Drop tried to do it herself. Then she ended up spinning directly into the other marionettes, and ended up tangled in them.

"There are no strings on me!" she sang. Then she looked around and saw that she was tangled up in all the strings. "Oops. Spoke to soon."

The audience went wild. They applauded, cheered, and threw money up on the stage. Jiminy was surprised.

"They like her," he said. "She's a success. Well, guess she won't need me anymore. What does an actress want with a conscience anyway?"

And with that, Jiminy went walking down the streets.

In the meantime, Jerry was pacing around the room, taking glances out the window, and glancing up at his clocks.

"She shouldn't be this late," he said. "Where in the world is she? I'd better go out and look for her. Figaro, hold down the fort."

Figaro got up on his hind legs, and gave Jerry a salute. Jerry put on his coat, grabbed a lantern from the wall, and started outside to look for Lemon Drop. Figaro began marching around the room like a soldier.

Back at Stromboli's wagon, he was counting the money he had made, and Lemon Drop was watching him.

"Lemon Drop, tonight was fantastic!" he shouted.

"You mean I was good?" Lemon Drop asked.

"Two hundred," Stromboli counted. "You were colossal!"

"Does that mean I'm an actress?"

"Hah! I will push you into the public's eyes! Your face, she will be on everybody's tongues!"

"Will she?"

Stromboli then picked up a silver coin, and gave it a funny look.

"What is this?" he asked. He bit the coin, and saw that it had bent. Then he started screaming a long string of Italian. Once he calmed down, he gave the coin to Lemon Drop.

"For you," he said.

"Really?" Lemon Drop asked. "Gosh, thanks! I can't wait to get home and show this to Jerry!"

"Home?!" Stromboli asked. Then he began laughing. "Going home! Ha, ha! That is very comical!"

"You mean it's funny?" Lemon Drop asked, and she began to giggle a little. "I'll be back in the morning?"

"Back in the . . . ." Stromboli said, then he began some Italian, and started laughing his head off again. Lemon Drop began to laugh as well, until the big pony shoved the little pony into a bird cage and locked the door.

"There!" he shouted. "This will be your home so I can keep you always!"

"What? No!" Lemon Drop shouted.

"Yes!" Stromboli shouted. "You will make lots of money for me! We'll play Paris, London, Spain, Monte Carlo . . . . who  knows? We may even play Peoria. And when you get old and worn out, you will make great firewood!"

Stromboli then flung an axe at a marionette that was laying in a box. Lemon Drop began to panic, and she began kicking at the bars on the birdcage.

"Let me out of here!" she shouted. "You can't keep me in here!"

"Quiet!" Stromboli shouted. "Shut up! Before I slap you silly! Good night, my little wooden gold mine!"

With that, Stromboli left the wagon, laughing. He hitched himself up to his own wagon, and began walking off down the street. Lemon Drop began whistling.

"Jiminy!" she shouted. "Oh Jiminy! Jiminy, where are you?! JIMINY CRICKET!"

Thunder crashed outside, and rain fell down. Lemon Drop was left in total and complete darkness. As the wagon rolled by, it passed Jiminy who was sitting on a rock.

"Well, there she goes," he said. "She won't be needing me anymore. Sure like to wish her luck, though."

Jiminy got down from the rock, and began walking down the street. Then he stopped, and began running after the wagon.

"Sure," he said. "Why not?"

Jiminy jumped onto the wagon and crawled underneath the door.

"Lemon Drop?" he asked. "It's your old pal, Jiminy, remember?"

"Jiminy!" Lemon Drop shouted, happily. "Gee, am I glad to see you!"

"Lemon Drop!" Jiminy shouted, once he saw Lemon Drop in the birdcage. "What happened?! What did he do to you?!"

"Oh he was mad! He said he was gonna push my face in everybody's eyes, and then he's gonna chop me into firewood!"

"Oh is that so? Well don't worry, Lemon Drop. I'll have you out of here in no time. This should be easy as falling off a log."

Jiminy squished himself into the lock and began fiddling around with it. He came out a few minutes later, and hung up his jacket and his hat.

"Kinda rusty," he said, and he continued fiddling with the lock a little more.

"Needs a little oil!" he shouted.

"Needs a little oil!" his echo repeated.

"That's what I said," Jiminy replied, and he continued trying to jimmy the lock until he was shot out of it, and hanging by a spring on the side of the birdcage.

"Must be one of those older models," he said, with a sheepish laugh.

"You mean you can't open it?" Lemon Drop asked.

"No. It'll take a miracle to get us out of here now."

"Gee . . . . ."

Lemon Drop and Jiminy just sat there, not knowing what else to do. Lemon Drop was so sad, she began to cry. That didn't help Jiminy's morale much.

"Some conscience I turned out to be," he said.

"I should've listened to you, Jiminy," Lemon Drop sniffled.

"No, it's my fault. I shouldn't have walked out on you."

"I guess I'll never see Jerry again."

"Aw, don't feel bad, Lemon Drop. Things could be worse. Be cheerful," Jiminy said, calmly, but then he started to break down a little himself.

"Like me!" he shouted, tearfully.

Lemon Drop sniffled a little more, and a tear drop fell from her eye and splashed Jiminy right on the head. He paid it no notice, and looked out the window.

"Oh well," he said. "At least it's stopped raining."

Suddenly, a star from the sky began to come down to the window. Jiminy recognized it right away, and began to panic.

"Hey! That star!" he shouted. "It's her! The unicorn! It's Sparkler!"

"What'll I say?!" Lemon Drop shouted, beginning to panic herself. "What do I tell her?!"

"You might give the truth a whirl!"

Jiminy dove into the birdcage's feed box trying to hide. Lemon Drop gulped as Sparkler appeared before her.

"Why Lemon Drop!" she shouted.

"Uhh, hello," Lemon Drop said, with a nervous laugh.

"Sir Jiminy!" Sparkler shouted again.

"Well, this sure is a . . . . . pleasant surprise, ha, ha," Jiminy said, laughing a bit nervously himself.

"Lemon Drop, why didn't you go to school?" Sparkler asked.

"Uhh, well . . . ." Lemon Drop said, thinking it over. "I was going to school when I met someone."

"Met someone?" Sparkler asked.

"Yes. Uhh, two big monsters! With big green eyes!"

Just then, Lemon Drop's nose grew out a little. The little pony puppet looked at it, oddly.

"Monsters?" Sparkler repeated. "Weren't you afraid?"

"No ma'am," Lemon Drop said. "But they tied me in a big sack!"

Again, Lemon Drop's nose grew out a little.

"You don't say!" Sparkler shouted. "And where was Sir Jiminy?"

"Jiminy?" Lemon Drop asked. "Uhh, they tied him in a little sack!"

Again her nose grew a little more.

"How did you escape?" Sparkler asked.

"I didn't!" Lemon Drop shouted. "They chopped me into firewood!"

And with that, Lemon Drop's nose grew out as far as it could possibly go.

"What's happened to my nose?!" she shouted.

"Maybe you haven't been telling me the truth, Lemon Drop," Sparkler said.

"You think?!" Jiminy shouted, getting a look a Lemon Drop's nose.

"A lie can grow so big, it becomes as plain as the nose on your face," Sparkler said.

"I'm sorry!" Lemon Drop shouted. "I'll never lie again! I promise I won't!"

"She's right, your honor," Jiminy said. "I mean, Miss Sparkler, ma'am. Won't you give her another chance?"

"I'll forgive you this once," Sparkler said. "But remember. A pony who won't be good might just as well be made of wood."

"I'll be good!" Lemon Drop promised. "I'll be very, very good!"

"All right," Sparkler said. "But this is the last time I can help you."

And with that, Sparkler's nose grew a little bit forward.

"Whoops!" she shouted. She lit up her horn, and it shrunk back down to normal size. She lit up her horn again, and a bright light filled the room. When the light cleared, Lemon Drop's nose was back to it's normal size, and the lock on the door was opened.

"Come on!" Jiminy shouted. "Let's go!"

Lemon Drop and Jiminy jumped out of the wagon, and watched it disappear into the distance.

"Let's go home before he realizes we're gone!" Jiminy shouted.

"Right," Lemon Drop said, and the two of them ran off.

Meanwhile, Foulfellow and Gideon were sitting in a pub further down the street, telling a pony who drove a coach (only in fanfiction folks) how they tricked Lemon Drop.

"And that dummy pony fell for it!" Foulfellow shouted with a laugh. "Hook, line, and sinker! Ha, ha! She thinks we're her friends. And boy Stromboli paid plenty!"

Foulfellow threw a small bag of coins onto the table and laughed. The coachpony just looked at it, and smiled sneakily.

"Not bad," he said. "But 'ow would you blokes like to make some real money?"

And with that, the coachpony pulled a large bag of gold out of his red jacket and onto the table. You could hear the cash register go off in Foulfellow's head.


"So, what's the deal?" Foulfellow asked, obviously intrigued.

"What I do is collect stupid little ponies," the coachpony said. Then he leaned into Foulfellow, and began whispering in his ear.

"And I takes them to Pleasure Island," he said.

"Ahh, yes, Pleasure Island," Foulfellow said. Then he realized something. "Pleasure Island?! But . . . . but the law! Suppose they . . . . ."

"Now, now, now," the coachpony said. "There's nothing to worry about. They never come back as little ponies!"

Foulfellow and Gideon began to get a little nervous as the coachpony laughed maniacally. He finally calmed down, and explained further about his plan.

"The coach leaves at midnight," he said. "You bring her to the crossroads. And no double crosses!"

A little while later, Lemon Drop and Jiminy were on their way, straight home.

"I've sure learned my lesson!" Lemon Drop shouted. "From now on, I'm gonna do what's right. I'm gonna go to school. I'd rather be smart than be an actress."

"Thatta girl, Lemon Drop!" Jiminy shouted. "Come on! I'll race you home!"

Jiminy started to run off, and Lemon Drop raced behind him. But before long, she was stopped by Foulfellow and Gideon.

"Well, Lemon Drop," Foulfellow said. "What's the hurry?"

"I've got to beat Jiminy home!" Lemon Drop said. She looked up to see who she was talking to. "Oh, hello."

"So how's the budding young actress?" Foulfellow asked.

"Oh I don't want to be an actress anymore! Stromboli was terrible!"

"He was?"

"Yeah! He locked me in a birdcage, and he was gonna chop me into firewood!"

"He did?"

"Yeah, I learned my lesson. I never want to go through all that again!"

"Why you poor little pony! You must be a nervous wreck! That's it you are a nervous wreck!"


Lemon Drop stopped, and just stared at Foulfellow, but he kept right on talking.

"I know exactly what you need," Foulfellow said. "A vacation! And what better place to vacation than Pleasure Island?"

"Pleasure Island?" Lemon Drop asked, confused.

"Yes, of course! Pleasure Island, where every day's a holiday!"

"But I can't go. I'm . . . ."

"Of course you can go! Now come along! The coach departs at midnight!"

And with that, Foulfellow and Gideon began leading Lemon Drop down the opposite end of the street. Jiminy was coming back up the other end, because he was thinking Lemon Drop had been right behind him.

"Lemon Drop!" he called. "Lemon Drop, where'd . . . . huh?!"

Jiminy saw Lemon Drop being led down the street  by Foulfellow and Gideon and ran to follow them. He made it to the coach, which was full of not only little ponies, but boys as well. Jiminy was riding along the bottom of the coach, where it was getting very dusty and dirty.

"Well," he said, stifling a cough. "Here we go again!"

Lemon Drop was sitting in the front of the coach, next to a tall boy, with black hair, brown eyes, and he was wearing a green wool hat.

"Hey," he said, in a thick Texas drawl. "The name's Mike. What's yours?"

"Lemon Drop," the little pony puppet said.

"Ever been to Pleasure Island before?"


"Yeah, me neither. But I hear it's a great place. No school, no cops, no authority whatsoever. You can tear the joint apart! Plenty to eat, plenty to drink, and nobody says anythin' about it! I can hardly wait to get there!"

A little while later, the coach stopped at the docks, and all the passengers filed onto a boat that took them directly to Pleasure Island. Once the boys and the little ponies were inside, they began running around, basically making jackasses of themselves. Jiminy was searching for Lemon Drop, and trying to avoid getting squashed at the same time.

"Lemon Drop!" he called out. "Lemon Drop! There's something . . . . phony about all this."

In the meantime, Mike and Lemon Drop were wandering around Pleasure Island, making pigs of themselves. They came to a section of the island where a bunch of boys and ponies were fighting, and beating each other up.

"Oh boy, a scrap!" Mike shouted, excitedly. "Come on, let's go punch someone out."

"Why?" Lemon Drop asked.

"Just for the heck of it."

"Okay, Mike."

Mike and Lemon Drop walked in the scene, and then found themselves at a house advertised as "open for destruction," and the two of them began tearing it apart, with a bunch of other boys and ponies

"Didn't I tell ya this was a great place?" Mike said.

"Yeah!" Lemon Drop shouted. "Being bad's a lot of fun, ain't it?"

"Yeah, uh-huh. Get a load of that stained glass window over there."

And with that, Mike hurled a large brick at the window, which smashed to pieces. The coachpony smirked as he saw everything that was going on. Then he turned to a group who was lurking in the shadows.

"Okay, close the doors and lock them," he said. Then he glanced over at the boys and the little ponies and just laughed.

Hours later, the streets of Pleasure Island were empty. Completely empty. Jiminy was walking around, still looking for Lemon Drop.

"Lemon Drop!" he shouted. "Hey, where are you?! Where is everybody? This place is like a ghost town."

Lemon Drop in the meantime, was with Mike in the pool hall. Mike was chewing on a cigar and shooting pool. Lemon Drop was sitting at a table, smoking a cigar of her own.

"Where do you suppose everyone is, Mike?" she asked.

"Eh, there around here somewhere," Mike said. "What do you care? You're havin' a good time, ain'tcha?"

"Yeah! I sure am!"

"You smoke like my grandmother! Come on, take a big drag! Like this!"

Mike breathed in, and took the biggest drag he could muster on the cigar. Lemon Drop smiled, nodded, and did the exact same thing. Except for blowing the smoke out, she swallowed it, and immediately felt sick to her stomach.

"Okay," Mike said. "Your turn."

Lemon Drop staggered onto the pool table, holding her cue in her teeth. She stared at the eight ball, groggily (and she could have sworn the eight winked at her), and tried to hit it. At the moment she was about to, Jiminy walked in from under the door.

"LEMON DROP!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. "So this is where I find you! How do you expect to ever become a real pony?! Look at you! Smoking! Playing pool! You're coming home with me this instant!"

"Hey," Mike said. "Who's the beetle?"

"That's Jiminy," Lemon Drop said. "He's my conscious. He tells me what's right and wrong."

"WHAT?! You mean to tell me you take orders from a grasshopper?!"

"Grasshopper?!" Jiminy shouted. He jumped on top of one of the pool balls then. "Look here, you . . . . you impudent young pup! It wouldn't hurt you to take advice from your grasshopper . . . . I mean from your conscience! If you had one!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, screw ball in the corner pocket," Mike said, hitting the ball with his cue. Jiminy fell down the corner pocket and was almost crushed by the pool balls. Mike began to laugh. That did it. Jiminy was mad now.

"All right, you . . . . you hoodlum!" he shouted, taking his jacket off. "I'll knock your block off! I'll take you apart and put you back together!"

"Aw, don't hurt him, Jiminy," Lemon Drop said. "He's my best friend!"

"Your best friend?!" Jiminy shouted. "And what am I?! Just your conscience! All right. I've had it! I'm through!"

"But Jiminy . . . . ."

Jiminy smashed down his hat, and began to put his jacket on backwards.

"You buttered your bread! Now sleep in it!" he shouted.

Jiminy took one step forward and fell down the pocket of the pool table again. He hit the balls, and was flung to the floor. Mike cracked up.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Jiminy shouted, sarcastically. "Go ahead! Laugh! Make a jackass out of yourself! I'm through! This is the end!"

"But Jiminy," Lemon Drop said. "Mike's only a guy who lives once!"

"Mike!" Jiminy grumbled. "Hmph!"

And with that, Jiminy stormed out the door, mumbling about the whole thing.

"Mike," he groused. "After all I tried to do for him. Who's his conscience, anyway? Me or that hoodlum, Mike?"

Jiminy came up to the doors, and began banging on them with his umbrella.

"Open up this door!" he shouted. "Open up! I want to go home!"

Jiminy then began to hear the distinct braying of donkeys on the other side of the door. He found a small crack in the door, and crawled underneath it. He saw that there were donkeys as far as they eye could see.

"Where did all the donkeys come from?" he asked himself.

A couple of shadowy figures pulled a donkey out of a pen and threw it to the coachpony.

"And what's your name?" he asked it.

The donkey let out a loud "hee-haw!" and the coachpony shoved it over to a wooden crate, and the door closed.

"'E'll do!" he shouted. "Let's 'ave another!"

Another donkey was thrown to the coachpony.

"And what might your name be?" he asked.

"Alexander," the little donkey said, frightfully.

"So you can still talk, eh?"

"Y-yes sir. I wanna go home to my mama!"

"Take 'im back! 'E can still talk!"

The coachpony then shoved the little donkey back to a fenced in area with his nose with some other donkey rejects, all of which began protesting on wanting to go home, and not wanting to be donkeys. The coachpony took out a whip and cracked it.

"Quiet!" he shouted. "You boys and you little ponies 'ave 'ad your fun! Now it's time to pay for it!"

"Little ponies?" Jiminy asked. "So that's what . . . . . . Lemon Drop!"

There was no time at all to waste. Jiminy ran back to the pool hall as fast as he could.

Mike was leaning against the pool table, still smoking his cigar, and drinking a mug of beer.

"You hear that beetle talk," he said. "You'd think somethin' was gonna happen!"

Suddenly, Mike's own human ears turned into donkey ears. Lemon Drop stared at him, shocked. She looked into her own mug, and then pushed it aside. Mike continued walking around the table, shooting at the pool balls.

"How do you expect to be a real pony?" he mimicked Jiminy. He leaned over the table and a donkey tail seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Lemon Drop just stared, and spat the cigar she was smoking out her mouth as fast as she could.

"Ptooey!" she shouted.

"I mean, what does he think I look like?" Mike asked, shooting another pool ball. When he leaned up, he now had the face of a donkey.

"A jackass?" he asked, finishing his thought.

"You sure do!" Lemon Drop shouted, and she began to laugh. "Ha, ha, ha . . . . . heee-haw!"

"Hey!" Mike shouted. "You laugh like a donkey! Ha, ha, ha . . . . . heee-haaawww!"

Mike, surprised as anything, slapped his hand over his mouth, and turned to Lemon Drop.

"Did that come outta me?!" he shouted. Lemon Drop nodded nervously.

Mike looked at her for a minute, and then walked over to a mirror that was hanging on the wall. He got one good look at himself and let out an ear shattering shriek.

"I'M A DOUBLE CROSS!" he yelled, gripping his hair with his hands. "You gotta do somethin'! You gotta help me! Call that beetle! Call anybody!"

Mike was on his knees, pulling at Lemon Drop's little black vest, begging! Suddenly, his hands began to shake, and they morphed into hooves. He let out another shriek, which quickly turned into panicked sounding brays. He began jumping all around the room, kicking up his hind legs. Lemon Drop was scared to death! She kept watching him, until she felt something strange come over her. Her ears elongated and grew into donkey ears.

"Oh! What's happened?!" she shouted. "What'll I do?!"

Lemon Drop began thinking over what she was going to do when her pretty purple tail became skinnier, and turned into a brown donkey's tail. She let out a gasp. Just then, Jiminy ran into the pool hall.

"Jiminy!" Lemon Drop shouted, panicking. "Jiminy, help!"

"Lemon Drop! The boys, the ponies! They're all donkeys!" Jiminy shouted. Then he got a look at Lemon Drop. "Oh! You too! Come on! We'd better get out of here before you get any worse!"

Lemon Drop and Jiminy then ran from the pool hall, climbed a mountain of rocks as fast as they could. They reached the top of the cliff, and there was no way to go, but down.

"You gotta jump, Lemon Drop!" Jiminy shouted. "It's the only way out!"

Lemon Drop gulped, and she and Jiminy jumped, and landed into the river.

Moments later, Lemon Drop and Jiminy crawled onto shore. Lemon Drop swung her new donkey tail up to the sand. Jiminy was hanging off it.

"Jiminy," Lemon Drop said, breathlessly. "Are you okay?"

"Sure," Jiminy shouted. He began banging on the side of his head to get water out of his ears. "Sure feels good to be back on dry land!"

Jiminy pulled his hat off, and was doused with water. He shook himself off, and then headed for home, along with Lemon Drop. The two of them practically ran for the front steps of Jerry's shop, and began knocking on the door, ringing the bells, and shouted.

"Jerry!" Lemon Drop shouted. "We're home!"

"Maybe he's asleep or something," Jiminy said. He walked over to the window and looked in. "Hey Lemon Drop. Look. He isn't here."

"He's gone," Lemon Drop said.

"Yeah, and Figaro."

"And Cleo, too."

Lemon Drop and Jiminy just sat there on the steps for a moment or so, wondering what to do.

"Maybe something awful happened!" Lemon Drop shouted.

"Don't worry, Lemon Drop," Jiminy said. "He couldn't have gone far. I don't think."

Just then, a rolled up piece of paper flew down at their feet. Jiminy unrolled it and began to read it.

"What's this?" he asked. "Hey, it's about Mr. Blavatario!"

"What's it say?" Lemon Drop asked.

"It says that he was out looking for you and . . . . . let's see here . . . . he was swallowed by a whale."

"Swallowed by a whale?!"

"Yeah. A whale?! A whale named Monstro! But wait . . . . wait, he's alive . . . . . at the bottom of the sea, in the stomach of the whale."

"Bottom of the sea?!"

Lemon Drop stood up, and started walking away. Jiminy began to follow her.

"Hey!" he shouted. "Where are you going?"

"I've gotta find him!" Lemon Drop shouted.

"But you can't go down there! I've heard of Monstro! He's a whale of a whale!"

Lemon Drop wasn't listening. She managed to tie her tail around a rock, and was ready to throw it into the water.

"Goodbye, Jiminy," she said.

"Goodbye?" Jiminy asked. "I may be live bait down there, but I'm with ya. Come on. Let's go. LOOK OUT BELOW!"

Lemon Drop and Jiminy jumped off the cliff and landed into the water with a loud KER-SPLASH! Lemon Drop looked around. How in the world was she going to find a whale in a big place like this? But she knew she had to try. She and Jiminy went along the ocean floor, looking around for a giant whale. They came across all kinds of strange looking fish, although some of them were actually  kind of cute.

"Why don't you ask them, Lemon Drop?" Jiminy suggested.

"Could any of you tell me where to find Monstro?" Lemon Drop asked.

All the fish suddenly panicked, and swam off as fast as they could, leaving Lemon Drop and Jiminy all alone.

"Was it something I said?" Lemon Drop asked. She and her conscience continued to look around the ocean.

In another, deep, dark part of the bottom of the sea, Monstro the whale was resting. Inside his stomach, was Jerry, along with Figaro and Cleo. All three of them were starving.

"What a way to go," Jerry said with a sigh. "Starving to death in a whale's stomach. You'd ever think it would end this way, Figaro?"

Figaro shook his head. Jerry scratched the little kitten behind the ears, and heaved a sigh.

"I hope wherever Lemon Drop is, that she's okay," he said.

Figaro nodded, and checked the fishing line tied to his tail. It was empty. Jerry wasn't getting much either.

"If this monster doesn't wake up and eat soon," Jerry replied. "Then I think it's pretty much over for us."

As luck would have it, a school of tuna was swimming right by Monstro. They didn't notice him, because it was so dark. They did notice the whale when he opened one of his eyes at them, and started after them. The tuna turned as quickly as they could and swam away in a panicked frenzy. They swam rapidly past Lemon Drop and Jiminy.

"Hey!" Lemon Drop shouted. "Wait a minute! Have any of you seen . . . . ."

Before Lemon Drop could finish her sentence, she saw the gigantic monster whale coming right at the tuna, and turned in the other direction and began to swim away.

"Monstro!" she shouted as she rapidly put on some speed.

Jiminy saw the giant whale and began swimming away himself. Unfortunately, Lemon Drop's rock got stuck in a cluster of other rocks. Jiminy went to pry it loose. Then the little pony puppet swam off as fast as she could. Unfortunately, it wasn't fast enough. All the tuna was sucked into Monstro's mouth, and so was Lemon Drop. Once Lemon Drop swallowed the little pony, he closed his mouth, and sat on the surface. Jiminy surfaced as well and turned to the big whale.

"Hey! Blubber Mouth! I gotta get in there!" he shouted.

Inside the belly of the whale, Lemon Drop was doing her best to swim around with the tuna. Jerry was casting his fishing line out and swinging them in.

"This is what I call a stroke of luck!" he shouted, as he caught another fish. He didn't even notice Lemon Drop was hanging onto it with her teeth!

"Hey!" Lemon Drop shouted, just before she got hit in the face with a tuna. "Hey, Jerry! Jerry!"

"Don't bother me now, Lemon Drop!" Jerry shouted. "Can't you see I'm . . . ."

Something hit Jerry just then. He realized what he just said, and turned around quickly. Lemon Drop jumped out of the bin where Jerry was throwing the fish. She ran to him and began nuzzling him. Jerry smiled, and wrapped his arms around her neck.

"Lemon Drop!" he shouted, happily. "Oh Lemon Drop, I didn't think I'd ever see you again!"

"Me either!" Lemon Drop shouted.

Just then, Figaro jumped over, and began nuzzling Lemon Drop as well. Lemon Drop giggled. She heard some splashing going on, and turned around.

"Cleo!" she shouted. "Cleo, you're here too! We're all together again!"

"Right," Jerry said. Suddenly, Lemon Drop sneezed. "Whoa, look at you, Lemon Drop, you're soaked!"

"I've been swimming," Lemon Drop said. "I had to find you."

"You know you shouldn't have come down here."

"I know, but I had to. I've come to get you out of here."

"Well, I've got to admit I'm glad to see you."

Jerry then took Lemon Drop's hat off, and her donkey ears sprang up. Figaro was so surprised, hid behind Cleo's fishbowl Jerry nearly had a heart attack!

"Lemon Drop!" he shouted, aghast.

"What's the matter?" Lemon Drop asked.

"Wh-what happened to your ears?!"

"Huh? My ears? Oh, those. Aw, that's nothin'! You should see my tail, too! Ha, ha, ha . . . . heee-haaawww!"

This time, due to the shock, Figaro jumped into Cleo's fishbowl. Jerry's eyes grew wider than they were before!

"Lemon Drop!" he shouted. "What happened?"

"Well, uhhh . . . . ." Lemon Drop stammered. She began digging her hoof into the ground. "I, uhh, I . . . ."

"Oh never mind," Jerry said. "Something tells me I don't really want to know. The main point is we're all together again, and that's all that matters."

Lemon Drop smiled, and nuzzled Jerry. She was glad he wasn't angry with her.

Outside, meanwhile, Jiminy was standing on Monstro's lower lip, trying to get in.

"I gotta get in! My pal's in there!" he shouted. "Come on you big moose! Open up or I'll—"

Before Jiminy could finish that sentence, a flock of seagulls came flying down, all trying to take swipes at Jiminy for breakfast.

"Hey! Cut it out!" Jiminy shouted, before he dove into an empty bottle. He blocked off the seagulls with his umbrella. "Beat it, ya buzzards!"

Back inside the whale, Lemon Drop was asking Jerry if he ever tried to get out.

"I tried getting out about a million times," Jerry said, shrugging.

"Well, you built a raft down there, right?" Lemon Drop asked.


"Then when the whale opens his mouth we'll—"

"Whoa, hold it, hold it! The whale only opens his mouth when he's eating, and then everything comes in, and nothing comes out. It's a lost cause, Lemon Drop. Come on. Let's go cook some of the fish."

"You mean like build a fire?"

"Yeah, exactly. How else are we gonna cook the fish?"

"Forget the fish! I just got a great idea!"

"What do you mean?"

"We'll build a fire and make him sneeze!"

"Sneeze?! Lemon Drop, wait a minute!"

But it was too late. Lemon Drop was taking all the wood she could find. She crashed it all over a barrel and grabbed a lantern. She broke it on the wood and made a really big fire. Then she threw a blanket over it, which caused thick black smoke to build up. Jerry got a nervous look on his face.

"He's not gonna like this one bit!" he shouted.

That was for sure! Monstro felt a slight burning sensation in his mouth, and sniffed a little. His eyes flew open, wide with surprise, and he began to build up a sneeze.

"Ahhhh . . . ." he started. "Aaaahhhh . . . . ahhhh . . . ."

"Well, it's about time!" Jiminy shouted, paddling the bottle towards the whale. He made it into Monstro's mouth through a space between his teeth.

"Lemon Drop, he's not gonna like this!" Jerry warned.

"But it's the only way we can get out of here!" Lemon Drop shouted. Jiminy saw them paddling their raft towards his mouth, and changed his direction.

"Hey, which way are you going?!" he called. "Wait for me!"

"Ahh . . . . aaaahhh . . . . ." Monstro built it up, and finally . . . . .


The raft was blown into the water, away from the whale's mouth. Jiminy was blown with them, and his umbrella had been turned inside out.

"Gesundheit!" he shouted.

"Ahhhh . . . . . ahhhh . . . . ." Monstro was building up another sneeze, and everything in his path was pulled back towards his mouth, including a few seagulls.

"Ahhh . . . . Ahhh . . . . AAAAHHHH-CHOOOO!"

Once again, everything was blown forward when the giant whale sneezed. By that time, the fire in his belly had gone out, and all the smoke was gone. But boy was he mad! He let out a growl and began to lunge after Lemon Drop and Jerry.

"I told you he'd be mad!" Jerry shouted.

"Paddle!" Lemon Drop yelled. "Paddle as fast as you can!"

Jerry and Lemon Drop paddled the raft as fast as they could. It wasn't easy, though. Monstro was right on top of them! He flew into the air, and landed down in the water with a great splash, causing the raft to ride on a wave.

"Surf's up!" Lemon Drop shouted.

"Watch out for the tail!" Jerry yelled.

Indeed, Monstro's tail was about to come crashing down on the raft, and Jerry and Lemon Drop (not to mention Figaro and Cleo).

"Abandon raft!" Jerry shouted, as he and Lemon Drop dove into the water, just as Monstro's tail came crashing down. It hit the raft, and it splintered to pieces. Then Monstro disappeared. Lemon Drop emerged first, and began searching for Jerry.

"Jerry!" she called. "Jerry!"

Lemon Drop looked over, and saw Jerry hanging onto a piece of the raft for dear life. He was completely dazed.

"Save yourself, Lemon Drop," he said, before slipping off the piece of the raft, and into the sea.

Lemon Drop, as quick as lightning, grabbed the back of Jerry's shirt collar with her teeth, and began pulling him towards a nearby opening in the rocks up ahead. It was too small for Monstro to get in. But the monster whale wasn't going to give up. He wanted to crush Lemon Drop for all it was worth. The little pony puppet swam as fast as she could to the opening, trying to out swim the whale. That wasn't easy, since she was trying to keep Jerry from drowning, and he was too dazed to even swim! But Lemon Drop managed to pull herself and Jerry towards the opening, just as Monstro appeared. The whale dove out of the water, and managed to slam against the rocks, sending a big stream of water threw the opening in them. Lemon Drop and Jerry were pushed through to the other side, safe from Monstro.

On the other side of the rocks, Jerry, Figaro, and Cleo were washed up on the shore. Jerry was still slightly dazed. He lay there, flat on his back, catching his breath.

"Lemon Drop," he said, dazedly. "Save yourself. Don't worry about me. Save yourself."

Jiminy had been pushed through the rocks by the water Monstro had sent in as well. He began crawling over small rocks, looking for his pony puppet friend.

"Lemon Drop!" he called. "Oh Lemon Drop! Lemon Dr—"

Jiminy stopped abruptly and gasped when he saw Lemon Drop laying face down in a small pool of water.

Hours later, everyone was back home, but no one was happy. Lemon Drop was laying on Jerry's bed, lifeless. Jerry sat by the bed, holding his head in his hand in despair. Everyone else was distraught over the outcome of what happened. Suddenly, a light surrounded Lemon Drop, but no one really noticed.

"Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish," Sparkler's voice said. "And someday you'll be a real pony. Wake up, Lemon Drop. Wake up."

When the light subsided. Lemon Drop woke up. She was no longer made of wood. Her donkey ears had turned back into pony ears, and her donkey tail turned back into her pretty purple tail. She was a yellow little pony with purple hair, and purple raindrops on her rump. She yawned, stretched, and looked around the room.

"Jerry?" she asked. "Why does everybody look so sad?"

"Because you're dead, Lemon Drop," Jerry said, not bothering to look up.

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are."

"Jerry I'm alive see! And . . . . hey . . . . . I'm a real pony!"

Jerry looked up, thinking he was imagining things. But realization hit him, and he jumped to his feet. He wrapped his arms around Lemon Drop's neck and smiled.

"You're alive!" he cried. "Look at you! You're a real pony!"

Everyone began to cheer. Jiminy threw his hat and umbrella into the air. Figaro was so excited, he jumped into Cleo's fishbowl and gave her a kiss.

"Well, this is practically where I came in!" Jiminy shouted, and he started walking out the window. He glanced up at the night sky, and saw a blue star twinkling brightly in the night sky.

"Thank you, Sparkler," he said. "She deserved to be a real pony. And it was sure nice of you to . . . ."

Before Jiminy could go on, he realized he was surrounded in a glow of some kind.

"Hey," he said. "What's going on?"

The glow became smaller and smaller, until it dimmed completely. On Jiminy's jacket, a badge was pinned. It read "Official Conscience."

"Well I'll be!" he shouted. "Solid gold, too! I think it's just swell!"

Jiminy smiled up at the star, and flashed his badge at it.


When your heart is in your dreams

No request is too extreme

When you wish upon a star

Your dreams come true


The End