Attack of the Fifty Foot Pony

It was a beautiful spring day in Ponyland. Fizzy, Shady, Gusty, and Wind Whistler were playing polo, tossing the ball back and forth with their noses. Of course, Shady kept ducking every time the ball came at her. After awhile, Cherries Jubilee came running around the bend, with Mike on her back. She loved taking Mike for rides through Ponyland, although Mike thought he was a little too tall for her.

"Are you sure you can carry me?" he asked. "I wouldn't want to flatten ya to the ground, now."

"Don't worry about it, Mike!" Cherries Jubilee shouted as she galloped around. Although she didn't want to admit to her favorite Monkee that he was a little heavy. Not to mention tall. Mike was six foot one, and that's a little big for riding ponies.

At any rate, Cherries Jubilee ran over to the polo field, and bopped the ball with her nose.

"Hey, you can't do that!" Gusty shouted. "You're not officially in the game!"

"I thought the ball was out of bounds," Cherries Jubilee said.

"Isn't Mike a little tall to ride you?" Fizzy asked. "Isn't he heavy?"

"No, he's a skinny guy," Cherries Jubilee said.

"We all know Mike is quite emaciated," Wind Whistler said. "But that doesn't mean that his weightiness is insubstantial."

"Huh?" both Fizzy and Shady asked in unison.

"She said that Mike may be skinny, but he sure ain't light!" Gusty teased.

Mike glared at her. Cherries Jubilee shook her head, and started running for Paradise Estate. By the time she got back, she was a little out of breath. Mike climbed off her and started walking towards the kitchen.

"I'm too tall for you, Jube," he said. "That's all there is to it."

"You are not too tall!" Cherries Jubilee said. "I'm just too short!"

"You're the same size as all the other little ponies in Dream Valley," Cupcake said, walking over.

"Yeah, I can't ride most of them either," Mike replied with a shrug. "Why don't you just go find Davy or Jerry?"

"Davy's no fun," Cherries Jubilee said. "And Jerry . . . . . well, Jerry's kinda . . . . ."

"Look I know he's strange, but he's cool," Mike said. "I'll see you guys later."

Mike started to walk off. Cherries Jubilee groaned, and took a walk. She headed over to Posey's garden. Posey was watering her flowers.

"Hi, Cherries Jubilee," she said. "Want to help me water my flowers?"

"Some other time," Cherries Jubilee said. "Do you think I'm small, Posey?"

"You're the same size as me," Posey replied. "Why?"

"Well, I just like riding around with Mike, but he thinks he's too big."

"Well, he is awfully big, but he's ridden lots of other little ponies while on adventures."

"Yeah, but they're mostly Pegasus ponies. And they're stronger than us Earth ponies anyway."

"That's a good point. Maybe you'll just have to be satisfied with riding around with Davy or Jerry, or even Fluey."

"I know, I know. But I really wish I were a little bigger. I can't help it if Mike's my favorite."

Posey just went back to watering her flowers. Cherries Jubilee walked along, wondering how she was going to get bigger. She was about as big as normal little ponies could get. She thought about stretching herself, but shook her head. That would make her feel like a piece of taffy. She walked around a little more, and ran across Jerry who was throwing a tennis ball across the way.

"Hi," she said. "What are you doing? Playing fetch?"

"Oh hi," Jerry said. "Yeah, actually. I throw the tennis ball, and Sweet Stuff fetches it."

"It's really a great game," Sweet Stuff said, returning with the tennis ball. Jerry threw it again.

"What's on your mind?" he asked.

"Well, you're short, right?" Cherries Jubilee asked.

"Yep," Jerry said.

"Do you ever wish you were taller?"

"No. But Davy does. He hates being short. But what he lacks in height, he makes up for in looks."

"So I've noticed. But how do you get bigger?"

"Bigger?" Sweet Stuff asked. "Why do you want to be bigger?"

"So Mike doesn't crush me when we go riding," Cherries Jubilee said. "He's heavy."

"But you won't grow any bigger, Cherries Jubilee," Sweet Stuff said. "You've grown enough. Just like the rest of us little ponies."

"Darn!" Cherries Jubilee shouted, and she walked off. Jerry shrugged, and threw the tennis ball again.

Cherries Jubilee walked back to Paradise Estate and began pacing. Magic Star and Bow Tie walked up to her.

"Hi," Magic Star said. "Bow Tie and I are going for a walk."

"Want to come with us?" Bow Tie said.

"Okay, sure," Cherries Jubilee replied. "I don't have anything else to do anyway."

The three Earth Ponies left Paradise Estate and started walking into the woods. It was a nice day. There was no point in staying inside, wasting it. Of course, if Cherries Jubilee was a little taller, she'd be riding with Mike through the woods, instead of walking through it with Magic Star and Bow Tie. Cherries Jubilee turned to her two friends and smiled sneakily.

"Last one to the edge of the forest is a rotten cherry!" she shouted, and took off.

"Hey!" Magic Star shouted. "No fair!"

"You got a head start!" Bow Tie yelled, as she and Magic Star started running after Cherries Jubilee.

Bow Tie and Magic Star managed to catch up with Cherries Jubilee at the edge of the forest, and ended up in some kind of garden. The flowers and fruits were huge!

"I don't think we're in Ponyland anymore," Magic Star said. "Look at the size of those apples!"

"Applejack would have a field day with them," Bow Tie said.

"Gee, this place is big," Cherries Jubilee replied. "I wonder how everything got so big?"

"Must be something in the water," Magic Star said. "Come on, guys. Let's head back to Paradise Estate. Last one there's a rotten egg!"

"I'm a rotten egg," Cherries Jubilee said. "I'll be with you in just a few minutes."

"Okay," Bow Tie said, and she and Magic Star galloped off.

Cherries Jubilee wanted to look around the garden a little more. That, and she was getting thirsty. She came across a pond, bent down, and took a drink of water. Then she started back toward Paradise Estate. Everybody was doing what they had been doing when she left. She ran over to Mike, who was sitting on the grass, strumming his guitar.

"How ‘bout a ride, Mike?" she asked.

"No, thanks, Jube," Mike said, shaking his head. "I'm too tall, remember?"

"Aw, come on, Mike. I have a feeling things are going to get bigger."

"For some strange reason," Galaxy said. "So do I."

Mike shrugged, and walked off. He had enough pony playtime for one day. The next morning, Posey was in her garden, watering her flowers. As she was watering, Cherries Jubilee walked over to her.

"Hi, Posey," she said. "Watering your flowers again?"

"They need to be watered every day, don't you know," Posey said, as she watered her garden. Then she looked up at Cherries Jubilee, and promptly dropped her watering can. She just stared at her coral colored friend, wide eyed, and mouth opened.

"What are you staring at?" Cherries Jubilee asked.

"You're bigger than you were yesterday!" Posey shouted.

"I am?"

Cherries Jubilee didn't realize that. She didn't even realize she was a little bigger than Posey. Not by much.

"Hey, I am bigger!" she shouted. "Look at me! I'm bigger!"

"I wonder how it happened?" Posey asked.

"Who cares how it happened? This is great! This is better than great! Wheeee! I can't wait until Mike gets here!"

Cherries Jubilee ran off, on cloud nine, since she was bigger. She began turning pony cartwheels. Galaxy looked at her oddly.

"How did you get bigger?" she asked.

"I don't know," Cherries Jubilee said. "But isn't it great?!"

"I don't know. It may be good for you now, but I have a feeling this isn't the end of this."

"You worry too much, Galaxy," Truly said walking over. "You know Cherries Jubilee wanted to be bigger so Mike could ride her around. I say there's nothing to worry about."

"Thank you, Truly," Cherries Jubilee said.

"Us Earth Ponies have to stick together, don't you know," Truly said, and she walked off.

A few moments later, Paradise and Medley flew down to Ponyland, with Mike and Jerry. Mike noticed Cherries Jubilee, and just stared at her.

"Uhhh, Jube?" he asked. "Is that really you?"

"Of course it is!" Cherries Jubilee shouted. "Who'd you think?"

"Well, you're a little bigger than you were yesterday."

"I know! Isn't it great! How ‘bout a ride around Dream Valley, Mike?"

"Well . . . . . okay, I guess."

Mike climbed on Cherries Jubilee, and the little pony took off. Jerry just stared after them, a little surprised.

"I hate to ask," he said. "But what happened?"

"I'm not sure," Galaxy said. "Yesterday, she was the size of a normal little pony, and this morning, she was bigger."

"Well, I guess it doesn't matter much to Cherries Jubilee. After all, she wanted to be bigger so Mike could ride her."

Galaxy nodded, and she and Jerry walked off. Meanwhile, Cherries Jubilee was taking Mike around Dream Valley and back again, about three times.

"I think we'd better stop now, Jube," Mike said. "My legs are gettin' a little stiff. Besides, if I do this any longer, I'm gonna be bow legged. And believe me, with my stature, it won't be pretty."

"Sure, Mike," Cherries Jubilee said, stopping. Mike climbed off her back, and stretched.

"Bet your glad to get that Monkee off your back," Moondancer teased.

"Very funny," Mike said. "I'll see you later, Jube. Bye, Moondancer."

"Bye," Cherries Jubilee said. Then she turned to Moondancer. "I love this!"

"Well, careful what you wish for," Moondancer said. "You might just get it. And then it could backfire on you."

"Indeed," Wind Whistler said. "You might be bigger, Cherries Jubilee, but being bigger doesn't necessarily mean it's better than being smaller."

"Oh don't worry," Cherries Jubilee said. "I probably won't get that much bigger, anyway!"

Cherries Jubilee ran off. Wind Whistler and Moondancer looked at each other, not quite knowing what to do next. The day went on. Cherries Jubilee was enjoying her newfound height. She kept turning cartwheels all day, and running around, cheering. The other little ponies just looked at her as if she were crazy.

"It's very strange," Galaxy said.

"Well, she'd better slow down," Mike said. "She could get the hiccups."

"How do you know?"

"Happens to Peter all the time. He gets the hiccups when he does too much activity at once, or when we're auditionin' for a big producer."

Galaxy nodded. She and Mike continued to watch Cherries Jubilee prance around like crazy. When the sun set, she was still running around. Medley and Fire Fly were staring at her.

"Slow down there," Medley said.

"Yeah, Whizzer's the fast one, not you, Cherries Jubilee," Fire Fly said.

"Sorry," Cherries Jubilee said. "I can't help it! I'm just so happy!"

Cherries Jubilee halted for a moment. Then, as Mike predicted, she hiccupped. Fire Fly and Medley looked at each other oddly for a moment.

"Huh," Fire Fly said. "What do you know? Mike was right."

"Why are you so surprised?" Medley asked.

"Well, since when are men ever right?" Fire Fly asked.

"Oh brother," Cherries Jubilee said. And she hiccupped again. "I'd better stop running around like crazy like this. Or else these hiccups won't go away."

Cherries Jubilee, Fire Fly, and Medley walked back to Paradise Estate. Cherries Jubilee continued to hiccup. The next morning, Peter and Fluey were sitting outside Paradise Estate with Galaxy. The boys were tuning their guitars.

"Hi, guys," Cherries Jubilee said, walking over. "How's it going?"

"Hi, Cherries Jubilee," Peter said.

"Whoa," Fluey said. "Cherries Jubilee, I don't know if you noticed, but . . . . uhh . . . ."

"You're nearly as big as Davy!" Galaxy shouted.

"Yeah?" Cherries Jubilee asked. "Wow! I'm gonna go find Mike!"

"And I'm going to go find Megan," Galaxy said. "This isn't natural."

"Yeah, man," Fluey replied. "I'll go with you."

Peter just shrugged, and continued to tune his guitar. He figured if Cherries Jubilee was happy about being taller, nothing else mattered. In any case, Galaxy, Fluey, and Megan walked out to a field, where Cherries Jubilee was running around, with Mike on her back. Mike was enjoying it, a lot.

"Who does he think he is?" Fluey asked. "The Lone Ranger?"

"Heigh ho, Jubilee!" Mike shouted, in true "Lone Ranger" fashion. "Away!"

"Hold it a second, you two," Megan said. Cherries Jubilee halted, and Mike climbed off her back.

"What's up, Megan?" Mike asked.

"Well, Galaxy, you were right," Megan said, getting a good close look at Cherries Jubilee. "She is as tall as Davy."

"And that's just on all fours," Fluey said. "Imagine if she were standing on her hind legs!"

"Something strange is going on, Megan," Galaxy said. "It's not normal for a little pony to grow this big."

"What are you worried about?" Cherries Jubilee asked. "You know I wanted to be bigger so Mike could ride me!"

"I could ride you before, you know," Mike said.

"Yeah, but not for very long," Cherries Jubilee said.

"I'm beginnin' to agree with Galaxy, though, Jube. Something's fishy about all this."

"Aw come on! Everything's working out fine!"

With that, Cherries Jubilee walked off, leaving a very confused Megan, Mike, Fluey, and Galaxy. All of them looked at each other and shrugged. That night, Cherries Jubilee walked into Paradise Estate for a good night's sleep. She was tired from running around all day. In fact, as she slept, she got the hiccups again. But when she hiccupped, she grew! And the more she hiccupped, the more she grew! Of course, her hiccups were keeping all the other little ponies awake.

"Hey Cherries Jubilee, turn down those hiccups!" Gusty shouted. "We're trying to sleep!"

But Cherries Jubilee didn't hear her. She just kept hiccupping, and kept right on growing. All the other little ponies gathered around her to watch.

"How is she doing that?" Cupcake asked.

"I don't know, but I get the feeling we're going to be crowded out of the Estate!" Magic Star shouted.

And she was right. Cherries Jubilee began to fill up space in the room. All the other little ponies backed out as fast as they could. Cherries Jubilee just grew bigger, and bigger, and bigger, until finally, she filled the entire room! And she just kept right on growing, too! Finally, she yawned, and woke up.

"Hey, what's going on?" she asked. When she stood up, her head went through the roof. CRASH! Ribbon, Lofty, and Lickety Split just looked at her.

"Oooohhhh," they said.

"Hey, what are you baby ponies doing up so late?" Cherries Jubilee asked.

"We're not the baby ponies," Lickety Split said.

"Then how come . . . ." Cherries Jubilee started. Then she looked down, and saw that she was through the roof of the Estate. "YIKES!"

"Yikes is right!" Fizzy shouted.

"Somebody better go get Megan," Gusty said.

"I'll get her," Fire Fly said. "Paradise, you go down and get Mike. He might know what to do, too!"

"On my way!" Paradise shouted, and she and Fire Fly were off.

"Well, now what do we do?" Gusty asked. "We can't fit inside the estate if Cherries Jubilee is in there!"

"We'll just have to make the best of the situation," Ribbon said. "Cherries, Jubilee, do you think you could squeeze out of there?"

"What am I? A magician?" Cherries Jubilee said. "I'm stuck!"

"I hate to say this, Ribbon, but I think we may have to tear down the walls of the Estate," Buttons said.

"I guess it's the only way to get her out of there," Ribbon said.

"We may need a few extra hands for that," Lickety Split said, glancing at North Star, Medley, Heart Throb, and Lofty.

"I get the message," Lofty said. "Come on, guys. Let's see if we can catch up to Paradise."

The four Pegasus Ponies took to the air, in order to get to 1334 North Beechwood. Within moments, all the Pegasus Ponies returned. Mike took one look at Cherries Jubilee and whistled.

"I see what you mean, Paradise," he said.

"Hi, Mike," Cherries Jubilee said, sheepishly.

"And she does mean high!" Fluey shouted, as Medley landed. "Good grief! She's as big as Godzilla!"

"Ponyzilla," Micky replied.

"Jube, how in the world did this happen?!" Mike shouted.

"I don't know," Cherries Jubilee said. "One minute I'm sleeping, and the next, well . . ."

"She got the hiccups, Mike," Gusty said.

"And whenever she hiccupped, she grew," Fizzy said.

"Do you think it might be magic?" Sweet Stuff asked.

"I don't know how else to explain it," Mike replied, shaking his head.

"Then I guess we go to the Mushromp," Megan said. "Cherries Jubilee, you come too."

"If she can get out of the Estate," Fluey teased.

Cherries Jubilee managed to pull herself out, causing the walls to come crashing down. Then she swatted Fluey with her tail.

"Hey! Watch it!" Fluey shouted.

Cherries Jubilee didn't respond. She just followed Megan, Mike, Gusty and Fizzy to the Mushromp. However, whenever she walked, the ground shook, and everybody fell to the ground.

"This isn't working," Gusty said.

"Looks like we're gonna have to ride," Mike said. "Get down here, Jube. You're gonna have to be a Pony Limousine."

Cherries Jubilee got down on her stomach so the others could climb up. Then she started towards the Mushromp.

"The rest of you put the Estate back together," Mike said as the group left.

"Wha?" Micky asked.

"'E must be joking!" Davy shouted. "It'll take us all night to put the Estate back togethah!"

"Well, we'd better get started," Fluey said, picking up a piece of the wall. "Come on, everybody."

"I'll go get the Bushwoolies to help," Sweet Stuff said, and she walked off.

In the meantime, Cherries Jubilee and the others made it to the Mushromp, nearly stomping on the trees in the area. Mike climbed down Cherries Jubilee's tail, and knocked on the Moochick's door. When he didn't get an answer right away, he banged even harder.

"Mr. Moochick! Get up!" he shouted. "We need your help!"

"My, my, my, my," the Moochick said, opening the door. "When are you little ponies going to learn to help yourselves?"

"When we learn some more magic tricks," Gusty said, as she and Fizzy winked out off of Cherries Jubilee's back, and winked back in on the ground. Megan got down using Mike's method.

"What seems to be the trouble this time?" the Moochick asked. "And if you've come to ask me about the sudden earthquake, I can't help you."

"We already know about that," Mike said. "Cherries Jubilee caused it."

"But she's just a little pony," the Moochick said.

"Little doesn't describe her anymore."

"What do you mean?"

Mike took a deep breath and stepped to the side, so the Moochick could come out of his house. He saw Cherries Jubilee, and just gaped.

"Hi, Mr. Moochick," Cherries Jubilee said.

"You sure are," the Moochick said.

"See what I mean?" Mike asked.

"How did she get like this, Mr. Moochick?" Fizzy asked.

"I'm not entirely too sure," the Moochick said. "There must be something in my books that causes pony growth."

"She started out yesterday morning a little bigger," Fizzy said.

"Then she was about as big as Davy this morning," Gusty said.

"And now she's Ponyzilla!" Mike shouted.

"And every time I grew, I had the hiccups," Cherries Jubilee said. "Must've been something I ate."

"Well, what did you eat in the past few days?" Megan asked.

Cherries Jubilee thought it over, and then took a deep breath.

"Sixty-five cupcakes," she said. "Forty-nine apples, seventy-six cherries, twenty-five banana cream pies, a hundred and twelve cookies, twenty-two gallons of ice cream, twelve layer cakes, thirty-seven boxes of oatmeal cream pies, fifty-six strawberries, eighty-four cups of custard, five gallons of rainbow sherbet . . . . ."

"And a partridge in a pear tree," Mike joked. "Good grief, no wonder you're as big as a house!"

"And I took a drink out of this stream in a garden I found while racing with Bow Tie and Magic Star," Cherries Jubilee said, glaring at Mike.

"Garden you said?" the Moochick asked.

"That's right," Cherries Jubilee said. "Everything in that garden was huge!"

"Hmm," the Moochick said. "I may have something that can help you after all. Follow me."

Mike, Megan, Fizzy, and Gusty followed the Moochick into the house. Cherries Jubilee tried to get it, but she got stuck in the doorway.

"Uhh, maybe you should stay out there, Jube," Mike said.

"Good idea," Cherries Jubilee said, and tried to pull herself out, but she was completely stuck.

"I can't get out!" she yelled.

"Everybody push!" Megan shouted.

The others ran to Cherries Jubilee, and tried to push her out of the doorway, by pushing on her nose. It wasn't easy, by they managed to do it, although the Moochick's doorway was never going to be the same again.

"Sorry about your door," Mike said.

"Yes well," the Moochick said. He picked up a book, and began looking through it. The others looked over his shoulder.

"Ah ha! Here it is!" he shouted, picking up a book. "The stream must have been in the Garden of Giants."

"I think that's a little obvious," Mike said.

"Yeah, tell us something we don't know," Gusty said.

"How do we get Cherries Jubilee back to normal size?" Fizzy asked.

"Well, let me see," the Moochick said, and he began turning the pages in his book rapidly. Mike glanced at Megan and the two ponies, and rolled his eyes.

"Do you believe this?" he asked.

"What choice do we have, Mike?" Gusty asked.

"I found it! Here it is!" the Moochick shouted. "You must find the Mountain of Midgets and have Cherries Jubilee drink from the stream there."

"Garden of Giants, Mountain of Midgets," Mike said. "Good grief. Next think you know, he'll tell us to go to the planet of One Eyed One Horned Flying' Purple People Eaters."

Mike, Megan, Gusty, and Fizzy left the Mushromp to go back to the Estate, in order to tell the others what was going on.

"Mountain of Midgets?" Davy asked.

"You should feel right at home there, Davy," Micky said.

Fluey started to laugh, until Davy gave him one killer Look.

"What's so funny?" he asked. "You're shortah than I am, you know!"

"But not by much," Fluey said.

"So how do we get to this Mountain of Midgets?" Gusty asked.

"I think I might know the way," Paradise said.

"Perfect!" Mike shouted, jumping on her back. "Come on, Jube! We'll fix this yet!"

Mike, Paradise, and Cherries Jubilee walked off. Of course, as Cherries Jubilee walked, the ground shook, and the walls of Paradise Estate came crashing down. Again.

"Aw man," Fluey groaned.

"Not again," Fire Fly said.

"Jericho, anyone?" Micky asked.

"Come on," Peter said, picking up a piece of the wall. "Back to the ol' salt mines."

The ponies and their friends began gathering up the walls, boards, and nails and began to put Paradise Estate back together. Again.

"I hope they manage to find the Mountain of Midgets," Lickety Split said. "My nerves can't take much more of this!"

Paradise managed to find the local mountain district in Ponyland. She, Mike, and Cherries Jubilee were looking around for the mountain they were looking for.

"So how big is this mountain?" Mike asked.

"Not very big," Paradise said.

"Then how's Jube gonna get in?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

"We just came to it," Cherries Jubilee said. "I take it that's the Mountain of Midgets."

Paradise and Mike looked down, and saw a small mountain in the middle of all the big ones.

"That's it all right," Paradise said.

"Well, now what?" Mike asked.

"Now we talk to the Midgets," Paradise said. "Cherries Jubilee, you stay out here."

"Sure," Cherries Jubilee said. "I don't have anywhere else to go."

Cherries Jubilee sat down, and once she did, the ground began to shake.

"You could've at least done that a little more gently!" Mike yelled.

"Sorry," Cherries Jubilee said.

Paradise and Mike flew to a cave that was on the edge of the mountain, where they encountered one of the said Midgets. He was even shorter than Davy!

"Welcome to the Mountain of Midgets, travelers," he said. "What brings you here?"

"We need some water from your stream," Paradise said. "Our friend drank some water from the Garden of Giants."

"Yeah, and now she's humongous!" Mike shouted. "There she is out there."

"Hi," Cherries Jubilee said, looking into the opening of the cave. The midget looked a little surprised.

"Whoa!" he shouted. "That's a big pony!"

"So can we have some water or what?" Mike asked.

"Certainly," the midget said. "Follow me."

The midget led Mike and Paradise through the cave and into the valley. He took a cup that was sitting on a rock and filled it with water. Then he handed it to Mike.

"You keep cups on the rocks?" Mike asked.

"Yes," the midget said. "Good luck!"

"Thanks," Mike said, climbing on Paradise.

Mike and Paradise flew out of the cave, and over to Cherries Jubilee.

"Okay, Jube!" Mike shouted. "Open wide!"

"Aaaahhhhhhh!" Cherries Jubilee said as she opened her mouth as wide as humanly (ponyly?) possible.

Mike poured the water into Cherries Jubilee's mouth. She hiccupped and began to shrink.

"It's working, Mike!" Paradise shouted.

"Thank goodness," Mike said. He and Paradise watched as Cherries Jubilee hiccupped and shrank down. But their smiles quickly turned to frowns.

"Uh oh," Paradise said.

"Ho boy," Mike replied. "Back to the Moochick's."

Mike, Paradise, and Cherries Jubilee went back to the Moochick's house for some more advice. By the time they got back, Paradise Estate was finally put back together, although it was a little lopsided.

"We'll never make it as architects," Micky said.

"Yeah, that's for sure," Mike said, making a face.

"By the way," Buttons said. "Where's Cherries Jubilee?"

"Well, we went to the Mountain of Midgets," Mike said. "And gave Jube the water, and she started hiccuppin', and she began shrinkin', and, well . . . . ."

Mike reached into his pocket and pulled out a very tiny pony. It was Cherries Jubilee.

"What in the world happened to her?!" Fluey shouted.

"She shrank a little too much," Paradise said.

"This is embarrassing," Cherries Jubilee said.

"Don't worry, Jube, the Moochick said you'll be back to your normal size in a week," Mike said.

"A week?!" Cherries Jubilee shouted.

"In the meantime, instead of Mike riding you around, you can ride Mike around," Micky said.

"I think it'll be nice to ‘ave someone smallah than me around," Davy teased.

Cherries Jubilee glared, growled, and bit Davy on the nose.

"Ow!" Davy shouted.

Everybody started laughing. Mike shook his head, and put Cherries Jubilee onto his green wool hat, and walked off.


The End