The Fairy Tails

It was another beautiful, sunny day in Ponyland. All the baby ponies were at the Baby Bonnet School of Dance. They were having a dance lesson that day, taught by Jerry. He put on Dee Dee Sharp's "Mashed Potato Time," and just went all out.

"Basically, you just want to listen in and let your feet take over," he said. He knew darn well that ponies didn't have the ankle movement needed for the Mashed Potato, but they could still have some fun with it.

The baby ponies giggled, and started doing their own movements to the dance. Mike, Davy, and Mimic walked by and looked in as well. They saw Jerry doing the Mashed Potato, and the baby ponies just doing their own steps.

"Oh Mylanta," Davy groaned.

"Where does he get these dances?" Mike asked, slapping his hand over his eyes.

"Now I've seen everything," Mimic replied.

Once the record ended, Jerry turned around and saw that he had an audience, other than the Baby Ponies.

"How long have you guys been standing there?" he asked.

"Long enough," Davy said with a laugh. "Do you enjoy making a fool out of yourself?"

"Very funny," Jerry said. "Come on, Mimic, let's go riding!"

"Sure," Mimic said. Jerry climbed on her back and they were off. Davy and Mike looked at each other and began cracking up.

While Jerry and Mimic were riding they were being watched, by none other than the Witch Trio if Skull Mountain. Witch Cat gnashed her teeth as she watched them.

"Just look at those little ponies!" she shouted. "I can't stand it! I want to get the best of them!"

"Why not send Smooze on them?" Witch Poodle asked.

"SMOOZE DIDN'T WORK YOU BONE HEAD!" Witch Cat shouted. "But I have an idea that will work!"

"What's that?" Witch Kitten asked.

"Gloob!" Witch Cat asked.

"Gloob?" Witch Poodle and Witch Kitten asked in unison.

"Of course," Witch Cat said. "Gloob! Okay, I'll admit, you have to get some of the same stuff you get to make Smooze, but not all of it. Here's the list."

Witch Kitten and Witch Poodle looked through the list and went through it, until they came to the horror of all horrors.

"PHLUME!" they shouted.

"Not phlume! Anything but phlume!" With Poodle shouted.

"Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh pleee-heee-heeee-heee-heeeeze don't make us get phluuuuume!" Witch Kitten whined.


Witch Poodle and Witch Kitten ran off as fast as they could. They didn't want to make Witch Cat mad, that was for sure! The two of them went into the forest to look for all the ingredients to make the Gloob.

"This is disgusting," Witch Kitten said. "Why can't Ma get all this herself?!"

"You know Witch Cat," Witch Poodle said. "We'd just better get this stuff before she has our heads."

"You get it. The sound of all that gunk makes me sick!"

"Sick?" Witch Poodle repeated. Then she got an idea, and began to hatch her plan.


Witch Kitten dear, you're looking rather ill

I fear you aren't feeling at your best

I hope you haven't come down with a chill

Perhaps you need to take a little rest


"What about all the work we have to do?" Witch Kitten asked. "You're not gonna do it all alone, are you?"

"Not to worry! Not to worry!"


I'll do the dirty work, I'll handle all the dirty work

You go relax in your room

I'll collect the muck and mire, I wouldn't want you to perspire

All you have to do is get the Phlume


"The Phlume?!" Witch Kitten shouted. "Me?!"

"Of course!" Witch Poodle said. "I'll be doing everything else. You're not that sick!"

"You're right. In fact, I'm feeling a whole lot better."


Witch Poodle dear, I just now had a flash

I still owe you a birthday gift or two

I suffered from a lack of ready cash

But now I'd like to make it up to you


I'll do the dirty work, I'll take on all the dirty work

Each . . . . . . I'll assume

I'll be working overtime collecting mold and filth and slime

All you have to do is get the Phlume


"The Phlume?!" Witch Poodle shouted. "Me?!"

"Happy birthday!" Witch Kitten exclaimed.

"Witch Kitten dear, you're much too kind. Let's just divvy up the list."

"Oh nonsense, I don't mind. Unless you really want to."

"I insist!"


Both: We'll both do the dirty work

We'll both do the dirty work


Witch Kitten: Everyone should do her share


Witch Poodle: It's really only fair


Witch Kitten: I collect the greenish mold! Yuck!

Witch Poodle: I'll collect the blackish muck


Witch Kitten: I'll collect the furry mildew

Just my luck, the mildew's stuck

Yuck, yuck!


Witch Poodle: I'll go find the yellow fungus!


Witch Kitten: I'll go get the silver slime


Both: Sharing dirty work among us

Does the job in half the time


Witch Poodle: I'll do the dirty work


Witch Kitten: I'll gladly do the dirty work


Both: No need to fret or fight or fuss or fume


Witch Poodle: I'll do the dirty work


Witch Kitten: I'll gladly do the dirty work

So long as someone else


Witch Poodle: So long as someone else


Both: So long as someone else

Gets the Phlume!


"Where's the Phlume?" Witch Kitten asked.

"I thought you got it," Witch Poodle said.

"No, I thought you got it!"

"I didn't get it."

"Well, we'd better go get it! I don't want Ma to do what Hydia did to Reeka and Draggle when they forgot to get the Phlume!"

"Yeah, she made them eat ice cream. Yuck!"

The two witches went to the Phlume to go get it. It was the ugliest plant you could ever imagine. But these two witches were more resourceful than Reeka and Draggle were. Witch Kitten took a pouch of magic powder out and threw it at the plant. It froze in place. Witch Poodle ran over, stuck the plant with the pick, and caught the Phlume in the bottle she had. Then the two witches high tailed it back to Skull Mountain before the spell could wear off.

"Hey Ma!" Witch Kitten shouted. "We've got the stuff! Phlume and all!"

"Good," Witch Cat shouted. She took the bucket, and dumped the whole thing into a hole on the side of the mountain, similar to Hydia's Volcano of Gloom. Suddenly, purple glop began to bubble.

"It looks like Smooze," Witch Poodle said.

"I know it looks like Smooze!" Witch Cat shouted. "Don't you think I know Smooze when I see it?! But it's different from Smooze!"

"How different?" Witch Kitten asked.

"It's bigger, it's meaner, and the Flutter Ponies can't defeat Gloob!" Witch Cat cackled. "Nothing can!"

The three witches began to cackle as a wave of the purple Gloob floated over to Ponyland. Jerry and Mimic were still out on their ride when they saw it.

"What in the world is that?!" Jerry shouted.

"Smooze!" Mimic shouted. "Let's get out of here!"

Mimic began to run as fast as she could, but the Gloob was closing in fast. She ducked into a cave, just as a wall of Gloob washed over it.

"Oh no!" Mimic shouted. "We're trapped!"

"Don't worry, Mimic, we'll find a way out of here. I hope."

The Gloob continued to wash over Ponyland. It covered nearly everything in it's path. Nobody at Paradise Estate noticed it at first. Fluey was swimming around with the Sea Ponies, when they all suddenly saw it.

"Mama, Mama!" Surf Rider screamed out.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Sea Light asked.

"Like, it's Smooze!" Surf Rider shouted.

"Not Smooze again!" Sea Shimmer shouted.

"Let's swim!" White Cap yelled.

"Uhhh, what's Smooze?" Fluey asked.

"THAT!" the Sea Ponies shouted. Fluey looked over, gulped, and began swimming after the Sea Ponies as fast as he could.

"The Smooze is coming! The Smooze is coming!" they all shouted as they swam for the Estate.

"The what is coming?" Peter asked.

"Smooze?" Micky asked. "Isn't that what big time producers in Hollywood do when they want to make a movie?"

"That's schmooze," Davy said. "I don't know what Smooze is."

"You'll find out if you don't get moving!" Fluey shouted.

Mike was about to say something when he felt a sharp pain in the side of his head. He screamed, held his hand to his head, and gnashed his teeth, groaning.

"What's wrong, Mike?" Cherries Jubilee asked.

"Oooh, I don't know!" Mike groaned. "But whatever it is, IT HURTS!"

Before anything else could happen, a wave of Gloob covered all the waters of Ponyland, and immediately hardened. Fluey and the Sea Ponies were surfaced, but stuck.

"We can't get out!" Seawinkle shouted.

"I know precisely what to do," Wind Whistler said. "I'm going over the rainbow to get Megan and the Rainbow of Light. When we return, we must trek to Flutter Valley. Only the Flutter Ponies can stop the Smooze!"

Wind Whistler flew off. The others looked at the hardened Gloob, thinking it was Smooze, not knowing what else to do. But before she left, she turned to the others.

"Paradise!" she shouted. "You and Micky must get to Flutter Valley as fast as you can! They can stop this Smooze!"

"Right away!" Micky shouted and he jumped on Paradise's back. "Hi ho, Paradise! Away!"

Paradise flew into the air and started for Flutter Valley. Wind Whistler watched them go, and she flew over the rainbow. She knew only the Flutter Ponies could stop the Smooze, but somehow, she got the feeling that they would need the Rainbow of Light. Galaxy and Mike walked over to the hardened Gloob, and examined it.

"I get the feeling this isn't ordinary Smooze," she said.

"But it looks like Smooze," Gusty said. "And it acts like Smooze . . . . ."

"But Fluey and the Sea Ponies were Smoozed," Fizzy said. "Sort of."

"We're just stuck in it," Fluey replied.

"And when someone gets Smoozed," Sweet Stuff said. "They're mean and nasty. That hasn't happened to Fluey and the Sea Ponies."

"So you're not sure if this is actually Smooze," Mike said.

"Is there any way to tell for sure?" Davy asked.

"Not that I know of," Galaxy said. "I just hope Wind Whistler returns with Megan fast. And Micky and Paradise, too."

The others nodded, but all they had to do was wait. In any case, Wind Whistler, flew down into Megan's back yard. She had perfect timing. Megan was just coming back from a ride with her pony, TJ.

"Megan! You must come to Ponyland!" Wind Whistler shouted. "We need the Rainbow of Light! The Smooze is back! But we fear it's not ordinary Smooze."

"Explain to me on the way!" Megan shouted as she jumped on Wind Whistler's back. She took to the sky and explained everything she knew.

In the meantime, Jerry and Mimic were trying to get out of their predicament. The Gloob had hardened, and the two of them were trying to break the seal.

"This is bad," Mimic said. "This is very, very bad!"

"Well, we can't get out the way we came in," Jerry said, knocking on the Gloob wall. "It's completely hardened."

"I think there's only one way to go," Mimic said. "Follow me!"

"I don't know, Mimic. It's awful dark back there."

"Don't tell me you're afraid of the dark!"

"No! I'm not afraid of the dark! Of course not! I'm afraid of what might be lurking in the dark!"

Mimic shook her head, and lit up her horn for light. Jerry climbed on her back, and they rode through the cave, which was not only dark, but it seemed deserted. Jerry didn't like it. It was too quiet.

"I never trust anything that's unusually quiet," he said, looking around.

"Me neither, Mimic replied. "Something doesn't feel quite right around here."

Jerry and Mimic continued on until Mimic ran into something. Or more like someone. In the dim light, Jerry and Mimic could see what looked like the face of a monster.

"YIIIIIIPES!" both of them screamed, and Mimic ran off in the other direction. But they ended up running into another monster type creature. Mimic was about to run off when it grabbed her tail.


Don't be frightened! What's you're hurry? Have no fear! Not to worry!

Sorry to alarm you...Grundles won't harm you


"Grundles?" Jerry asked, confused.  "How do we know you won't harm us?"

"We thought you were some kind of monsters," Mimic said.

Grundles good!" the king of the Grundles said.

"They still look like monsters to me," Jerry replied.

"Is what everyone thinks," the Grundle King said. "But Grundles not monsters. Grundles good!"


Grundles: Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good!

Grundles small; Grundles nice; Grundles also quite concise

Grundles don't waste words - wasting words for the birds

People stunned - often scared meeting Grundles unprepared

Grundles are misunderstood - Grundles neat, Grundles gentle

Grundles sweet and sentimental - Grundles hug you, never bug you

Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good! - Grundles are misunderstood

Take a shot! Take a ........... Grundles not as we're painted

Grundles love all and above all....

Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good!

Grundles good! Grundles good! Grundles good!


Jerry and Mimic looked at each other. Then Mimic remembered about the first time the Little Ponies faced the Smooze.

"Hey!" she shouted. Startled, Jerry jumped a little. "These are the creatures that helped Spike and Baby Lickety-Split get back to Dream Valley! The little ponies gave them Dream Castle. What are you doing here?"

"Grundles take a walk," the Grundle King said. "Saw the Smooze and ducked into the cave for shelter. Smooze is what buried Grundle Land."

"Ooohhhh, Grundle Land!" the Grundles wailed.

"Try not to mention it very often," the Grundle King said.

"So I've noticed," Jerry said. "Any ideas on how to get out of here?"

"Follow Grundles!" the Grundle King said, and he started down a tunnel with the rest of the Grundles following. Jerry and Mimic looked at each other, and followed as well.

In the meantime, Wind Whistler returned to Ponyland with Megan and the Rainbow of Light.

"Go for it, Rainbow!" Megan shouted, as she opened the locket.

The Rainbow of Light flew out of it just as Micky and Paradise returned with the Flutter Ponies.

"Everyone shift to Utter Flutter!" Rosedust shouted.

The Flutter Ponies shifted to Utter Flutter and tried to fight back the Gloob, as did the Rainbow of Light.

"Are you sure this is gonna work?" Mike asked.

"Ponyland isn't covered in Smooze anymore, is it?" Gusty asked.

"Well, no," Mike said. "But it don't look like that's doin' much."

Gusty looked over and saw that the Gloob was throwing it's purple glop everywhere, and the Flutter Ponies, or the Rainbow of Light for that matter, wasn't doing much to stop it. It looked like the Gloob was winning.

"It's winning! It's winning!" Davy shouted.

"They're losing! They're losing!" Peter shouted.

"Somebody do somethin'!" Glory shouted.

Mike whipped out his magic wand. It was the only thing he could do at the time. He waved it over his head for a moment or so, and then shot out a piece of magic at the Gloob. It went right through it, but that was about it.

"Now what do we do?" Spike asked.

"I know what to do," Micky said. "RUN!"

That was the best idea yet! Everyone took off running after that! The Rainbow of Light and the Flutter Ponies continued to fight off the Gloob, until a hand reached up, grabbed the Rainbow, and pulled it down underneath it.

"Whoa, talk about déjà vu," Gusty said.

The Flutter Ponies flew over to their friends, breathless.

"We can't fight it," Rosedust said.

"It's much too strong," Forget-Me-Not said.

"Of course it is, you pathetic little ponies!" a cackling voice shouted. Everyone looked up and saw the Witch Trio, sailing on a river of Gloob.

"The Witch Trio," Mike groaned. "I might have known!"

"Right!" Witch Cat laughed. "I see you've been trying to stop my little creation!"

"If anyone can stop the Smooze, the Flutter Ponies can!" Magic Star shouted.

"Precisely why we didn't send Smooze!" Witch Cat laughed. "We sent Gloob! Ha, ha, ha! And nothing can stop it! Not even the Flutter Ponies!"


Witches: Something bad is coming down 

Have you heard the news?


Gloob: Listen up!


Witches: Get inside...better run and hide

Nothing can stop the Gloob!


Gloob: You can't stop me!


Witches: See the way it slithers forth

Spewing gobs of ooze henceforth


Gloob: I love ooze!


Witch Cat: Here is comes!


Witch Poodle & Witch Kitten: Right now!


Witches: Nothing can stop the Smooze!


Gloob: No way!


Witches: You can't escape can't escape it


You haven't got a chance. Yeah!


Witch Cat: That evil goo is a witch's brew


Witch Poodle & Witch Kitten: No matter what you do, it's gonna get to you

Anyone who tries to fight is guaranteed to lose


Gloob: Guaranteed!


Witches: You can't win!

You oughtta pack it in


Witches & Gloob: Nothing can stop the Gloob


Gloob: Don't even try!!


Witches: Here comes the Smooze cruisin' along

Singin' it's funky, gunky song!

Just ain't no way to stop...

Our gooey, gooey glop! Ooh!

When it comes to witches brews, Gloob is what we choose

We won't stop - nothing else can top our ......... unstoppable Gloob


Gloob: I love to Gloob!


Witches: Gloob...nothing can stop the Gloob


Gloob: Gloob...


"Blecchhh!" Micky shouted as a glob of Gloob landed on his head. "This is some nasty stuff!"

"No kiddin'," Mike said. He plucked a little out of Micky's hair and squished it in between his fingers. "Well, what do we do now?"

"Yeah, that stuff ate our Rainbow!" Gusty shouted. "Again!"

"I don't think there's much we can do," Wind Whistler said. "It would be impossible to dig it out."

"There must be some way to stop the Gloob," Magic Star said. "We didn't think there was a way to stop the Smooze until we found out about the Flutter Ponies."

"Hey, we don't care how you stop it," Fluey said. "We just want to get rid of it so we can get out of here!"

"We can't do much without the Rainbow," Mike said, shrugging. "And I know for a fact the Moochick doesn't have another one!"

"Come on, you guys," Megan said. "We can't give up now. So what if the Rainbow of Light got eaten by the Gloob? We'll get it back."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I just know it."


There's always another rainbow

Search until you find it

Don't look at the cloud, look behind it

There's a rainbow there somewhere


There's always a ray of sunshine

Though it all seems tragic

You may turn around and like magic

There's an answer to your prayer


Now you feel forlorn

But hope can be reborn

Try and lose that frown

Look up, not down


And you'll find another rainbow

I can guarantee it

Even though you think you've reached

The rainbow's end


There's always another rainbow

Always another rainbow

Round the bend


KER-SPLAT! A big chunk of Gloob fell from a tree and splatted Micky right in the head again. His fuzzy curls were now covered in Gloob.

"More Gloob, too," he said. "I've always wondered if purple gunk would restore the PH balance in my hair."

"Well, I guess we should start for the Mushromp," Mike said with a shrug. "Although I doubt the Moochick will know how to stop the Gloob. If the Flutter Ponies can't defeat it, I don't know what can!"

In the meantime, Jerry, Mimic, and the Grundles had just gotten out of the caves, only to see the congealed Gloob. Of course the Grundle King wasn't too happy about that.

"Grundlelumph!" he shouted. "Must've taken a wrong turn."

"So I've noticed," Jerry said, rolling his eyes.

"Well, what do we do now?" Mimic asked.

"Keep going," the Grundle King said. "We make it back to Paradise Estate. Sooner or later."

"My guess is more sooner than later," Jerry said to Mimic.

Mimic had to agree with him there.

In the meantime, Megan, Mike, Micky, Wind Whistler, and Fizzy went to the Mushromp. The Moochick was sitting on his roof, looking over the horizon through a pair of binoculars.

"What are you doing up there, Mr. Moochick?" Micky asked.

"Keeping an eye on things," the Moochick said. "What's it look like?"

"Watchin' out for the Gloob, huh?" Mike asked.

"Indeed," the Moochick said as he slid down to the ground. "Now then, what can I do for you this time?"

"It's about the Gloob," Mike said.

"How do we get rid of it?" Fizzy asked. "The Rainbow of Light couldn't do it, and the Flutter Ponies couldn't do it. What else can do it?"

"Hmm," the Moochick said. "This is certainly a problem. A big problem indeed."

"Indeed it's an immense hindrance," Wind Whistler said. "But is there a clarification?"

"There is a solution to everything, my four legged flying friend," the Moochick said. Then he began to think it over. "The only one who can stop the Gloob is . . . . ."

The Moochick paused to think. Mike rolled his eyes. He could see where this was going to end up. He glanced over at Habit, who was trying to get the Moochick's attention. He began flapping his arms and whistling.

"Uhh, Mr. Moochick?" Mike asked.

"Don't bother me now! I'm thinking!" The Moochick shouted. "The only ones who can stop the Gloob are . . . . is it the singing grasshoppers, or the wiggle worms or . . . ."

"MR. MOOCHICK, HABIT'S TRYIN' TO TELL YOU SOMETHIN'!" Mike screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Loud much?" Micky asked, cleaning out his ear.

"Hmm? He is?" the Moochick asked. He looked at Habit, who was flapping his arms like they were wings, and whistling.

"Ah yes!" the Moochick shouted. "Now I remember! I remember everything! The only ones who can stop the Gloob are the Fairy Tails."

"Fairy Tales?" Micky asked. "Like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and . . . . ."

"No, no, no," the Moochick said. "Fairy Tails."

"What are Fairy Tails, Mr. Moochick?" Megan asked.

"I don't seem to recall," the Moochick said. "But find them, and they'll stop the Gloob."

"Looks like we don't have any other alternative, Megan," Wind Whistler said. "Thank you for your assistance, Mr. Moochick."

And with that, the two ponies and their three human friends went back to the Estate. North Star and Davy were keeping an eye on the Gloob.

"It's stahting to move again!" Davy shouted.

"You'd better find whoever it is that can stop it and fast," North Star replied as she landed. "Or else we'll all be buried in it!"

"I think it's a little late for Micky," Gusty replied. In response, Micky stuck his tongue out at her.

Mike rolled his eyes, and grabbed Micky by the shoulder. The two Monkees, Megan, Wind Whistler, Fizzy, and Magic Star went out to search for the Fairy Tails. Whoever, and whatever they were. The others were going to stay behind and keep an eye on the Gloob, and the Witch Trio.

Mike unfolded the map the Moochick gave the group, and stared at it.

"Do you even know where we're going?" Micky asked.

"Well, it's down the way of Flutter Valley," Mike replied.

"That shouldn't be too difficult to locate," Wind Whistler said.

"Right," Magic Star said. "If we found Flutter Valley, we can find wherever these Fairy Tails, or whatever they are, live."

"Then I guess the best thing to do is to go through the sunflower field," Megan said.

"And hope my hay fever don't act up," Mike replied, as he followed the little ponies down a path.

Elsewhere, the Grundles were leading Jerry and Mimic down a path of their own. It looked like they were in a giant field of some kind. It was giant, and empty.

"Paradise Estate that way!" the Grundle King said. The Grundles started walking, but then the king stopped, and all the Grundles crashed into each other and fell to the ground.

"Maybe it's that way," the king said. Jerry smacked his hand to his forehead and groaned.

"Okay, cut!" he shouted. "I've had enough of this."

"So have I," Mimic said. "Unicorns have great intuition. Follow me, everybody!"

Mimic began leading the way, until she stopped. The others stopped as well, and saw a gigantic tidal wave of purple glop.

"Uh oh," Mimic said. "The Smooze is back again!"

"Everybody make a run for it!" Jerry yelled.

Mimic, Jerry, and the Grundles ran for it. They all dove into a river and swam away from the Gloob as fast as they could.

"We have to go to Flutter Valley!" Mimic said. "They're the only ones who can stop the Smooze!"

"But how do we get to Flutter Valley from here?!" Jerry shouted.

"How else?!" Mimic asked. "Swim!"

That had to be their only option, so they swam.

In the meantime, Mike, Micky, Megan, and the little ponies were pushing their way through the sunflower field. Wind Whistler was up above them, guiding their way.

"Good thing we have a Pegasus on our side!" Magic Star shouted.

"Yeah," Mike said. He put his hand to the side of his head for a minute or so. "But I have the feelin' that this isn't gonna be easy."

"Keep going!" Wind Whistler called. "You're almost there!"

Wind Whistler kept an eye out, until she spotted the Gloob coming.

"Oh no!" she shouted. "Everybody run! It's Gloob!"

"Oh brother, not again," Micky groaned.

"Let's run for it!" Fizzy shouted, as Megan jumped on her back. Micky jumped on Magic Star and the two of them galloped off.

Mike gulped, and ran off as well. He crawled over fallen sunflower stems, and then finally faced the Gloob.

"I know it won't stop it," he said. "But it should stall it!"

Mike waved his magic wand at the Gloob, and sent some of his magic at it. It bought him some time. He started running as fast as he could, until the path he was running on broke in half, and he ended up facing a river of Gloob. What was worse, he skidded to a halt, causing him to drop his wand right into the river.

"Oh swell," he groaned.

Fizzy and Magic Star made it to the cliff just then, and were facing the jaws of the Gloob river.

"No way I can jump it," Fizzy said.

"I know I can," Magic Star said. "Hop on, Megan!"

Megan jumped on Magic Star, and she began running to get enough speed to make the jump. She made it across, and Fizzy winked across. They were safe for the time being.

"Wait!" Micky shouted. "What about Mike?!"

Wind Whistler was still flying around. She spotted Mike. He had a slight dilemma. In front of him, a river of Gloob. Behind him, a tidal wave of Gloob. There was only one way out. He pulled the sun flower down, and sat on it.

"Lift off!" he shouted, as the sunflower catapulted him across the river. But his aim was a little off. He ended up hanging onto the cliff.

"Oh groan," he said. "Hey! Somebody give me a hand here!"

"Hold on!" Wind Whistler shouted. "I'm coming!"

"I can't hold on! I'm slippin'!"

Mike did the best he could to hold on, but the ground gave way, and he plunged for the Gloob river. But Wind Whistler flew down and made the save before he could hit. Wind Whistler brought him to the others, safely. They all breathed of relief.

"Mike, are you okay?" Magic Star asked.

"Thanks to Wind Whistler I am!" Mike shouted, smiling.

"It's easy to be courageous when helping others," Wind Whistler said, blushing.

"Come on, everybody," Megan said. "There isn't much time left. We have to find those Fairy Tails."

The group was off again. They hoped that was the last of the Gloob.

The Grundles, Mimic, and Jerry had reached the shoreline, and were crawling out of the river they were in.

"Now where are we?" Jerry asked.

"I don't know," Mimic said with a sigh. "How are we ever going to get back to Dream Valley now?"

"Not to worry," the Grundle King said. "Grundles here to help."

"Some help!" Jerry shouted, suddenly. "We're wet, tired, cold, and still lost!"

"Minor set back," the Grundle King said.

"Not to mention the Smooze is on our backs," Mimic said. "We need the Flutter Ponies."

"Flutter Ponies only ones who can stop Smooze," the Grundle King said.

"Well, let's keep going then," Jerry said shrugging. There wasn't much else they could do.

Mimic, Jerry, and the Grundles walked along, until Jerry stopped.

"Listen!" he shouted. The group listened and heard the sounds of birds. They looked up and saw a bunch of multi colored birds flying in the sky, with long, flowing tails.

"I know where we are!" Jerry shouted, smiling. "Barberia! Come on, everybody!"

Jerry, Mimic, and the Grundles ran through the bushes and came to the steps of a stone temple. Mike's girlfriend, Princess Phyllis, was sitting there, holding her faithful bird friend, Trixie, in her hand. Trixie was a little red bird with red, white, and aqua tail feathers. The other little birds were gathered around her, but when they heard Jerry, Mimic, and the Grundles coming, they flew off, chirping frantically.

"Oops," Jerry said as he skidded to a halt. "Sorry, Phyllis. We didn't mean to scare your birds."

"Jerry, Mimic, what are you two doing here?" Phyllis asked. "And who's that with you?"

"I am King of Grundles!" the Grundle King shouted.

"We are rest of Grundles!" the other Grundles shouted.

"We're on our way to Flutter Valley," Mimic said. "To stop the Smooze."

"I saw the Flutter Ponies awhile back," Phyllis said. "They looked like they were on their way to Paradise Estate."

"Then how come the Smooze is still here?" Jerry asked.

"Unless that stuff isn't Smooze," Mimic said. "It sure looks like Smooze, but maybe it isn't Smooze."

Jerry shrugged. He knew what Mimic was getting at, but he wasn't so sure of exactly what she said.

In the meantime, the Witch Trio was watching Megan, Mike, Micky, and the little ponies making their way to try and find the Fairy Tails. Witch Cat wasn't too happy.

"I know what will stop them," she said. "Go get Blurgh."

Witch Poodle and Witch Kitten looked at each other, disgusted. They didn't like going to see Blurgh. But they did it anyway. They didn't have much of a choice. They walked over to a cave of some kind and looked around.

"I've had it," Witch Kitten said. "Ma can do everything herself from now on."

"Right," Witch Poodle said. "I've had it with her."

The two witches walked along until they reached the end of the cave. Witch Kitten held up a triangle and began banging on it.

"COME AND GET IT!" she shouted. This was how they called Blurgh. Blurgh grumbled, and growled, crawling out of his hole in the wall. He knew when Witch Cat wanted him to do something.

Megan, Micky, Mike, and the little ponies continued walking along until they reached a clearing.

"At least we didn't have to go through Shadow Forest," Fizzy replied.

"We're not going to Flutter Valley, Fizzy," Magic Star said. "We're trying to find the Fairy Tails."

Fizzy nodded, and the group continued. Mike and Megan were looking over the map just then. Micky looked over and began walking.

"I'll betcha anything the Fairy Tails are right behind this mountain of slime!" he shouted.

"There's no mountain of slime on the map," Mike said.

"There isn't?" Micky asked.

Suddenly, the mountain of slime growled. Micky backed up and the others just stared at it.

"Wha?" Micky asked.

"What is that thing?" Fizzy asked.

"Looks like a giant slug monster," Mike said.

"BLUUURRRRRRGGGGHHHH!" the giant slug shouted.

"Let's get outta here," Mike said, as he began to back away.

The little ponies and their friends dashed behind some rocks, and waited for something to happen.

"That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen," Micky said.

"Kinda reminds me of Mr. Babbitt," Mike said.

"You haven't met Augh yet, have you?" Magic Star asked.

"How do we get rid of it?" Fizzy asked.

"I believe I may have an suggestion," Wind Whistler said. "What we require is salt."

"Wha?" Micky asked.

"Salt?" Megan asked.

"Indeed," Wind Whistler said. "A common garden slug will disintegrate. It's like acid to them."

"But where are we gonna get salt?" Mike asked.

Everyone turned to look at Micky. The fuzzy headed Monkee looked at everyone else, and pulled two packets out of his pocket.

"Lucky for you guys I'm always eating," he said.

Micky handed Megan the salt. She climbed on Wind Whistler. The blue Pegasus flew into the air. Megan ripped open the salt packets, and poured the contents over Blurgh. Blurgh looked up and swallowed some of the salt.

"It isn't working!" Micky shouted in a sing-song voice.

"Strange," Wind Whistler said. "It's always effective when Posey has slugs in her garden."

Suddenly, Blurgh began to shake and blow up like a balloon all of a sudden. Mike didn't like the looks of it.

"I think maybe we'd better . . . . ." he started. But before he could get anywhere else, Blurgh exploded.

KA-BLAM! Slime was everywhere. Including on the Little Ponies and their friends.

"Eeeeeuuuuwwwww!" they all shouted in perfect unison.

"As if having my hair Gloobed wasn't enough," Micky groaned.

"Well, we got rid of it," Mike said. "Let's keep goin'."

The group shook the slime off of them, and walked off. Blurgh put himself back together, and crawled back towards his cave. He wasn't going to fool with the little ponies and their friends again. At least not on that day.

The little ponies and their friends walked up to what looked like a stone temple, covered with birds. The birds were all sorts of different colors and had long, flowing tails. Or at least most of them did. A lot of them looked like normal birds.

"Did we walk into an aviary or something?" Micky asked. He led the group inside the temple and looked around. There were more birds inside than there were outside.

"I consider we stumbled into a bird sanctuary," Wind Whistler said, looking around.

Before anything else could happen, the group heard the sound of a band playing, and the birds began to all jump around.

"It's show time!" a parrot called out.


In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

All the birds sing words and the flowers croon

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room


Welcome to our tropical hideaway

You lucky people you

If we weren't in the show starting right away

We'd be in the audience too


All together!


In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

All the birds sing words and the flowers croon

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room


"I sing so beautiful!" another parrot shouted. "I should sing solo!

"Si, so low we can't hear you," another with a Spanish accent said.

"My voice may not be so marvelous," a parrot with a French accent said. "But my profile is out of this world."

"Ja vol!" a parrot with a German accent shouted. "The trouble is it's not far enough out of this world! Isn't that right, Heir Schmidt? Oh, I see Schmidt has no hair!"

"Mi amigos, stop the clucking!" the Spanish parrot shouted. "You sound like a bunch of old hens! There's a lot birds waiting to go on. For instance . . . ."


The boys in the back are called Macaws

Because of their claws? No, because they're Macaws

And our fine feathered friend is the jolly Toucan

And two can sound better than one Toucan can!


Mike made a face at that awful pun and gave the others a weird look. Megan and Micky just shrugged.


The Bird of Paradise is an elegant bird

It likes to be seen and it likes to be heard

Most little birdies will fly away

But the Tiki Room Birds are here every day


In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

All the birds sing words and the flowers croon

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room


Our show is delightful, we hope you'll agree

We hope that it fills you with pleasure and glee

Because if we don't make you feel like that

We're gonna wind up on a ladies hat


In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

All the birds sing words and the flowers croon

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room


Our magnificent production is yet to come

So strum the guitar and beat the drum

We've been a hit and we know you adore us

So come on and join is in another chorus


In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

All the birds sing words and the flowers croon

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room


The little ponies and their friends couldn't help themselves. They decided to join in with the birds now.


In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room

All the birds sing words and the flowers croon

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room


Once they were finished, the little ponies and their friends began to applaud and cheer for the birds, who took a couple of bows.

"These birds are such hams," a voice said. The group turned around and saw Mimic, Jerry, the Grundles, and Phyllis standing in the doorway of the Tiki Room.

"You own these birds?" Magic Star asked.

"Not really," Phyllis replied, as Trixie flew over and landed on her shoulder. "They come and go. It's sort of a bird sanctuary. They all live here in my temple. I call it my Tiki Room. The parrots just like putting on their little Tiki Room show whenever someone new walks in. Isn't that right, guys?"

"Si!" the Spanish bird cawed.

"Oui!" the French bird squawked.

"Ja vol!" the German bird shouted.

"Wow, terrific!" Fizzy shouted.

"We don't have time to review a bird show, Fizz," Mike said. "We're on a mission."

"What happened to your hair, Micky?" Mimic asked.

"It got Gloobed," Micky said.


"Yeah, it's like Smooze, but the Flutter Ponies can't defeat it."

"We were wondering what this stuff was," Jerry said. "How do you get rid of it?"

"The Moochick said only something called Fairy Tails can defeat Gloob," Magic Star said. "Unfortunately, we don't know what Fairy Tails are."

"You've come to the right place," Phyllis said, smiling. She took a small pipe out of her pocket, and blew into it, playing a few notes. All the little multi-colored birds with the long tail feathers flew over. There were at least a hundred of them.

"These are the Fairy Tails," Phyllis said. "The Fairy Tails of Barberia."

"But they're so small," Micky said. "How can they stop the Gloob?"

"The same way Utter Flutter stopped the Smooze," Megan said. "We don't have much time! Everybody back to Paradise Estate!"

The little ponies and their friends started running for the Estate. The Fairy Tails were after them. By that time, the Gloob had almost everything in Dream Valley covered.

"What do we do?" Sweet Stuff asked.

"We'll never be able to stop this stuff," Shady said.

"It looks like the end!" Peter shouted, and he was about to cry in a minute.

"We can't give up now!" Davy shouted. "You all know it's always dahkest before the dawn!"

"Davy's right!" Buttons said.

"But what we do?" Baby Half Note asked. Buttons gave her a nuzzle.

"Close your eyes," she said. "Think of Megan and Mike. And Wind Whistler and Magic Star. Now think of something that has enough power to defeat the Gloob."

Suddenly, the chirping of birds was heard in the distance. Baby Lofty looked up and gasped.

"Look!" she shouted. "Pretty birdies!"

"It's Megan and Mike!" Shady cried.

"And Wind Whistler and Magic Star!" Buttons shouted. "And the others, too!"

The others ran up to the cliff where the little ponies were standing. Trixie chirped to her friends and led them to the Gloob. The Witch Trio were sailing in it, wondering what in the world was going on.

"Go on, Gloob!" Witch Cat shouted. "Take care of those rejects from a feather duster!"

The Gloob groaned, and began slinging Gloob balls at the Fairy Tails. The others cheered the little birds on.

"Where 'ave you two been?" Davy asked Mimic and Jerry.

"Long story," Jerry replied. "I'll tell you about it later."

The Gloob continued to throw it's balls at the Fairy Tails. The birds swirled around the Gloob, shooting off rainbow glitter from their tails. The effect was similar to the Flutter Ponies' Utter Flutter. The Gloob was no match for these birds.

"Now I know why they call 'em Fairy Tails," Mike said. "They're shootin' fairy dust out of their tail feathers!"

The little ponies began to cheer as the Fairy Tails pushed the Gloob back to Skull Mountain. Once they got the big pile of purple gook out of the way, the Rainbow of Light flew from the mess and surrounded the Gloob. Then it picked up the Witch Trio.

"Oh no!" Witch Cat shouted. "Not again! Not again!"

"I thought you said nothing could defeat the Gloob!" Witch Poodle yelled.

"That's what they said about Smooze, too!" Witch Cat shouted. "And besides, I DIDN'T KNOOOOWWWWW!"

The Rainbow of Light then dropped the Witch Trio into their castle, and the Gloob back into the volcano it came from. Then the Fairy Tails swirled around and destroyed the Gloob that surrounded Fluey and the Sea Ponies. Fluey immediately dove out of the water and onto solid ground. Peter ran over, and gave his nephew the biggest hug he could muster. The Sea Ponies waved their fins at the Fairy Tails.

"Shoop-ee-doo, shoop-shoop-ee-doo!" they sang. "Shoop-ee-doo, shoop-shoop-ee-doo!"

The Fairy Tails came back down and swirled around Micky. The Gloob on his hair was gone for good. Micky ran a hand through his fuzzy curls, and smiled.

"Glad to have you back, hair!" he shouted.

The little ponies and their friends cheered. The Rainbow of Light then flew back into the locket, and Megan closed it.

"Glad to have you back, Rainbow," she said. "Well, looks like another job well done."

"Eeehh, not quite," Fluey said, looking around.

"Fluey's right," Shady said. "After the Smooze was defeated, everything went back to normal. Now it looks like everything's been destroyed!"

Mike looked around, and picked up his magic wand. He looked at the crystal ball on top of it, and then smiled.

"Don't worry everybody," he said. "We'll get everythin' fixed up in no time!"


In no time at all

We'll have things back in shape

Everythin' will be the way it was

Birds will start to sing again

Bees will start to buzz


In no time at all

You'll be shoutin' out with glee

At the change you thought would never be

Though the task is far from small

And it seems like a mighty long haul

With a little faith and trust

We can fashion dreams from dust


In just no time at all


Mike waved his wand as hard as he could, and Dream Valley was restored to the way it was before the Gloob hit. Everyone agreed that it never looked better.


The End