A Rainbow for Julie

It was another beautiful day in Ponyland. It was also a pretty lazy day as well. No one was doing much of anything. Mike was strumming his guitar, Micky was tapping on a spare drum set, Peter was tuning his bass, and Davy was just lazily shaking a maraca.

"Is this tuning up?" Magic Star asked.

"I guess," Mike said, shrugging.

Magic Star took that as a yes, and trotted off. She didn't get very far when she saw Firefly, Medley, and Surprise fly down with Megan, Danny, Molly, and Julie. Danny was on Surprise, Molly was on Firefly, and both Megan and Julie were on Medley. Magic Star thought this was a little odd, since Julie now could get on a pony's back (especially if it was Medley) without fearing she would fall off. Then Magic Star saw the look on Julie's face. It looked like she had been crying.

"Hey Jules," she said. "What's the matter?"

Julie sniffled, but she didn't say anything. Megan patted her cousin's shoulder and turned to Magic Star and some of the others who had gathered around.

"Julie just found out her best friend is moving to Minnesota," she said. "Not only is this her best friend, this is her next door neighbor, too."

"It's not fair!" Julie shouted. "Pennie is my best friend, and now she's going away."

"Oh Julie," Medley said, giving Julie a nuzzle. "You can always write to her, and you can call each other and visit each other."

"It won't be the same," Julie said, and she walked to the Estate.

The others just looked at each other and walked off. They figured Julie would be okay, in time. In any case, Molly decided to do something about it. She stashed her glitter markers in the nursery the last time she visited. She knew what would cheer Julie up. A rainbow! Rainbows always cheered her up, and now she was going to do the same for Julie. She not only used her glitter markers for the rainbow, but she had borrowed Fluey's metallic markers and drew gold stars on the paper above the rainbow. Then she took her regular markers and drew herself, Julie, and Baby Cuddles in the picture as well. Then she wrote "To Julie Love Molly" in the bottom corner. She picked up her picture and smiled. But her smile quickly turned into a frown.

"It's a pretty rainbow," she said. "But it won't cheer up Julie. She's so sad, she needs a very special rainbow."

"What are you doing, Molly?" Shady asked, coming into the room. Molly smiled. She loved all the little ponies, but Shady was one of her favorites.

"Drawing a picture for Julie," Molly said. "But the rainbow in the picture isn't special enough. I need to find a special rainbow just for her."

"Maybe we can ask Megan if we can use the Rainbow of Light. It can do some tricks for Julie."

"No, the Rainbow of Light isn't special enough. I want to find a really special rainbow. Come on. Let's go get Jerry. He's sure to know where we can find a special rainbow!"

So that's what they did. Jerry was a little confused at his request. He also happened to be holding a record, and Shady got a look at it.

"Randy and the Rainbows?" she asked. "That sounds like what we're looking for."

"Do they sing a song about a rainbow?" Molly asked hopefully.

"Unfortunately, no," Jerry said. "Their only song was about a girl named Denise. But I don't know if I can find a rainbow for you guys. I don't know where to look."

"Then we'll just have to go look for one," Molly said. "Are you guys with me?"

"Well . . . ." Jerry said hesitantly.

"I don't know," Shady said.

"Fine," Molly said. "Then I'll just go find a rainbow for Julie all by myself."

With that, Molly started off. Shady and Jerry looked at each other and then followed. They couldn't let Molly go all over Ponyland by herself. Megan would kill them.

The trio headed out of Dream Valley and started on their journey. They had to think of where to find a special rainbow, but it wasn't going to be easy. They weren't gone for very long when they came across the Bushwoolies. There were many of them, all in different colors. They popped out, nearly giving Jerry a heart attack. He had never met the Bushwoolies before.

"Whoa!" he shouted.

"Sorry," the blue Bushwoolie said. He was the ringleader. "We didn't mean to scare you."

"No, didn't mean to scare you, no, uh-uh, nope, no," the other Bushwoolies said.

Molly and Shady giggled.

"Jerry, these are the Bushwoolies," Shady said. "Bushwoolies, this is Jerry."

"Nice to meet you," the blue Bushwoolie said, shaking Jerry's hand. All the other Bushwoolies followed suit.

"Nice to meet you, yeah, yeah nice to meet you," they said. Jerry had to laugh at this.

"What brings you out here?" the blue Bushwoolie asked.

"We're looking for a rainbow," Molly said. "We're going to give it to my cousin Julie to make her feel better because she's sad."

"Oooh, Bushwoolies don't like it when someone's sad."

"No, don't like it, don't like it, no," the other Bushwoolies chorused.

"But why not use the Rainbow of Light?" the blue Bushwoolie asked.

"It's not special enough," Molly said. "I want to find a really special rainbow for Julie."

"Hey I just thought of an idea," Jerry said. "Since these guys are all sorts of mixed up colors, maybe they can make a rainbow."

"A Bushwoolie Rainbow!" Molly shouted, excitedly. "Good idea, Jerry!"

"Yeah, good idea! Good idea!" the Bushwoolies shouted, and they rearranged themselves into a rainbow shape. They stood there in a line, as Molly looked them over. Shady had to giggle.

"They look so cute like that!" she shouted.

"They're cute," Molly said, tapping her chin thoughtfully. Then she sighed. "But it's just not special enough. Sorry."

"Come on," Jerry said. "Let's keep going."

Molly, Jerry, and Shady left the Bushwoolies and continued walking along until they heard the strangest sounds coming from the distance. Thinking it was the Moochick doing something completely crazy, they ran towards the noise. What they found was a duck, wearing a coat, vest, tie, and spectacles. He had gray hair sticking out around his head, and he was playing the weirdest organ you can imagine.

"What the heck is that?" Jerry asked.

"I don't know, but I don't like the looks of it," Shady said.

The duck looked up and saw he had an audience and he laughed.

"Looks like da professor has an audience!" he shouted. He had an accent, but Molly, Jerry, and Shady couldn't place it. The duck ran up to them, grabbed Jerry's hand, and shook it vigorously.

"Welcome, welcome, welcome!" he shouted. "I am Professor Ludwig Von Drake, a genius of all trades! I know everything about everything!"

"Modest much?" Jerry mumbled.

"So what brings you to da professor's neck of the woods?" Professor Von Drake asked.

"My name's Molly, and these are Jerry and Shady," Molly said. "We're looking for a rainbow for my cousin, Julie."

"A rainbow!" Professor Von Drake shouted, and he began laughing. "Ho, ho, how you gonna find a rainbow when it's not even raining? Oooh, you are a kooky little girl!"

"Watch who you're calling names, fella," Jerry said.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it," Professor Von Drake said. Then he began banging keys on his organ. Color shot out of it.

"What's that?" Shady asked.

"I'm playin' da color scale!" Professor Von Drake shouted. "The whole spectrum, don't you know?"

"If color can come out of that thing," Molly said. "Maybe it can make a rainbow."

"Well, stranger things have happened," Jerry said.

"A rainbow out of dis?" Professor Von Drake shouted. "Dat's such a kooky idea, it just might work! Now, let's get a little color in here. You're gonna love dis!"

Professor Von Drake began to play his color organ and all the colors he sang shot out of it.


Red yellow green red blue blue blue

Red purple green yellow orange red red

Red yellow green red blue blue blue

Red purple green yellow orange red red


Blend them up and what do you get?

Cherise, chartreuse and aqua

Mauve, beige and ultra marine

And every color in between


Color has it's harmony

And just like I have said

Red yellow green red blue blue blue

Red purple green blue purple red red


More color came shooting out of the organ, practically drenching everything in sight with color, including Jerry, Molly, and Shady.


Blend them all and what do you get?

Cerise, chartreuse and aqua

Mauve, beige and ultra marine

And every color in between


Color has it's harmony

And just like I have said

Red yellow green red blue pink gray

And white and plaid and blue

Green white yellow and the and the

And the stripes blue and black and plaid!


"Wait a second, what's going on with all the colors?!" Professor Von Drake shouted.  "Blue red green green white white black oop, uh. . . . . . whatever happened to plain old lavender blue dilly dilly dilly . . . . . . silly."

"Yeah, that's for sure!" Jerry shouted.

"That was some rainbow!" Shady shouted.

"You want to buy it?" Professor Von Drake asked. "I can sell it to ya, cheap."

"That was a great rainbow," Molly said. "But I don't think it was special enough for Julie."

"It would have cheered her up, though," Jerry said. "It would've made her laugh."

"I guess," Molly said, shrugging. "But it's just not special."

"Eh, suit yourself," Professor Von Drake said, shrugging. Then he folded his organ and packed it in his suitcase, and walked off.

"And he said you were kooky," Jerry said to Molly. He shook his head, and followed Shady and Molly down a path.

The trio walked along for awhile until they reached Flutter Valley. The Flutter Ponies were all flying about, smelling the flowers, and just fluttering. Rosedust and Morning Glory saw them, and flew down to them.

"Hi!" Morning Glory shouted. "What are you all doing here?"

"Chasing rainbows," Jerry said with a shrug.

"Maybe you can help us," Molly said. "See, we're trying to find a rainbow to give to Julie to cheer her up, since her friend's moving away."

"Oh, that's awful," Morning Glory said. "She must be so sad!"

"She is," Molly said.

"Do you know where we can find a rainbow?" Shady asked.

"Well, we'll certainly be glad to help you," Rosedust said.

"There should be one around here somewhere," Morning Glory said.

Rosedust and Morning Glory led Molly, Jerry, and Shady further into Flutter Valley. The other Flutter Ponies were carrying watering cans and sprinkling the flowers.

"What are you guys doing?" Jerry asked.

"Watering the garden," Honeysuckle said. "Morning Glory's taken up gardening."

"And all the Flutter Ponies help me grow my flowers," Morning Glory said. "I give them a little water, a little sunshine, and a lot of love."


How does my garden grow?

With lots of tender care

When there is care to spare

Flowers blossom everywhere


It doesn't take a magic wand to make a daffodil respond

Oh anyone can make a rosebud sprout

If you want a healthy fern, simply show it some concern

Affection is what it's all about


What makes my garden bloom?

My seedlings have no fear

They know that Mother's near

If the fates should interfere


They all depend on me, their friend

To weed and rake and hoe

I give my flowers love

And it's love that makes my garden grow


Jerry, Molly, and Shady looked at Morning Glory's flowers, and saw that she had flowers in every color under the sun. Including green, which wasn't very common for a flower.

"How did you get a green flower?" Jerry asked.

"What's the matter, haven't you ever heard of mint tulips?" Honeysuckle asked.

Jerry groaned and rolled his eyes. Shady broke into a smile then.

"A flower rainbow!" she shouted, excitedly. "We can give Julie a flower rainbow!"

"That's a great idea, Shady!" Molly shouted. "Think you guys can spare some flowers?"

"Sure!" Morning Glory shouted, and she and the other Flutter Ponies gathered all the colors they would need to make a flower rainbow.

It was a piece of work. They used red roses, orange marigolds, yellow daffodils, green tulips (or as Honeysuckle called them, mint tulips), blue morning glories, and purple violets. It was very pretty, but somehow, Molly didn't think it was special enough. She looked at it, and shook her head.

"I'm sorry," she said. "It's really pretty, but it's just not special enough. I want to give Julie a really special rainbow."

"Well, we tried," Forget-Me-Not said.

"We're sorry, Molly," Peach Blossom said.

"Don't worry," Morning Glory said. "I'll go on the hunt for a rainbow with you. Let's try Bumbleland!"

"Okay," Molly said, and they were off. The other Flutter Ponies were seeing them off.

"Good luck!" Honeysuckle shouted.

"When you get back to Paradise Estate, say hi to Micky for me!" Forget-Me-Not called.

Jerry couldn't figure out why, but Forget-Me-Not really liked Micky. She liked to watch him eat. And when Micky ate, he just shoveled it in. Forget-Me-Not found it fascinating the way he did that, and never gained any weight. All of the Monkees, Jerry, and Fluey were like that.

In any case, Morning Glory led the way to Bumbleland. All the bees were buzzing around. Jerry looked a little nervous. A lot of the bees didn't look friendly, that was for sure! Shady didn't like the looks of things, either. A bee with a Mohawk and an eye patch flew over to them.

"Hey Morning Glory!" he shouted.

"Hi, Sting!" Morning Glory said. "Molly, Shady, and Jerry, this is my best bee friend, Sting. Sting, these are Molly, Shady, and Jerry. They came all the way from Paradise Estate looking for a rainbow."

"A rainbow?" Sting asked, a little confused. "What do you want a rainbow for? Don't you have one?"

"We do," Molly said. "But the Rainbow of Light isn't special enough."

"I heard it was pretty special."

"I know, but I'm looking for a really special rainbow for my cousin, Julie. She's sad, and I just know a special rainbow will cheer her up!"

"Well, let's see what we can do."

Sting led the group to the back room, where a lot of the bees were making honey. Some of the vats were filled with pink, green, and blue honey.

"What in the world?" Jerry asked.

"Food coloring," Sting said. "Gotta love it."

"A honey rainbow?" Morning Glory asked.

"Sure!" Sting shouted. "It's different. And it tastes good!"

"Let's see what it's gonna look like," Molly said.

Sting took some honey out of the various vats and arranged them by color in a case divided by Plexiglas dividers.

"And there you have it," he said, handing the box to Molly.

The honey rainbow was in pastel colors. It was transparent, and shone when Molly held the box up to the sun. She giggled, and then sighed.

"This is great," she said. "But it's not what I'm looking for."

"Well, what are you looking for?" Sting asked, taking the box back.

"I don't know," Molly said. "I guess I'll know it when I see it."

"Well, don't worry, Moll. I'll help you look for a rainbow."

"Great!" Morning Glory shouted.

"Yeah, we could use all the help we can get," Shady replied.

The quintet walked off, in search of another rainbow. They crossed the jewel desert until they came to the Royal Paradise. All the Princess Ponies were doing something or another with their magic wands, when Princess Tiffany flew over to the group.

"Welcome! Welcome!" she shouted. "What brings all of you to the Royal Paradise?"

"We're looking for a rainbow," Morning Glory said. "Do you know where we can find one?"

"It has to be a special rainbow," Molly said. "It's for my cousin, Julie. She's really sad about her friend moving away, so I thought a special rainbow would cheer her up."

"Hmm," Princess Starburst said.

"That sounds like a pretty big job," Princess Royal Blue said.

"Maybe we can make a rainbow with our magic wands," Princess Sparkle suggested.

All the Princess Ponies thought that was a good idea, and they got their wands together, and shot a rainbow out of them. It was the boldest, brightest rainbow anyone could imagine.

"Oh how pretty!" Morning Glory shouted.

"How's that for a special rainbow?" Jerry asked.

"It's great," Molly said, and then sighed. "But . . . . ."

"Not special enough, huh?" Sting asked. Molly shook her head.

"Well, we tried," Princess Primrose said. "I hope you find your rainbow."

The others nodded, and went off again. They walked through the jeweled desert, feeling a little dejected. At the rate they were going, it didn't look like they would ever find a special rainbow.

"This is like looking for a needle in a haystack," Shady said. "We'll never find a special rainbow."

"Never say never," Jerry replied. "We'll find one."

"But how?" Shady asked. "We've already asked all the ponies we know!"

"Then maybe we should ask some people the ponies have dealt with," Jerry suggested.

"That's a good idea," Molly said.

"Come on, everyone!" Morning Glory shouted. "Let's go!"

"But I need to rest," Shady said. "I'm getting tired."

"We can't stop now, Shady," Molly said. "This is for Julie."

"Come on," Jerry said. "You know what Megan's always saying."


When the road ahead looks bleak

Let a song carry you along

When you can't find the answer you seek

Let a song carry you along


When you feel about to drop

Stop! And whistle a tune

Soon you'll be on top of the world

And the world will be your balloon


Music lifts your spirits

And keeps you going strong

So when everything seems to go wrong

Let a song carry you along


Music lifts your spirits

And keeps you going strong

So when everything seems to go wrong

Let a song carry you along


That little number did a little for Shady's morale. She was still a little tired, but she kept on moving anyway. She just kept telling herself that music definitely lifted spirits. And since Jerry was a disc jockey, he knew that was true. The group passed the jeweled desert until they came to a bridge.

"What's this?" Sting asked.

"Looks like a toll bridge," Jerry said.

The bridge happened to be up, and there was a troll sitting there, waiting for people to cross the bridge. This wasn't just a troll, though. It was Niblick the troll. Megan and some of the ponies had tangled with him before when his chest of magic coins washed up into Ponyland, and the little ponies had accidentally made wishes on them. One of them was from Baby Lickety Split who had caused it to stop raining. Megan and the little ponies had to reverse the effects of the coins, which only Niblick could do. Megan had used a coin to give him a friend, who was a neat freak. Niblick looked past his bridge and saw the group standing there.

"Well, whattaya little ponies want this time?!" he shouted.

"I thought he was going to be less grumpy when Megan gave him a friend," Molly said.

"We just want to cross the bridge," Jerry said.

"We're looking for a rainbow," Shady explained.

"A rainbow?" Niblick asked. "Heh. Good luck! It's tough finding rainbows around here."

"We'll find one," Molly said.

"Yeah, just let us cross the bridge," Jerry replied.

"Sure," Niblick said. "But you gotta pay the toll!"

"Pay the toll?" Shady asked.

"What's the matter, ain'tcha ever seen a troll bridge before?" Shady asked.

"Oh brother," Jerry groaned. He heard about Niblick from the other ponies, and knew he didn't take money. The only thing he had on him were his rings, so he took one off and held it up.

"Lower the bridge, and I'll give it to you when we cross," Jerry said. "I'm not throwing it over because it's so small, and I don't have a good pitching arm."

"Sounds fair," Niblick said. "Not that I care about bein' fair!"

Jerry rolled his eyes as Niblick lowered the bridge. Jerry, Molly, and Shady crossed the bridge as Morning Glory and Sting flew over it. Once they made it across, Jerry handed over his ring. As they were about to leave, Niblick's friend, Fauntleroy, came out of the house, throwing things outside.

"You should clean this place more often!" he shouted. "Look at all this junk!"

"Hey, watch what you're calling junk!" Niblick shouted, picking up a chest. "It ain't everybody who owns a collection of rainbow crystals!"

"Rainbow crystals?" Molly repeated.

"Can we see them?" Morning Glory asked. "Please?"

Niblick sort of groaned, and opened the chest. Inside were rainbow colored crystals that practically glimmered in the sun.

"Ooohhh," Shady breathed.

"Wow!" Sting shouted.

"What a rainbow!" Morning Glory shouted. "Molly, these are perfect!"

Molly gave them a look over. Jerry looked at them as well, wondering how many of his rings he would have to give up for these crystals. He had very few left on his hands as it was, and most of his ring collection was back at his apartment in Los Angeles. Finally, Molly shook her head.

"They're really great," she said. "But not special enough."

"What's the matter, my rainbow crystals ain't good enough for ya?!" Niblick shouted. "Get outta here!"

"Okay, we're going, we're going!" Jerry shouted, and the group walked off. "Sheesh! Remind me never to cross his bridge again!"

The group continued walking along. They went for a long way, and were still unable to find a special rainbow. At least, one that Molly liked. All the rainbows they had found so far were very pretty, but they just weren't special enough to give to Julie.

"I'm about ready to give up," Molly sighed.

"We can't give up now," Morning Glory said.

"Yeah, it ain't over 'till the fat lady stings!" Sting shouted. "We'll find a rainbow!"

"But so far, it doesn't look like we are," Shady said with a sigh.

"I guess a reprise of 'Let a Song Carry You Along' is out of the question, huh?" Jerry asked.

"If you sing it again, I'll slug you," Sting said. He thought "Let a Song Carry You Along" was a great song, but nobody really wanted to hear it again.

Molly climbed onto Shady's back, and sighed. It was going to take a miracle for her to find a special rainbow. Jerry looked at her and sighed.

"You two fly on ahead," he said to Morning Glory and Sting. "I'm gonna talk to the troops."

"Okay," Morning Glory said, and she and Sting flew into the air to scout what was up ahead. Jerry waited until they were out of sight.

"Okay, you two," he said. "Shades, I know you're the pessimist, but Molly, you aren't. We can't give up on this. If you want to find a rainbow for Julie, we've got to keep at it!"

"But we've been all over Ponyland," Shady said.

"And we haven't found a rainbow special enough yet," Molly said.

"Listen," Jerry said smiling. "I'm gonna tell you guys something."


When life doesn't seem worth the living

And you don't really care who you are

When you feel there is no one beside you

Look for a star


When you know you're alone and so lonely

And your friends have traveled afar

There is someone waiting to guide you

Look for a star


Oh everyone has a lucky star

That shines in the sky up above

If you wish on your lucky star

You're sure to find someone to love


A rich man, a poor man, a beggar

No matter whoever you are

There's a friend who's waiting to guide you

Look for a star


"But there aren't any stars out," Shady said, looking into the sky. "It's still daylight!"

"Oh I know that," Jerry said. "But if you look careful enough . . . . ."

Jerry didn't go on. He, Molly, and Shady looked into the sky, and saw something sparkling there. And it looked exactly like a star.

"Look!" Molly shouted. "I think it's a star!"

"There you go!" Jerry shouted with a smile. "What did I tell you?"


A rich man, a poor man, a beggar

No matter whoever you are

There's a friend who's waiting to guide you

Look for a star

Look for a star

Shady, Molly, and Jerry continued on their way, following this star. They caught up with Morning Glory and Sting, and found themselves in an area of Ponyland that was a little on the chilly side, complete with snow, ice, and icebergs.

"I think we took a wrong turn at Albuquerque," Jerry said, looking around.

The group looked around and saw a little yellow duck wearing a little red hat swimming in a small pond. A little penguin wearing a crown on his head watched him. The two of them were giggling.

"Hey!" Molly called. The penguin and the duck looked up.

"Look, Sonny!" the penguin shouted. "It's some of the Little Ponies!"

"The ones who helped your dad and stopped him from freezing everything, Edgar?" Sonny asked.

Edgar nodded, and he and Sonny walked over to the little ponies and their friends.

"What are you doing here?" Edgar asked.

"We're looking for a rainbow for my cousin," Molly explained. "Her best friend is going away and she's really sad."

"I know how that feels," Edgar said. "I can get you a really pretty rainbow! Follow me!"

Jerry, Molly, Sting, Shady, and Morning Glory followed Edgar and Sonny to the top of the hill, where Edgar was arranging a bunch of clear and blue chunks of ice.

"Those aren't rainbow colored," Shady said. "Just clear and blue."

"Wait until the sun hits them," Sonny said. "I've seen Edgar do this before, and it's beautiful!"

The group looked at each other, and waited. Edgar and Sonny stepped out of the way, and the sun hit the ice cubes.

"Look over there!" Edgar shouted.

Everyone turned around, and saw a rainbow on an ice wall that looked a lot like the Northern Lights formation.

"Oh!" Morning Glory shouted.

"Oh how gorgeous!" Shady breathed.

"Phenomenal!" Jerry shouted.

"You said it," Sting said.

"Wow," Molly said. "That's really great, but I don't think it's what I'm looking for. I want to give Julie the most special rainbow in the entire world."

"Well, good luck," Edgar said. "I hope you find a special rainbow."

The group left the chilly north, and began walking down south where it was warmer. They continued on their way, but weren't making much progress. Jerry was finally out of pep talks and songs. Morning Glory and Sting led the way, but they weren't having much luck finding anything.

"We're getting nowhere fast," Shady said. "Maybe we should be heading back. What if it gets dark and we get lost in the woods? And what if we can't find our way back to Paradise Estate? What if . . . ."

"Shady, chill out," Jerry said. "It's a long way away from being dark, and we're not gonna let lost!"

Shady didn't say anything else after that. She really wasn't too fond of being yelled at. In any case, the group continued walking, feeling a little downtrodden with every step, until Sting saw something in the sky.

"Check that out!" he shouted. Everyone looked up and saw streaks of red, green, and blue fly by. It looked like a ribbon of sorts. Better yet, it looked like sort of a rainbow.

"Let's follow it!" Molly shouted.

The group ran off after the ribbon to see where it was going. They lost sight of the streaks in a forest and began pushing through branches and brush, trying to find their way out.

"We lost it," Jerry said, looking into the sky. "I really hate to say it, but we lost it."

"That's not the only thing we lost," Shady said. "We lost ourselves!"

"We'll get out of here," Morning Glory said. "Don't worry about that, Shady!"

"Right," Jerry said. "It's always darkest before the dawn. And you know it isn't even dark yet! When life deals you lemon, make applesauce."

Everyone looked at Jerry as if he were nuts.

"I think you mean lemonade," Molly said. Jerry blushed a little.

"Sorry," he said. "Davy has a friend who's always mixing up those old clichés."

Suddenly, the group began to hear the whistling of birds. It seemed to be coming from one direction.

"Listen!" Sting shouted.

"Come on!" Morning Glory shouted. "Let's follow it! Maybe it will lead us out of here!"

Shady was a little hesitant, but followed the others anyway. As they heard the whistling, they also heard singing, coming in the same direction.


There's a song in the air in the forest

Birds are singing as they're ringing here and there

Could it be the scenery, the brilliant forest greenery?

Is that why there's music in the air?


There's a beautiful sound in the forest

Birds are tweeting out their greeting loud and strong

There is nowhere to be found something sweeter than the sound

Than nature's own sweet song


The birds continued whistling, Jerry was doing most of the pushing through brush and things until he saw an entire flock of little birds with long flowing tails and plumes on their heads fly towards a young woman with blond hair. A little bird landed on her finger, and she stroked it's stomach with her other finger, and started singing.


Birds feel safe and at home in the forest

They feel right there 'cause they're right where they belong

There is no way to recreate or replace or imitate

Nature's own sweet song

Nature's own sweet song


"Hey look who it is!" Molly shouted. "It's Princess Phyllis!"

Princess Phyllis was a friend of the ponies. She had been under a curse when she met them, but Mike, Jerry, Megan, and the little ponies helped her break it. She was sitting by a stone temple, and all the birds surrounded her. They flew off suddenly.

"Where are you going?" Phyllis asked. "It's all right. Come back!"

"Sorry about that," Jerry said, as he and the others came over. "We didn't mean to scare off your friends."

"Oh they'll come back when they feel like it," Phyllis said. "It helps to have a handful of bird seed. What are you doing all the way out here?"

"Chasing rainbows," Jerry said. "I sound like a broken record."

"We're looking for a rainbow for Julie," Molly said. "Do you know where we can find one?"

"Well, not offhand," Phyllis said. "But I can make you one."

"Oh that would be wonderful!" Morning Glory shouted.

Phyllis smiled, and whistled for her little bird friends to come to her. Six of them arrived, and landed along her arms, three on her left arm, and three on her right arm. They were pale red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Their head plumes and tails were darker than their bodies.

"Okay, my little friends," Phyllis said to the birds. "Fly!"

The birds chirped and flew into the air, letting their long tail feathers fly. They created a floating rainbow, like a ribbon flying in the breeze. Everyone was breathless.

"Oh that's so pretty!" Morning Glory shouted.

"Yeah," Molly said. And then she heaved a sigh. "I'm sorry, Phyllis, but it's not special. Well, not special enough. Julie's best friend is moving away, and she's really sad. I want to give her a really special rainbow to make her happy, but . . . . ."

"I understand," Phyllis said, with a warm smile. "Finding a special rainbow for someone takes time. You'll know it when you see it. Good luck."

"Thanks," Molly said, and the group continued on their way.

Everyone was starting to feel a little down now. They just couldn't find a rainbow that would please Molly. Finally, Molly looked into the sky, and saw a rainbow fly by. She stopped in her tracks.

"That's it!" she shouted. "That's the rainbow!"

"Looks like any ordinary rainbow I've ever seen," Sting said. "These days, you see one rainbow, you've seen 'em all."

Molly didn't acknowledge Sting. She just ran after the glittering rainbow in the sky. The others followed her. The rainbow was moving much too fast for them.

"It's no use," Shady said. "We'll never catch it! It's too fast!"

"I could get it," Jerry said. "But it's too high."

"I'm a pretty fast flyer," Morning Glory said. "Together, we can do it, Jerry!"

"But I'm to big to ride on you, Morning Glory," Jerry said.

"Don't worry about that. I know exactly what to do! I hope you don't get sick on thrill rides, Jerry!"

"Well . . . ."

Before Jerry could say another word, Morning Glory swooped down, and scooped Jerry up into the air. She was holding underneath his arms with her legs. She found it easy to carry him.

"What are you doing?!" Jerry shouted. "Put me down!"

"We've got to get that rainbow!" Morning Glory shouted.

"I can't get it like this!"

"Oh come on. You never know what you can do if you don't try!"


Stretch yourself to the limit, Jer

Show what you can do

The outlook's iffy

But you'll pull through!


Jerry thought it over for a moment, and smiled.


Stretch yourself to the limit

Er, uh, rush right into the fray


"Right!" Morning Glory shouted.


Jerry: In just a jiffy

You'll find your way


Morning Glory: If you encounter obstacles

Try not to lose your nerve


Jerry: Though you may get thrown a curve

Keep your courage in reserve


"That's right, Jerry!" Morning Glory shouted. The two of them continued flying upwards to catch the rainbow, which was going to be easier said than done.


Stretch yourself to the limit

Aim your sights at the sky

You can do wonders

If you just try


Morning Glory fluttered as fast as she could until she and Jerry got close enough to the rainbow. Jerry reached out and tried to grab it, but it flew away.

"Whoa!" Jerry shouted. "What's it doing?"

"After it!" Morning Glory shouted, and she flew off.

Sting, Shady, and Molly followed them until they all managed to catch up with the rainbow.

"There it is!" Molly shouted, as Morning Glory put Jerry down.

"How are we gonna get it?" Sting asked. "Every time we get close, it moves!"

"Let's just get in there and grab it!" Jerry shouted, and he and the others charged at the rainbow, but it flew away once more.

"We can still go after it!" Molly shouted. "Come on, let's go!"

"Wait!" Shady shouted. "I can't move! I'm stuck!"

"Stuck?" Jerry asked.

"Oh no!" Morning Glory shouted. "Quicksand!"

"We've got to get her out of there!" Molly shouted.

"But we'll lose the rainbow!" Sting shouted.

Molly was up a tree. The rainbow was already moving out of range to catch, but she also needed everyone there to help get Shady out of the quicksand. Finally, she knew the choice she had to make.

"We need a good strong rope," she said.

"Would a vine do?" Morning Glory asked, grabbing a vine between her teeth.

"That's perfect!" Jerry shouted. He tied a loop in the vine and twirled it over his head.

"All right, cowboy," Sting said. "Where'd ya learn that?"

"Mike taught it to me," Jerry said, and he lassoed Shady. "Okay, Shades! You're gonna have to pull yourself out as we're pulling you out!"

"It's the only way you'll get out of there," Molly said.

"All right," Shady said. "I'll try."

"Okay, everybody," Jerry said as Morning Glory, Sting, and Molly took the vine. "On the count of three, pull! One, two three!"

"HEAVE!" everyone shouted and gave the vine a good yank.

Shady struggled, but managed to move her legs slowly. Everyone else continued to pull as hard as humanly possible. Finally, Shady was free of the quicksand, but the rainbow was nowhere in sight.

"There goes Julie's rainbow," Shady said.

"Maybe we can still catch it!" Sting shouted.

"It's too late, Sting," Molly said. "It's gone. We'll never find it now."

"I'm sorry," Shady said. "If I hadn't gotten stuck in that quicksand . . . ."

"Don't worry about it, Shady," Jerry said. "So we lost that rainbow big deal. They'll be another one."


There's always another rainbow

Search until you find it

Don't look at the cloud, look behind it

There's a rainbow there somewhere


There's always a ray of sunshine

Though it all seems tragic

You may turn around and like magic

There's an answer to your prayer


Now you feel forlorn

But hope can be reborn

Try and lose that frown

Look up, not down


And you'll find another rainbow

I can guarantee it

Even though you think

You've reached the rainbow's end


There's always another rainbow

Always another rainbow

Round the bend


Molly thought about that. She knew Jerry was right. But she still heaved a sigh. Jerry looked up at the sky, frowned, and sighed himself.

"We have to be heading back to the Estate," he said. "It's starting to get dark. Megan, Mike, and the others might be worried about us."

The others had to agree on that, and they started back for Paradise Estate. They reached it just as the sun was sinking into the horizon. Mike was waiting for them outside.

"Where have you guys been all day?" he asked.

"Chasing rainbows," Jerry said, for what felt like the millionth time that day.

"We were looking for a special rainbow to give to Julie," Molly said. "But we weren't able to find one."

"We looked all over Ponyland," Shady said.

"Well, what about this rainbow?" Mike asked, holding out Molly's drawing. "I saw it on the table. Come on, Moll, you used your glitter markers on it. It's a great rainbow!"

"It's a pretty rainbow," Molly said. "But Julie was so sad about Pennie moving away, I wanted to give her a really special rainbow."

"You'd think it wouldn't be so hard finding a rainbow here in Ponyland," Jerry said.

"It all depends on what you're lookin' for," Mike said, twirling his magic wand in his hand. "If you look hard enough, you'll find the rainbow you're lookin' for almost anywhere."


You can find a rainbow anywhere

Even in a cloudy sky

If you keep your outlook upward bound

You'll find rainbows by and by


The world is bright with color

When sunlight is in your heart

Once you begin feelin' joy deep within

Your eyes will open with a start


Seein' rainbows everywhere

Happens every place you go

You'll be hearin' music everywhere

The world will take on a golden glow


So when skies are gray

Why should you care?

You can find a rainbow



During that whole thing, Mike had hit the picture with his magic wand, and the rainbow jumped off the page and swirled around. Molly looked at it, and gasped. It was the same rainbow she had seen earlier, just before Shady got stuck in the quicksand. Julie walked outside and saw it.

"Ooohhhh," she breathed. "It's so beautiful!"

Mike smiled and waved his wand again. A locket appeared in his hand, but it wasn't like the Rainbow of Light. It was a gold heart on a gold chain. The rainbow flew into the locket and Mike closed it. Then he handed the locket to Julie.

"There you go, Jules," he said. "Molly went on a search all over Ponyland just to give you that."

"My own rainbow?" Julie asked.

"Uh huh," Molly said. "I wanted to cheer you up with a special rainbow."

Julie smiled and looked at her new locket. Mike had even engraved her name onto it. She smiled, and gave her cousin a big hug. Megan and Danny came out of the Estate with Firefly, Medley, Surprise, and Lofty.

"Come on, you guys," Megan said. "It's time to go home."

Julie and Molly climbed on Medley and Lofty, and they were off over the rainbow to go back to their own home. Mike and Jerry waved to them as they left.

"So you went all over Ponyland, huh?" Mike asked.

"Yeah," Jerry said. "We saw a lot of great rainbows. Come on, I'll tell you about them."

Mike followed Jerry into the Estate, talking non stop about the adventure Molly, Jerry, Shady, Morning Glory, and Sting had that day.


The End