Here combined are two of my favorite fandoms, My Little Pony and The Monkees. Some of the stories have been rearranged from the last time I did this, and thus down for rewrites, which is why not all of my stories are in the set. Also some have been deleted. In any case, I hope you enjoy what I have!

Endless Winter Megan and Firefly travel back in time to 1966 and meet the Monkees, who help them stop an endless winter spell and rescue Ember, who was captured by the Ice Princess

Sunny Girlfriend an evil Flutter Pony tries to take over Flutter Valley

The Rainbow Chase the Ponies enlist the help of Mike and DJ Jerry Blavat to get the Rainbow of Light back from the Witch Trio

A Royal Mess Peter's teenage nephew gets involved with Ponyland when the Princess Ponies and the Royal Paradise are in trouble

Attack of the Fifty Foot Pony Cherries Jubilee grows to gargantuan proportions

Discovery Mike, Spike, Lemon Drop, and Brandy discover a secret about Mike's past.

Keeping Secrets Peter tries to keep Ponyland a Secret from his girlfriend

My Little Pony: Their Greatest Adventure the ponies and their friends must stop an evil sorceress from plunging the world into eternal darkness

Return to Midnight Castle Tirac's sister, Terra, seeks revenge on the little ponies

Spellbound the little ponies and their friends help a princess who's under a curse

A Rainbow for Julie Molly, Shady, and Jerry search for a special rainbow to cheer up Julie

Baby Pony Love Medley has twins the hard way

Over the Rainbow Ember stows away on a trip over the rainbow

Princess Julie Julie switches places with a bratty princess

Glitter Island Mike and Paradise search for Glitter Island

The Fairy Tails the Witch Trio uses Gloob to destory Ponyland

Magic Mayhem Enchantra's niece, Maybelline Hemlock, wreaks havoc with the magic of Ponyland

Witch Night Witch Cat comes down from Skull Mountain with the intent to scare all the little ponies in sight

My Little Scooby Megan brings her friends, the Scooby Doo Detective Agency, to Ponyland to visit (MLP/Monkees/Pup Named Scooby Doo Crossover)

Golden Apples Jerry eats a poisoned apple and Mike, Megan, Wind Whistler, and Masquerade search for the cure (collab between me and my sister)