Magic Mayhem

It was a beautiful, spring day in Ponyland. The little ponies were busy setting up for a big party Truly and Heart Throb were throwing. They were having a lot of special guests that day, and everything had to be perfect. The Flutter Ponies were coming, along with the Princess Ponies. Megan, Danny, Molly, Julie, Fluey, Jerry, and the Monkees were coming, too, but they were bringing their own special guests. Megan, Molly, Danny, and Julie were bringing Julie's little brother, Tommy, to Ponyland, and Peter was bringing his girlfriend, Valerie Cartwright, which didn't fare too well with Mike.

"Why don't you just tell the whole world about Ponyland?!" Mike yelled. "You've told Fluey all the stories, and now you go and tell your girlfriend!"

"They can keep a secret, Mike," Peter said.

"You just have to bring her, don't you? Bad enough you got Fluey goin' to Ponyland!"

"That was an accident, Mike! The Princess Ponies needed help, and Fluey was the only one here at the time!"

"Okay, Fluey I can understand, but goshdarn it, Pete, why do you have to bring Valerie?!"

"'Ey, you brought Jerry to Ponyland!" Davy shouted.

"That was an accident," Mike said, blushing. "Whizzer thought he was you."

"Just the same, if Jerry gets to come to Ponyland," Davy continued. "Then Valerie should get to come, too."

"All right, all right," Mike said. "I give up."

By the time they were done arguing, Heart Throb, North Star, Paradise, Wind Whistler, Masquerade, and Lofty were flying down to the beach. Locket went to go get Jerry.

"Okay hop on," Masquerade said.

"Peter, show me and Lofty the way to your girlfriend's house," Paradise said. "We'll go pick her up and meet you back at the Estate."

"Affirmative," Wind Whistler said, and the Pegasus ponies took off.

Lofty and Paradise arrived at Peter's girlfriend's house, and knocked on the window of the balcony. The door opened, and out came a pretty young woman, with long brown hair in a ponytail. She was wearing an olive green jacket over a white sleeveless turtleneck, a gray skirt, black flats, and a white ribbon in her ponytail.

"Hi Valerie!" Peter shouted, when he saw her. "These are Paradise and Lofty. Two of the little ponies I told you about."

"Hi," Lofty said. "Hop on."

"I don't know," Valerie said, a little nervously. "I've been on Lofty twice. I?m still not used to it."

"It's okay, Val," Peter said, as he helped his girlfriend on Lofty's back. "I was scared at first, too. But I got used to it. And Lofty won't go too fast, will you?"

"Nope," Lofty said. "Let's go!"

Valerie was still a little nervous, but she held on tightly, and Lofty flew off. While Valerie was nervous about flying a pony, Julie's brother, Tommy, was practically bouncing off the walls! He was riding Medley with Julie. Megan was riding Firefly, and both Danny and Molly were riding Sky Dancer. There just weren't enough Pegasus ponies to go around to get everyone, so Danny, Molly, Julie, and Tommy had to share one. Once at Paradise Estate, Tommy jumped off Medley and began running around.

"Wow!" he shouted. "Why didn't you take me here sooner, Danny? Why didn't you tell me about this place?"

"We didn't even plan on telling Julie," Danny said. "She just decided to come to Ponyland one time when you guys visited."

"Why didn't you take me, too?"

"We were too busy doing guy things, remember?"

"Oh yeah. I forgot."

Tommy began running for the Estate, just as the other Pegasus ponies returned with Fluey, Jerry, the Monkees, and Valerie. Mike saw him go and let out a low whistle.

"That kid's a bit amped up," he said. "He and Micky should get along very well."

"Very funny," Micky said, giving Mike a Look.

Everyone else laughed. Megan went to go catch up with Tommy so she could introduce him to the little ponies. Molly took Julie's hand, and took her to the nursery to see the baby ponies. Julie was still very shy around the Monkees and their friends, and meeting Valerie was just making her even more shy this time. Danny went to go see what Surprise was up to. She had to help hang decorations, which was why she couldn't go with the other Pegasi to pick up the ponies' human friends.

As the ponies prepared for their festival, they were being watched from a dark castle past the Haunted Forest. This castle belonged to a witch named Maybelline Hemlock, who was the niece of the great and powerful Enchantra. Enchantra had been defeated from plunging the world into darkness by the little ponies and their friends, and she had been destroyed. Now Maybelline was going to ruin their fun.

"I'll show you ponies," she said. "You'll pay dearly for destroying my Aunt Enchantra's power! But before I start, I must put your friend Nesmith out of commission. And I know just how to do that. I've been dying to use my Curse of Clumsiness spell! Nesmith always seems so calm, collected, and in control. But not for long. Now he'll be clumsy, klutzy, and won't be able to use his magic wand!"

Maybelline took some magic powder out of her pouch, and threw it at a crystal ball that used to belong to Enchantra. The powder flew through it to Paradise Estate and clobbered Mike right in the head. The Texan Monkee thought it was a bug or something, and let it slide.

"Come on!" Gusty shouted. "Let's play volleyball!"

"But we're supposed to help with the decorations," Lofty said. "If we don't do it now, Truly will have our heads!"

"She and Heart Throb want everything to be perfect because of the Princess Ponies," Danny groaned.

Truly heard his comment, and gave out a little "hmph!" Then she continued to put up decorations.

"Oh don't worry, darlings," Heart Throb said. "Go play your game! We have enough hands as it is!"

"Okay," Mike said, waving at Heart Throb.

Gusty ran to get the ball, and served it over a hedge the teams were using as a net. Fizzy gave it a good swat. Surprise flew into the air and sent it back over.

"Hey, that's not fair!" Micky shouted.

"Yeah, no flyin' and no unicorn magic allowed!" Mike shouted.

"Then you don't get to use your magic wand," Jerry said.

"Fair enough," Mike said, nodding.

"Come on, let's just play!" Gusty shouted, rather impatiently.

Micky picked up the ball and gave it a good whack. Lofty backed up, and clobbered it with her hind legs.

"I got it!" Mike shouted, backing up. "I got it!"

Just then, the Curse of Clumsiness took effect. Mike wasn't aware of it. He tripped over a small hole in the ground, fell backwards, and landed directly onto a cake Cupcake had just put the finishing touches on. It was completely ruined.

"My cake!" she shouted.

"Sorry," Mike said, standing up. "I didn't see that hole there."

"Oh, it's all right, Mike," Fizzy said. "I'm sure Cupcake can bake another one."

"Yeah, let's just finish the game," Gusty shouted.

Mike picked up the ball, wiped some of the smashed cake off him, and served. Once again, Gusty's team swatted it, and Mike went after it. As he ran, he tripped again, but this time, over his own two feet, he reached out to grab something to stop his fall, but ended up grabbing a handful of colorful streamers Molly, Shady, and Baby Lofty were putting up. They came loose and Mike crashed to the ground, letting a good majority of the balloons Molly, Shady, and Baby Lofty had just put up fly away.

"Oh no!" Shady cried.

"Sorry," Mike said, standing up. "I'll fix it, though."

Mike took out his magic wand, and waved it. The decorations started to fix themselves, and more balloons started to blow up. But that Curse of Clumsiness reared it's ugly head, and one balloon just started to get bigger and bigger.

"Hold it, Mike!" Micky shouted. "I think that balloon's big enough!"

"Yeah, man!" Fluey shouted. "You don't want it to explode!"

Mike tried waving his wand to get it to stop, but it wasn't working. In fact, the more he waved his wand, the more the decorations rearranged themselves.

"What's with this thing?" he asked.

Finally, the balloon just got so full, it exploded. POW! A gust of wind from the explosion just blew a lot of things around. Everyone's hair was a bit messed  up.

"Oh Mike," Valerie said.

"That was cool!" Tommy shouted. "Can you do it again, Mike?"

Julie gave her little brother a Look, rolled her eyes, and groaned. Mike smiled sheepishly and raised his wand into the air.

"Let me try again," he said.

"Don't you dare!" Truly shouted. "I think we've had enough of you and your magic tricks for one day, Mike! We'll never be ready for the party now!"

"I was only tryin' to help," Mike said, glaring at Truly.

"It's okay, Mike," Megan said. "We'll handle the decorations."

"Yeah, we'll get everything together before the Flutter Ponies and the Princess Ponies get here," Gingerbread said. "No problem at all!"

"Come on, Mike," Gusty said as she, Buttons, Surprise, Fizzy, and Spike led him away from the party planning. "Looks like you need a refresher course in Pony Magic."

"Pony Magic?" Mike asked. "How's that different from real magic?"

"We'll teach you what we can do," Fizzy said. "Just sit back, and pay close attention."

Mike shrugged, and watched the little ponies do their stuff.


Pony magic is the very best of magic

The kind of magic used for doing good


Surprise: It really comes in handy if there's trouble

If you can do what Fizzy does and bubble


Ponies: Pony magic is our favorite kind of magic

We know you'd use our magic if you could


Fizzy: Imagine just how much you could improve things

If you could be like Buttons who can move things!


Buttons: Imagine like Surprise, you could fly

Think how far you'd get!


"Okay, Mike, stand back!" Spike shouted. "And they'll really show their stuff! You ain't seen nothing yet!"

"Well, all right," Mike said with a shrug.


Ponies: Pony magic is the very best of magic


Fizzy: Gusty here can cause the wind to blow


Ponies: With Pony magic, our kind of magic

Who knows how far you'll go?

Who knows how far you'll go?


"I think I get it now!" Mike shouted, and he waved his wand in a circle. Bubbles flew out of it. Fizzy, Gusty, Buttons, Surprise, and Spike began to cheer.

"Yay Mike!" Fizzy shouted.

Mike continued to work with his magic wand, imitating Fizzy's, Buttons's, and Gusty's powers. Of course, Maybelline was watching the whole thing through her crystal ball. She smirked, and laughed.

"Now's the time to put an end to all those little ponies and their friends!" she shouted. She waved her hand over her crystal ball.

"Let's see them get past this," she said with an evil laugh.

Back in Ponyland, Truly, Heart Throb, and the others had just finished putting up the decorations, and just in time! The Flutter Ponies and the Princess Ponies had just arrived in Paradise Estate.

"Greetings, everyone!" Princess Sparkle shouted.

"Oh darling Princess Ponies!" Heart Throb shouted. "Have you found my true love yet?"

"We're . . . . . . working on it," Princess Starburst said, a little nervously.

Princess Tiffany flew directly to Fluey and began nuzzling him.

"I'm glad to see you, Sir Fluid," she said. "I wish you visited the Royal Paradise more often."

"Same here," Fluey said. "But there's not much I can do about that."

Princess Tiffany giggled. Rosedust was talking to Megan about an upcoming festival in Flutter Valley.

"We'd really like it if you could come," she said.

"I wouldn't miss it, Rosedust," Megan said. "By the way, where's Morning Glory?"

"I don't know," Rosedust said, looking at the other Flutter Ponies. "She was with us when she left Flutter Valley."

"Megan! Hey Megan!" Tommy called from above. Megan looked up, and saw that her little cousin was riding on Whizzer, and she was zooming through the air as usual.

"Watch me, Megan! Watch me!" Tommy shouted.

"I'm watching, Tommy!" Megan called back.

"Hey everybody!" Gusty shouted, as she and the others came back. "Mike learned Pony Magic on his wand! Show 'em Mike!"

"You got it," Mike said. "How 'bout a little breeze?"

Mike waved his wand, and concocted a little breeze, but it turned into a big breeze. It wasn't even a breeze at all! It was the biggest gust of wind you could imagine! Everyone had trouble staying on their feet!

"Whoa!" Forget-Me-Not shouted as she was blown into the air.

"Mike, you did it again!" Jerry shouted.

"No I didn't!" Mike yelled. "I didn't intend for this to happen!"

Whizzer was having a hard time flying. She couldn't control her wings in the wind.

"I think we're in a lot of trouble, yes we are, yes we are!" she shouted. "We're going down! We're going down!"

The wind managed to flip Whizzer, and Tommy fell off her back. Everyone gasped.

"Tommy!" Julie shouted. She covered her eyes, not wanting to look.

"Hang on, Tommy! Hang on! I'm coming, I'm coming!" Whizzer shouted, and she flapped harder than she had ever flapped before. She caught Tommy on her back and then landed on the ground.

"Tommy, are you okay?" Megan asked.

"That was fun!" Tommy shouted. "Can we do it again? Please, please, please can I do it again, Megan?"

Normally Megan would have laughed at this, but the wind was getting stronger. Everyone braced themselves, but it wasn't easy. A large gust of wind ended up picking up Megan, Mike, Galaxy, Gusty, Magic Star, Wind Whistler, Paradise, Fizzy, Truly, North Star, Applejack, Jerry, Fluey, and Valerie, and they were swept away from the Estate.

"Megan!" Molly shouted.

"Look out!" Princess Tiffany shouted, as her wand began to glow. All the Princess Ponies wands began to glow brightly, and magic shot out of them.

"What's happening?!" Buttons shouted, and her horn lit up. Things began rearranging themselves all around Paradise Estate.

All the unicorn horns began to light up and their powers were activated, but they had nothing to do with it!

"All the magic's going crazy!" Honeysuckle shouted. Suddenly, she and the other Flutter Ponies shifted to Utter Flutter. But unintentionally.

It was a big mess, with the wind blowing and all the magic going completely crazy. Megan grabbed the Rainbow of Light. She was about to open it when a giant gust of wind blew it right out of her hand.

"Oh no! The Rainbow!" she shouted.

"I'll use my wand!" Mike yelled.

"Don't you dare!" Truly shouted. "Your wand is what caused this mess in the first place!"

"Megan! Are you all right?" Molly asked, as she, Danny, Julie, and Tommy ran for her and the others. They ended up crashing into something hard as glass. Megan, Mike, and Magic Star ran over and hit it, too.

"What the heck?" Mike asked, and he knocked on the glass wall with his hand. Jerry gasped.

"It's a dome!" he shouted. "A dome covering Paradise Estate!"

"We're trapped!" Surprise shouted.

"Not all of us," Fluey said. "We'll find a way to stop it, but first, we have to find the Rainbow of Light!"

"It blew in the direction of the Mushromp," Wind Whistler said. "Come on, everyone! We'll get to the bottom of this."

"And maybe the Moochick can help us!" Fizzy shouted.

"I sure hope so," Truly said. "Because now the party is just completely ruined!"

Truly gave Mike a glare, and Mike glared back at her. He didn't have the patients for Truly sometimes. The ponies and their friends began to walk towards the Mushromp, using the fastest way they knew to get there. They had to cross a bridge Applejack wasn't too particularly fond of.

"Why do we have to cross this bridge?" she asked. "You know I don't think it's safe!"

"It's the fastest way to get to the Mushromp," Wind Whistler said. "You know that."

"At least you're speaking English."

The others stifled a laugh and continued walking.

"I agree with Applejack," Galaxy said. "I don't like the looks of this bridge."

"So wink across it," Gusty said.

Galaxy winked across the bridge, as did Fizzy. She didn't trust the bridge, either. Gusty continued walking across it. After awhile, she turned around to see how everyone was doing. Unfortunately, she stopped suddenly, and Mike bumped into her. He stumbled backwards and knocked into Applejack, and she knocked into Valerie. Both of them fell off the bridge.

"Applejack!" North Star shouted. "Valerie!"

Fluey didn't waste any time. He jumped off the bridge and into the water, much like Megan did when Applejack fell into the river the first time she had met the ponies.

"What the heck is he doin'?" Mike asked.

"Follow me, everybody!" Megan shouted, not answering the question. "I know where they'll end up!"

The ponies, Jerry, and Mike followed Megan across the bridge as quickly as they could. In the meantime, Fluey and Valerie were swimming underneath the water, trying to keep up with Applejack who was floating towards a giant clamshell. All three of them ended up in the clamshell, and it closed. Applejack got a case of déjà vu, and it was about to get more familiar. The clamshell opened to reveal Sealight, Wavedancer, and Seawinkle swimming in front of the trio, who were safely inside a giant bubble.


Shoop-ee-doo, shoop-shoop-ee-doo


Call upon the Sea Ponies when you're in distress

Helpful as can be ponies simply signal SOS

If you find you're past the drift, and haven't got an oar (oar!)

Count upon the Sea Ponies, they'll see you to shore


Shoop-ee-doo, shoop-shoop-ee-doo


Seawinkle: Are you sinking fast?


Wavedancer: Had some nasty shocks?


Sealight: Feeling like all hope is gone

And washed up on the rocks


All: Washed up on the rocks!


Shoop-ee-doo, shoop-shoop-ee-doo


Call upon the Sea Ponies when you're in distress

Helpful as can be ponies simply signal SOS

If your rudder runs aground and seaweed holds a grip (kelp)

Count upon the Sea Ponies, they'll see you get help


Sea Ponies, Sea Ponies, simply signal SOS

Sea Ponies, Sea Ponies, simply signal SOS

Oh yes!


The Sea Ponies threw the bubble out of their pond. It popped once Fluey, Applejack, and Valerie hit a rock. Megan, Mike, Jerry, and the other ponies ran over.

"There they are!" Paradise shouted.

"Are you guys okay?" Fizzy asked.

"Thanks to the Sea Ponies," Fluey said, waving at Sealight, Wavedancer, and Seawinkle.

"No problem," Seawinkle said, and she threw Fluey a shell. "Just call if you need us again!"

"Will do," Fluey said. "Thanks a lot!"

"Shoop-ee-doo, shoop-shoop-ee-doo!" the three Sea Ponies shouted, and dove into the water.

"Come on, everyone," Wind Whistler said. "We must get to the Moochick's immediately!"

The ponies and their friends continued on their way to the Mushromp

Meanwhile, Maybelline (who was unaware that she didn't trap everyone at the Estate under her dome) was having a ton of fun playing around with the little ponies' magic. She was controlling the unicorns' horns, and the Princess Ponies' magic wands. Of course, it only applied to those under her dome. Even the baby unicorns were having troubles. Baby Gusty's horn blew the strongest wind ever, and combine that with Princess Primrose's magic wand (she could make the north wind blow), you had one pretty strong wind.

"Me can't stop!" Baby Gusty cried. "Me no like this!"

"I don't like it, eithah," Davy said. Baby Gusty's horn dimmed, and she ran directly for Davy, crying. Davy picked her up, and patted her mane.

"Don't worry, luv," he said, soothingly. "I'm sure everything will get bettah."

"Me want Mama!" Baby Gusty cried.

"This is terrible!" Lofty shouted. "What are we going to do?"

"We can't control all this magic!" Princess Tiffany shouted.

"We have to get out of this dome," Firefly said. "The double loop should take care of this!"

"Be careful, Firefly!" Medley shouted.

Firefly backed up to gain enough speed. Then she flew towards the side of the dome, intending to crash right through it. She ended up crashing right into it. BONK! Then she slid to the ground.

"Not your best loop, Firefly," Davy said.

"Medic!" Firefly shouted.

"How are we ever going to get out of here?" Julie asked.

"We'll find a way," Danny said. "At least I hope so."

"That's right," Gingerbread said. "Megan and Mike are still out there. And so are Galaxy and Magic Star and Wind Whistler. Everything's sure to be all right."

"If Mike doesn't end up killing himself," Micky replied. "You know he's not really sure how to use that wand of his."

Julie began to whimper a little. Micky realized he said the wrong thing, especially when Davy and Medley glared at him.

In the meantime, the little ponies and their friends continued along their way to the Mushromp. It wasn't a very easy trip. Due to the Curse of Clumsiness, Mike kept bumping into things and tripping. Truly was getting pretty fed up with him.

"I thought Peter was the klutz!" she shouted.

"Don't say that about my uncle, or I'll belt you!" Fluey yelled.

"Chill out, Shotgun," Mike said. "Beltin' Truly won't do much of anythin'. Except shut her up."

"Hmph!" Truly shouted, sticking her nose in the air.

"Enough arguing, everybody," Magic Star said. "We're on a mission here!"

"That's correct," Wind Whistler said. "We desperately require to locate the Mushromp or else Ponyland could be done for, what with the enchantment going fanatical."

"What'd . . . ." Jerry started.

"I said that we need to find the Mushromp or else Ponyland is doomed," Wind Whistler said.

"Is that what you said?" Jerry asked.

"Oh Jerry," Valerie groaned.

Jerry looked at the others confused. Then he shrugged, and continued following Megan and Magic Star.

"There's the Mushromp," Megan said.

"Mr. Moochick!" Fizzy called out. "Are you home?"

"Mr. Moochick, we need your assistance!" Wind Whistler shouted.

"I don't think he's here," Fluey said.

"Darn that Moochick," Mike grumbled. He wasn't particularly fond of the Moochick, even though the Moochick was the one who gave him his magic wand.

"But he never leaves the Mushromp!" Fizzy shouted. "Wind Whistler said so herself! I think."

"Indeed I did," Wind Whistler said. "He never leaves the safe confines of the Mushromp."

"Well, where can he be?" Paradise asked.

"It doesn't matter," Applejack said. "We've got to find the Rainbow of Light. It blew over here, and now we've got to find it. It should be around here somewhere."


Somewhere there's a little piece of rainbow

I save it for a rainy day

It's either underneath the rug or in the cupboard?ugh, a bug!

But have no fear, I'll find it right away!


Wait until you see this piece of rainbow!

It's brighter than a peacock's plume

It's ocean blue and sunrise pink?I left it by the sink I think

Or was it in the closet with the broom?

Perhaps we ought to try the other room


That piece of rainbow must be hiding someplace!

Search every nook and cranny, high and low


Mike: You think that with a rainbow it'd be someplace!


Valerie: But not a gleam


Jerry: Not a glimmer!


Fluey: Not a glow!


Applejack: Oh, where'd I put that little piece of rainbow?

I ran across it just last week!

It could be in the flower pot! My goodness gracious, no it's not

That piece of rainbow's playing hide and seek!

I'm sorry but it seems, I'm sorry but it seems we're up the creek!


"You're not giving up are you?" Megan asked.

"Might as well," Applejack said. "Looked everywhere, no place else we can . . . . ."

She was about to go on when Mike stuck two fingers in his mouth and whistled as loudly as he could. Applejack seemed to remember something then.


Wait a moment! Beg your pardon!

Silly me, come and see, it's in the garden!


This is where I hid that piece of rainbow

It's buried here beneath the ground

I left it in the flower bed, that's how I am, I plan ahead

I knew right here I'd find it safe and sound


A lesson for you all

When hope seems past recall

The piece of rainbow always can be found!


Applejack then held a big, green hat in between her teeth, grinning confidently. A very familiar looking round shaped green hat. It dragged the ground as she carried it. The others were looking at her as if she were completely crazy.

"That's no rainbow," Mike said. Applejack's smile faded, and looked to see what she was holding. The green hat was very familiar looking to her.

"What is the meaning of this?" the Moochick asked, coming over. He grabbed his hat away from Applejack and put it on.

"Oops," Applejack said, sheepishly. "Sorry."

"What are you little ponies doing here this time?" the Moochick asked.

"A lot's been going on in Ponyland," Megan said. "All the magic is going crazy at Paradise Estate."

"And a big glass dome closed over it!" Magic Star shouted. "We can't get in, and the others can't get out."

"And when we left, the magic was still goin' bonkers," Mike said.

"Oh dear," the Moochick said. "That's bad. Very bad, very bad indeed! I think I have a book that will tell us what's going on."

"This I gotta see," Jerry said.

The group followed the Moochick into his cottage and watched as he began pulling books off the shelf.

"Maybe a couple of us oughta look for the Rainbow while he's makin' a mess," Mike said.

"Good idea," Megan said.

Mike nodded, and he, Paradise, Magic Star, and Galaxy went to look for the Rainbow while the others staid inside and watched the Moochick make a mess.

"I hope we find the Rainbow soon," Paradise said. "It could be the only thing to set things straight again."

"I hope so," Mike said, as he looked around the ground. "But I get the feelin' this might be more than the Rainbow of Light can handle."

As Mike searched, he tripped over a patch of mushrooms and landed flat on his stomach. SPLAT!

"Ow!" he shouted.

"Are you okay, Mike?" Galaxy asked.

"Yeah," Mike said. "It only hurts when I laugh. Ha, ha, ha, oooh!"

"Hey Mike!" Magic Star shouted. "Look! The Rainbow's right by your hand!"

"Huh, what do you know?" Mike asked, picking up the heart shaped locket.

"That was pretty lucky that you tripped!"

"I don't feel so lucky."

Mike pulled himself up, and he, Magic Star, Paradise, and Galaxy walked back into the Moochick's cottage. He was busy looking through a book.

"You won't believe it," Jerry said. "He found the book in under five minutes."

"You're right, I don't believe it," Mike said.

"Yeah, someone call Mr. Ripley," Fluey replied.

"Now, explain to me what exactly happened," the Moochick said. "From beginning to end."

"Well, we were throwing a party for the Flutter Ponies and the Princess Ponies," Truly said. "And after Mike ruined all the decorations, they arrived!"

"Come off it, Truly," Mike said, rolling his eyes.

"Anyway," Magic Star said, before a fight could break out. "Mike waved his magic wand to create a small breeze after Gusty, Buttons, Surprise, and Fizzy taught him some Pony Magic."

"And that little breeze turned into a large hurricane!" Truly shouted. "It completely ruined my hair, and wrecked the entire party!"

"And then the Rainbow of Light blew out of my hand and over here," Megan said. "Mike, Jerry, Fluey, Valerie, the little ponies, and I were blown from the Estate, and then the dome closed on the others."

"They can't get out and we can't get in," Mike said. "And now the magic is startin' to go haywire."

"I see, I see," the Moochick said. "Oh dear. That's not good. Not good at all. I was afraid of this."

"What?" Fluey asked. "What's the matter?"

"Remember Enchantra?" the Moochick asked.

"Yes," Megan and the little ponies said.

"No," Mike, Valerie, Fluey, and Jerry said.

The Moochick suspected that. He knew Megan and the ponies would remember when they faced the most powerful witch in Ponyland. Valerie, Jerry, and Fluey hadn't been to Ponyland yet, and Mike was under a sleeping spell Enchantra had placed him under, which was why he didn't remember her.

"Didn't we destroy her?" Fizzy asked.

"Indeed we did," Wind Whistler said. "The unicorns put their horns in concert and Enchantra was completely shattered after they generated enough enchantment."

"I'm not even gonna ask this time," Jerry said.

"Well, this is the work of her niece," the Moochick said. "Maybelline Hemlock."

"What a weird name," Fluey said.

"You should talk," Gusty muttered.

"How do we stop her?" Megan asked.

"With the Rainbow of Light, of course!" Gusty shouted.

"I'm afraid it's not as simple as that," the Moochick said. "The Rainbow of Light isn't powerful enough to stop Enchantra, or any of her relations."

"Well, since this magic wand used to belong to my ancestor, who once beat Enchantra . . . ." Mike said.

"That won't work either," the Moochick said. "You need to reach Maybelline's kingdom. There, you should find a bell."

"A bell?" Jerry asked.

"How will a bell stop her?" Valerie asked.

"It worked for Tambelon," Magic Star said with a shrug.

"Well, then, let's go," Megan said. "Thanks, Mr. Moochick!"

"You're quite welcome," the Moochick said. "But be careful! Once Maybelline finds out you're coming, she'll stop at nothing to stop you!"

"We'll be careful," Fizzy said. "Don't worry about a thing!"

The Moochick handed Jerry a map to lead them to Maybelline's kingdom, and they were off. Of course on the way out, Mike tripped over another patch of mushrooms and landed on his stomach again.

"Oh really, Mike!" Truly groaned.

"Somethin' tells me it's gonna be one of those days," Mike said, standing up. He brushed himself off, and ended up running head first into a tree branch. BONK!

"Klutz," Truly grumbled, and walked ahead. Mike rubbed his forehead and glared at Truly.

"Forget her, Mike," Magic Star said. "We've got more important things to worry about."

"Gotcha," Mike said with a nod. He walked along.

Unfortunately, the Moochick had been right when he said Maybelline would stop at nothing to stop them when she found out. And was she ever mad when she found out that some of the ponies and their friends had escaped her dome!

"Obviously, Nesmith leads a charmed life, even with that Curse of Clumsiness," she said. "Well, they won't get past me! I'll send my Snap Dragons to stop them!"

Maybelline's Snap Dragons weren't ordinary Snap Dragons. They were a cross between dragons and snapping turtles. Hence the name, Snap Dragons. They flew out of their perch in Maybelline's tower, and swooped down into the woods where the little ponies and their friends were walking. They saw the shadows and looked up.

"Yikes!" Jerry shouted.

"Ugly!" Mike yelled. "Oh those things are ugly!"

"What are they?" Fizzy asked.

"I don't know, but they're coming right at us!" Gusty shouted.

"Everyone run away!" North Star yelled.

"Duck and cover!" Fluey shouted, diving to the ground. The Snap Dragon missed him by half an inch.

Everyone was in a panic. Applejack tried to hide inside a log. She managed to get her front end in, but her back end was stuck. The unicorns lit up their horns, trying to use their powers to scare off the Snap Dragons. Megan, Valerie, and Jerry were hiding behind the trees to stay out of sight.

"Use the Rainbow, Megan!" Fluey shouted.

Megan immediately opened the Rainbow of Light. It shot out and began to fend off the dragons. It worked for a little while, but the Snap Dragons were too much for it. They began snapping at the Rainbow, until it retreated into the locket.

"That didn't work?!" Jerry shouted. "That should've worked! Why didn't it work?!"

"Chill out, Geator," Mike said. "I've got a little trick of my own!"

Mike waved his magic wand, and sent his own brand of magic at the dragons. They began to knock into each other. Mike's magic was mixing up their signals, which was what he was intending.

"Way to go Mike!" Fizzy shouted. Unfortunately, she forgot to turn off her magic, and a bubble came out of her horn. Of course, it sailed right at Mike, and popped right on his nose.

"Oh no!" Mike shouted. "Aaahhh . . . . . . aahhhhh . . . . . AAAAHHH-CHOOO!"

Mike sneezed so hard, he jerked his arm and a beam of magic shot out of the wand. It headed straight for the ponies.

"Yipe!" Gusty shouted, and she winked out, along with Fizzy and Galaxy.

"Gangway!" Magic Star shouted.

"Oh dear!" Truly shouted, and ran off.

"What?! What's going on?" Applejack asked, still in the log. The beam of magic hit her apples on her rump.

"YEEEOUCH!" she shouted. "Ooooh, that hurt!"

"Sorry," Mike said, making a face. He didn't mean to do that.

"Oh Mike, I'm so sorry!" Fizzy shouted. "I didn't mean for that bubble to escape! I really didn't!"

"Don't worry about it, Fizzy-baby," Mike said. "It's not your fault."

"It surely isn't," Truly said. "It's Mike's! Can't you control that wand?!"

"Not when I jerk my arm really hard," Mike said.

"You're such a klutz, Mike!"

Mike's face grew red. Steam was practically coming out of his ears. Instead of throttling Truly, he turned on his heel, and began to storm off. Nothing was going right for him that day. Magic Star ran after him.

"Mike, wait up!" she called. "I know you're having a string of bad luck, but everything should be getting better soon!"

"I doubt it," Mike said, still extremely angry. "I've had bad days before, but never a day where everythin' goes all wrong!"


Mike: All wrong, all wrong

All my plans always go all wrong!


Magic Star: All right, all right

Everything's gonna be all right


Mike: All wrong, all wrong

I'm a klutz and I don't belong


Magic Star: All right, all right

There's always some hope in sight


Mike: I try to be so helpful

As practical as salt

But everythin' I do goes haywire!


Magic Star: Mike, it's not your fault

No one in the world is perfect

It's time you saw the light


Mike: You mean to say I'm not all wrong?


Magic Star: Uh huh


Mike: All right!


Both: All right!


Mike smiled and Magic Star, and the two of them went to go catch up with the others. Of course, they were still trying to get Applejack out of the log!

"She's stuck but good!" Fluey shouted.

"Get me outta here!" Applejack shouted.

"I do declare, you are the most accident prone pony I've ever met!" Truly shouted.

"Well, declare me out!" Applejack shouted.

"We're trying, Applejack!" Megan shouted. She grabbed Applejack's middle and began to pull.

Valerie grabbed onto Megan's sides to help her pull, and Fluey and Jerry did the same. The other ponies grabbed on as well.

"On three, everybody pull as hard as you can!" Valerie shouted. "One, two, three!"

"PULL!" everyone shouted, and gave one good yank. Megan lost her hold on Applejack, and fell backwards. Everyone else fell as well. Gusty, being at the end of the line, plowed directly into Mike. He fell to the ground, flat on his rear end. His magic wand flew out of his hand and bounced against the ground. A flash of light flew from it, and blasted the log to smithereens. Applejack was out, but she was pretty singed, too.

"Singed, but at least I'm out," she said. "Thanks, Mike!"

"Sorry about that," Gusty said.

"No problem," Mike said, standing up. "I wasn't plannin' on sittin' down for a week, anyway."

Mike walked over to where his wand landed, picked it up, and groaned.

"Oh man!" he shouted. "The Moochick warned me never to break the ball on this thing. There's a huge crack in it. Of all the rotten luck!"

"I thought it was pretty good luck," Magic Star said. "If it hand't landed like that, Applejack never would have gotten out of the log. And if Fizzy's bubble hadn't popped on your nose and caused you to sneeze, we'd still be on the run from those dragons!"

"Yeah, that was the loudest sneeze known to man!" Jerry shouted. "It scared those overgrown lizards off, Mike."

"I still don't know," Mike said.

"Let's keep moving, everyone," Galaxy said.

Everyone kept moving. Maybelline growled.

"You won't get away that easy!" she shouted. "You'll have much more to worry about before I'm through with you!"

Maybelline was about to clobber them, but then she decided to check in at Paradise Estate. She decided to fool around a little more.

"How long could they take?" Peter asked.

"I'm on pins and needles waiting here," Glory said. Then suddenly, sparks began flying from her horn. "Oh no! Not again!"

"Everyone look out!" Score shouted.

All the ponies and their friends began screaming and running to avoid getting clobbered by flying sparks.

"Whoa, hold it, everybody!" Tex shouted, trying to restore some order. "There's no need to panic!"

As Tex was trying to stop the panic, a spark from Glory's horn flew out and got the yellow Big Brother Pony in the hoof, resulting in a pony hot foot.

"Yeeeeeeeooouuuuccch!" he shouted, and he began jumping up and down. "Doggone it, Glory! What are you tryin' to do?! Give me a hot foot?!"

"I'm sorry, Tex!" Glory shouted. "I can't help it! It was an accident!"

"Everybody just calm down!" Slugger shouted. Then he felt himself being lifted into the air. "Whoa! Buttons! What are you doing?!"

"I'm not doing it, Slugger!" Buttons shouted. "It's like my horn has a mind of it's own!"

"Mine too!" Glory said.

Suddenly, it began to snow and hail. Everyone looked over at Princess Royal Blue who was trying to control her glowing magic wand, and at Powder, who's horn was lit up like Times Square on New Year's Eve!

"Cold!" Baby Heart Throb shouted. "Really cold, Mama!"

"Oh don't worry, darling," Heart Throb said, cuddling next to her baby to keep her warm from the wind, hail, and snow that was falling around the Estate.

"I feel like I'm in a gift shop snow globe," Danny said.

"As Mike would say, cut off the snow!" Cherries Jubilee shouted.

"We can't!" Princess Royal Blue and Powder shouted in unison.

"I'm cold!" Julie shouted, shaking, and her teeth were chattering. Both Medley and Cupcake ran to her sides and enclosed themselves around her, as did Shady and Lofty with Molly.

"I wish Megan was here," Molly said, shaking a little herself.

"I wish Mike was here," Peter said.

It stopped snowing as suddenly as it started. Powder breathed of relief.

"About time," she said. "I was starting to get a headache!"

"Boy, the othahs bettah get back soon with a solution," Davy said, as he felt himself being lifted off the ground and turned upside down. "I don't know 'ow much more of this whacked out magic I can take! And besides which, all the blood's rushing to me 'ead!"

"Sorry, Davy!" Buttons shouted. "I can't control my horn!"

"Well, just turn me right side up before you put me down," Davy said.

Buttons sighed. She couldn't guarantee that, and she had a feeling Davy was going to be hanging upside down for quite sometime.

In the meantime, Megan, Mike, and the others reached a dead end. A giant wall blocked their path.

"It will be effortless for North Star, Paradise, and myself to get over this obstruction," Wind Whistler said.

"And Galaxy, Gusty, and I can wink to the top and back down," Fizzy said.

"I guess, Truly, Applejack, and I have to climb it, though," Magic Star said.

"It's pretty high up," Valerie said.

"No worries, Valerie," North Star said. "You can ride on me."

"Any other takers for riders?" Paradise asked.

"Jerry, you and Megan ride up," Mike said. "The rest of us will climb."

"You sure?" Jerry asked.

"You're a city kid, Jerry," Mike said, getting a little impatient. "Have you ever climbed a wall before?"

"No," Jerry admitted.

"Then shut up and climb on," Mike said, pointing at Paradise.

Jerry knew never to mess with Mike when he was mad. He climbed onto Paradise, and Megan climbed on Wind Whistler. The three Pegasus Ponies flew into the air, while the three unicorns winked out.

"Just stay away from me, Mike," Truly said, as she began to climb the wall. "I don't want you knocking me off it!"

"Oh shut up," Mike mumbled. He let Truly and the others get a good head start before he started up. Truth be known, he didn't want to knock anyone off himself, which he had a feeling he would have if he got too close. North Star flew up to Truly.

"I say, you're not being very nice to Mike!" she shouted.

"I'm a Southern Belle!" Truly shouted, indignantly. "I don't have to be nice if I don't want to!"

With that, Truly continued climbing. Paradise and North Star looked at each other.

"She could really get on my nerves," Paradise said.

"Indeed," North Star said. "But I wonder . . . . . . would you believe me as a Southern Belle?"

"No, but I believe you as a Northern ding-dong," Jerry replied.

North Star giggled. She didn't take it personally. She knew Jerry was just kidding. Once the ponies and their friends were at the top of the wall, they surveyed the land.

"Looks like we've got a long way to go," Jerry said. "There's nothing over this wall but forest, forest, and more forest."

"We'll just have to keep going until we find what we're looking for," Gusty said, and she winked out. Galaxy and Fizzy followed, and the Pegasus ponies flew down. Truly, Fluey, and Applejack began climbing.

"Mike, are you okay?" Magic Star asked, as Mike was slowly inching his way towards the top. He slipped a couple of times, and nearly fell, but he managed to hold on.

"It's just goin' a bit slow, Magic Star!" he shouted. "I'm fine!"

"With all that slipping you're doing, I'd say you're lucky you haven't fallen off!"

"I don't think it's luck. If you ask me, Magic Star, whatever good luck I have has gone bad on me!"


Once upon a time fortune smiled on me

Now I find I'm stuck; completely out of luck

Life's as bleak as it can be


Strange how quickly things can change

One false move you take a tumble

One day tulips are in bloom

Next day it's all gloom and doom


Almost seems a crime-the fortunes piled on me

How my heart would soar if I could feel once more

The way it used to be

When fortune smiled on me


By that time, Mike had made it to the top of the wall. He leaned back, and ended up falling off the wall, directly into a mud puddle.

"Mike!" Jerry shouted, horrified.

"Oh Mike, are you all right?" Valerie asked.

"Fine," Mike said, leaning up. "Just covered in mud. Honestly, I don't know how some people can pay a fortune for this kind of treatment!"

Jerry pulled Mike out of the mud puddle.

"You were pretty fortunate, Mike," Wind Whistler said. "Envisage what would have happened if you hadn't landed in that mud puddle."

"I don't even want to think about it," Mike said, as he wiped the mud off him. "And I don't think I was lucky. If I were lucky, I wouldn't have fallen!"

"You're pulling a Sundance on us," Truly said. "She used to be very clumsy. Only I think you're a lot more clumsy than she ever was!"

"Don't' start with me, Truly," Mike said with a slight growl. "I'm in no mood."

"Let's just keep going," Jerry said, trying to restore a little order.

The group continued on. They had a very long way to go. Maybelline was watching them through her crystal ball and laughed.

"Let's see your magic wand get past this, Nesmith," she said. "Now that it's broken, it won't work the way it should. Heh, heh, heh. I hope living in California prepared you for what I have in store!"

Maybelline waved her hands over her crystal ball. Mike and the others just continued walking. Magic Star stopped after a little while.

"We must be near a river," she said. "I hear rushing water."

"Doesn't sound like a river to me," Fluey said. "Sounds more like an ocean."

"I agree," Mike said. "We live on the beach, so we hear the ocean every day, and that's what this sounds like."

"I'm getting a bad feeling about this," Galaxy said.

Applejack felt a little spray on her neck. She turned around and her eyes grew wide.

"Whoooaaaaa boy," she said. "Guys, you might want to take a look!"

The others turned around and were just as surprised as Applejack.

"Ho boy," Mike said.

"Mama mia!" Jerry shouted.

"Good gravy Marie!" Fluey yelled.

"It's a tidal wave!" Valerie shouted.

"Let's get out of here!" Mike shouted.

Megan, Valerie, and Jerry jumped on Wind Whistler, North Star, and Paradise and the Pegasi flew off. The three unicorns winked out. Everyone else wasn't so lucky. They began to run, but ended up getting hit with the wave.

"Oh no!" Fizzy shouted, from a nearby rock.

"We're okay, Fizzy!" Magic Star shouted.

"We won't be if we don't get out of here!" Truly shouted.

"No, really, it's fine," Mike said. "Just a regular, ordinary flood. No problem."

"How can you say that?!"

"Because I can, Truly! Get off my case about it!"

Another wave washed over the swimmers. Mike knew exactly what was happening. Maybelline was trying to drown them, but she wasn't going to get away with it. He tried to wave his magic wand, but all he got was tiny sparks.

"Great," he groaned. "What with the crack in the crystal, and all, I don't think my magic wand will help us any."

"Oh that's very comforting, Mike!" Truly shouted sarcastically.

Mike ignored her. The water was still rushing over them. Fluey grabbed onto a piece of a tree, and stood on it, using it as a surfboard. Since he had moved to California, he had picked up on surfing and was a natural.

"Surf's up!" he shouted.

"Cowabunga!" Magic Star shouted with a giggle. She climbed onto Fluey's "surfboard" and rode it with him. Mike and Applejack spied a tree branch, and grabbed onto it. They held on for dear life.

"I don't know how much longer we can hold on," Applejack said, teeth clenched tightly around the branch.

"I don't know, either," Mike said.

"What about me?!" Truly shouted.

"Hang on, Truly," Fluey said. "I have an idea!"

Fluey reached into his pocket, and pulled out the shell the Sea Ponies gave him. He was about to throw it when a wave crashed into him, knocking him and Magic Star off his surfboard.

"Wipe out!" Magic Star yelled.

"Well, nice to see someone's up to date on surfer lingo," Jerry said from the sky.

"Oh great, I lost the shell!" Fluey shouted.

"Don't worry about losing it," Megan said. "It probably landed in the water, and the Sea Ponies . . . . ."

"Shoop-ee-doo, shoop-shoop-ee-doo!" sang a chorus of voices. "Shoop-ee-doo, shoop-shoop-ee-doo!"

"The Sea Ponies!" everyone shouted.

"Hold on, everyone," Wavedancer said. "We'll take you somewhere high and dry!"

Mike and Applejack let go of the tree branch, and followed the Sea Ponies down the newly formed river. The Sea Ponies led them to a spot of land. The Sea Ponies then swam off, not to be seen again until someone called.

"What a ride that was," Truly said, shaking the water out of her mane and tail.

"I wouldn't mind going through it again, knowing you can live through it," Fluey said.

"You wouldn't be able to live through it twice," Mike grumbled. "Where are we anyway?"

"Well," Jerry said, looking at the map. "This place isn't on the map."

"You mean we're lost?" Valerie asked.

"Looks that way."

"What do we do now?" Truly asked.

"Well, I'd use my wand, but it's busted," Mike said, shrugging.

"Good going, Mike," Truly said. "This is all your fault!"

Mike was about to slug her, but then he sighed, and started walking towards a nearby well.

"You know she's right?" he asked. "If I hadn't tried to do Pony Magic and start a breeze, I don't think this would have happened."

"Come on, Mike," Magic Star said. "It's not your fault. Hey look at this well. You can make a wish and wish it all away."

"This ain't a wishin' well, Magic Star. It can't help. Nothin' can help me!"

"Help me!" a voice called from the wall. Mike figured it was his echo, but didn't pay much attention to how feminine it sounded.

"You never know, Mike," Magic Star said. "Just try making a wish."

"But what good would it do?" Mike asked. "We're in a big mess, and not even a wish will help!"


No one's in a fix like I am

(I am)

No one has the luck I do

(I do)

No one's had the set backs I have

(I have)

Look where life has led me to

(Me too)

Nothin' I can see can help me

(Help me!)

And after all we've come through

(Come through)

I wish this was a dream so I could wake up

(Wake up!)

But what good will wishin' do?


"Oh come on, Mike, make a real wish!" Magic Star shouted. "Feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to help the situation."

"I can't help it!" Mike shouted. "Everythin' looks so helpless!"


Mike: Nothin' I can see can help me

(Help me!)


Magic Star: Somebody will save you


Mike: Who?


I wish there was some cozy little inn near

(In here!)

But what good will wishin' do?

(It might make your dreams come true!)


Mike looked down into the well, and then back at the others.

"Okay," he said. "Now I know that's definitely not my echo," he said. He grabbed the handle of the well and began turning it. Out came Morning Glory.

"Hi everybody," she said.

"Morning Glory, what are you doing in that well?" Gusty asked.

"I was on my way to Dream Valley with the other Flutter Ponies," Morning Glory said. "I stopped to take a drink, fell in, and my wings got wet so I couldn't fly out. What are all of you doing way out here?"

"Looking for a witch named Maybelline Hemlock," Fluey said. "We got knocked off the trail and now we're lost."

"I know where her castle is," Morning Glory said. "Follow me!"

"How do you know where it is?" Truly asked.

"I've seen it before," Morning Glory replied. "All the Flutter Ponies have. Maybelline Hemlock is bad news!"

"We could use all the help we can get," Megan said. "We'll explain what's been going on."

The group got moving and started to explain to Morning Glory what was happening.

"That's awful!" she shouted. "Don't worry. We'll put everything back in it's place."

"I hope so," Mike said, and he tripped over a rock, and crash landed again. "Because I don't know if I can take much more of this!"

"Are you okay?"

"Fine. I'm just havin' an off day, that's all."

"He's just very clumsy," Truly said. "Very, very clumsy!"

"He never was before," Fluey said.

Truly didn't say anything more. She just continued following the others until they reached a dark castle in the dark part of Ponyland.

"There it is," Morning Glory said.

"Reminds me of Midnight Castle," Applejack replied. "It gives me the chills. Brrr!"

"So where's this bell the Moochick was telling us about?" Jerry asked.

"I don't know," Valerie said. "Oooohhh, I knew I should have staid at home today."

"Don't worry, Valerie," Megan said. "Everything's going to turn out all right."

"It sure will," Morning Glory said.

"Well, let's get started," Mike said. He took one step forward, and tripped, landing flat on his stomach once more.

"Oh brother," Truly grumbled under her breath.

Mike gave her a glare, and stood up. Then he and the others continued walking. They had to find that bell. In any case, Maybelline was looking into her crystal ball. She wasn't happy with the recent turn of events.

"You've come farther than I thought!" she shouted. "No matter. The Moochick may have told you how to defeat me, but you never will! Not if I can help it, bucko!"

Maybelline waved her hands over her crystal ball to create another monster to sic on the little ponies and their friends. As they were walking, they ran across it. And it was another dragon. It looked exactly like the kind Tirac turned Applejack, Bubbles, Cotton Candy, and Moondancer into the first time the ponies met Megan.

"Eeek!" Fizzy shouted.

"What is that?" Gusty asked.

"A dragon!" Mike yelled. "What's it look like? Okay, everybody, stand back! I'll handle this!"

"But what about the crack in the crystal ball?" Jerry asked.

"Details, details!" Mike shouted, waving Jerry off.

Jerry shrugged, and ran back to the others. Mike rolled up his sleeves, and took out his magic wand. He waved it around two or three times, until a couple of sparks flew from it, but they didn't do much, except sting the dragon in the eyes.

"What exactly are you trying to do?" Truly asked. "If you're trying to scare him off, it's not working!"

"Truly, will you please cut me some slack?!" Mike yelled, turning towards her.

That turned out to be a big mistake. The dragon gave him a good smack with his paw, and Mike was hurled over to a tree. WHACK! His magic wand flew into the air, and the dragon caught it in his mouth.

"Uh oh," Mike said.

"I hope he doesn't swallow it!" Fizzy shouted.

Too late. The dragon swallowed the magic wand with one gulp. Truly let out a disgusted sigh.

"Mike, how could you let him do that?!" she shouted.

"Well," Mike said, shrugging.

"Hey, everybody, look!" Magic Star shouted.

Everyone turned around to look at the dragon. He was blowing up like a balloon and smoke was coming out of his nostrils and ears.

"What in the world?" Gusty asked.

"I don't like the looks of this," Wind Whistler said.

"Everybody duck!" Fluey shouted.

The dragon grew bigger and bigger, until finally, KA-BLAM! Purple scales rained from the sky. Everyone was disgusted at that.

"Ewww, gross!" Valerie grimaced.

"Bleah," Mike shouted, shaking the scales out of his hair and green wool hat.

"Look what you did now, Mike!" Truly yelled.

"This wasn't my fault!" Mike shouted. "He's the one who swallowed the wand!"

"Well, you threw it at him!"

"I did not!"

"Everything that happened on this mission, it happened because of you! You're giving us all your bad luck! And you started this whole thing with that wind storm!"

"I had nothin' to do with that!"

"You were waving your wand when the wind came! It's your fault! And you're too clumsy to even do anything about it!"

Mike was about to respond, but he didn't. Instead, he turned on his heel, and walked away to be alone. He didn't go too far. He just stood about fifteen steps away, with his arms folded tightly across his chest. He was extremely angry. He wanted to hit Truly, but he held the feeling in. That wouldn't accomplish anything. After all, obnoxious or not, Truly was a girl, and he had a moral code never to hit a girl, unless they were pure evil. Truly could be very annoying and obnoxious, but she wasn't pure evil.

Megan, Galaxy, and Magic Star glanced at each other. Truly had been giving Mike a hard time since that volleyball game. They had enough of it.

"Truly, can we talk to you?" Magic Star asked.

"What?" Truly asked, sounding annoyed. "We're in a hurry here. I want to salvage what's left of the party. Mike's ruined it so much already . . . . ."

"Truly, stop," Megan said. "This can't go on. It's not all Mike's fault."

"Yes it is!" Truly shouted. "He's ruined our party, and he's gotten us into this mess! How can he possibly do anything without tripping and falling on his face?!"

"Oh Truly!" Megan shouted. "How can you be so cold?"


Megan: How can you be so cold?

So rigid and controlled?

How can your heart be so small?

Don't you have any feelings at all?


Galaxy: How can you be so hard?

Why don't you drop your guard?


Megan: You have some warmth deep inside

Why must that be the feeling you hide?


Magic Star: There's room enough for everyone

In this world in which we live


Megan: Can't you find it in your heart to forgive?


All Three: Why don't you show some love?

Some warm and tender love


Megan: It'll come back a thousand fold

And you'll wonder


All Three: How you could have been so cold


Truly looked over at Mike, who was still standing there with his arms folded tightly over his chest.

"I guess you're right," she said, and she walked over to Mike.

"Come to put me down some more?" Mike asked, sharply.

"No," Truly said. "I wanted to apologize. I was just frustrated about the party being ruined by this witch, and I took it out on you. Just because you're having a bad day doesn't give me the right to do that. I'm sorry."

"I'll think about forgivin' you later," Mike said. "Because you really blew it with me, Truly. I'm not gonna hold a grudge right now, because we've got more important things to do. Without my magic wand, we're in some serious deep sludge here."

"What are we going to do?" Fizzy asked.

"Find the bell," Paradise said. "That's what. Hop on, Mike! We'll go look for it."

"Right," Mike said. "The rest of you, if you should happen to see Maybelline, distract her."

With that, Mike and Paradise flew off. The others were watching them leave.

"And just how are we supposed to do that?" Fluey asked.

"Improvise!" Mike called from the distance.

"How does he do that?" Fluey asked.

"Wonder about it later," Gusty said. "We've got to figure out what to do while Mike and Paradise are looking for that darn old bell."

"You'll do absolutely nothing!" Maybelline shouted, appearing in a puff of smoke in front of the little ponies and their friends.

"What do we do now?!" Valerie asked.

"You heard Mike!" Fluey shouted. "Improvise!"

Improvising was going to be harder than everyone thought. Megan opened the Rainbow locket and let the Rainbow of Light fly out. Maybelline merely waved it away. Gusty, Galaxy, and Fizzy lit up their horns and used their unicorn magic. Maybelline just popped Fizzy's bubbles, and mixed Galaxy's warmth with Gusty's breeze, which felt pretty bad when put together since Maybelline made it stronger.

"Now that you all are helpless," she said. "Prepare to see the power of the all mighty Maybelline Hemlock!"

Maybelline held her hands into the air and blasted lightning out of her fingertips. Everyone ducked and dodged to avoid getting hit.

"Oh boy," Magic Star said. "I hope they find that bell soon!"

"Welcome to the club!" Jerry shouted.

Maybelline laughed and continued shooting her magic out at the little ponies and their friends.

"I wonder how Mike and Paradise are doing," Gusty said as she ducked.

Mike and Paradise were wandering around the towers of the palace, looking for the bell.

"It should be around here somewhere!" Paradise shouted.

"That Moochick better be right about this," Mike grumbled. "Cause if he isn't, I'll punch his lights out. If I ever live through this!"

"Let's turn here. I thought I saw something."

Paradise made a sharp turn, and Mike, due to the Curse of Clumsiness, fell off her back. He grabbed onto the window sill before he could crash to the ground.

"PARADISE!" he screamed.

"Oh, Mike! I'm sorry!" Paradise shouted, coming back. Mike climbed back onto her back. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, actually," Mike said. "Actually, I'm better than okay. I found what we're lookin' for!"

"You found the bell!" Paradise shouted.

"Yeah! If you hadn't made that sharp turn, and I fell off, I never would have found it! Now all we gotta do is ring it! Come on!"

"Not so fast!" a voice shouted while a lightning bolt blocked him and Paradise from the bell. "Get away from there!"

"Look out!" Mike shouted.

Paradise flew upwards and dodged a bolt of lightning.

"What do we do now?" she asked.

"Fry, baby, fry!" Maybelline shouted, laughing like crazy.

Mike and Paradise continued ducking and dodging. Every time they did, they got further and further away from the bell.

"They'll never be able to ring it now!" Fizzy shouted.

"Never say never!" Jerry shouted. "Come on! We've gotta help them!"

"Indubitably!" Wind Whistler shouted. Jerry jumped on her back, and the two of them flew up towards Maybelline.

"Come on, everyone!" Truly shouted. "We need to give Mike and Paradise some encouragement!"

"Right!" Morning Glory shouted. "They've just got to ring that bell!"

Wind Whistler and Jerry flew right at Maybelline, and managed to knock her off her feet.

"Whoa!" she shouted.

"That'll teach you!" Jerry yelled.

"Thanks, guys!" Mike shouted. "Come on, Paradise-baby! We've got work to do!"

Mike and Paradise flew at the bell. The others began cheering and singing.


Ring out the old! Ring in the new!

Time for a major operation's due

Soon enough we all must sing

Let the bell of freedom ring!


Ring out the news! Speak loud and clear!

Come on the day of liberation's here

Soon these changes will take wing

Let the bell of freedom ring!


Mike: Somehow I can't help but feel

Any second now, that bell will peel


Mike and Paradise flew directly into the bell tower window. Mike jumped off the white Pegasus pony's back and grabbed the bell chord. His weight caused the bell to start swinging.


"Nooooo!" Maybelline shouted, as she felt her powers dissolve. Once that happened, all the magic in Ponyland was restored, and Mike was lifted from the Curse of Clumsiness.

Everyone began cheering loudly.


There goes the bell, we won the fight

Sing out the song of victory tonight

All the joy our thought will bring

Let the bell of freedom ring!

Let the bell of freedom ring!


Maybelline screamed. She grabbed a broomstick and began to take off.

"I'll get you little ponies yet!" she shouted. "You haven't heard the last from me!"

Mike jumped back onto Paradise's back and she flew down to join the others. Everyone was cheering.

"We did it!" Morning Glory shouted.

"Hooray!" Fizzy cheered.

"Now let's get back to Paradise Estate and make sure everything is back to normal," Megan said.

The group practically ran to the Estate. The dome around it was gone, and everything was restored to normal.

"You guys did it!" Peter shouted.

"We sure did," Mike said, smiling. "For a minute, I didn't think we would!"

"Now we really have something to celebrate!" Magic Star shouted. "Race you back to the Estate, Mike!"

"You're on!" Mike shouted, and he began to race Magic Star to Paradise Estate. Unfortunately, he tripped over a small rock and landed flat on his stomach. Everyone around him gasped. Mike sat up sighed, and propped himself up on one elbow.

"Well," he said. "Nobody's perfect."

Everyone else burst out laughing.


The End