It was another beautiful day in Ponyland. Mike was riding around with Cherries Jubilee. They two of them were often seen together. If Mike wasn't riding Cherries Jubilee, he was either with Tex, or Masquerade.

"I have to go now, Mike," Cherries Jubilee said after awhile. "I promised I'd help Cupcake in the kitchen."

"Sure thing, Jube," Mike said. "I think I'm just gonna go walk around."

Cherries Jubilee nodded, and she ran off. Mike went walking down the woods. As he was walking, he heard something run after him. It was Lemon Drop, Spike the dragon, followed by Brandy the dog.

"Mike, wait up!" Spike called. "We want to go with you!"

"Woof!" Brandy shouted.

"Why?" Mike asked.

"You do fun stuff," Spike said.

"Okay, then," Mike said.

Mike, Lemon Drop, Spike, and Brandy walked along the woods. Brandy stopped for a moment, and began sniffing the ground. Then he began barking, and digging.

"What's with him?" Spike asked.

"He probably buried a bone or somethin'," Mike said.

Brandy began barking up a storm, and digging like crazy until he unearthed a book. It was made of brown leather and had gold accents on it. He ran over to Mike, pawing at his leg, and whimpering.

"Whatcha got there, Brandy?" Mike asked, taking the book. "Looks like a journal."

Mike brushed the dust and dirt off the cover of the book, and opened it.

"What's it say, Mike?" Lemon Drop asked.

"It's hard to read it," he said. "The handwritin's really weird. It says . . . . . and thus begins a great . . . . journey . . . . . . I have journeyed far from my homeland . . . . . Tex . . . . Texantissa, in search of . . . . . new lands and magic. I will not rest until . . . . . I come across, or create . . . . . the perfect valley, and perfect all my magic spells. My name is Claudius Mikhail Nesmith."

"Hey, he has the same last name as you, Mike!" Spike shouted.

"So what?" Mike shrugged. "Lots of people have the last name Nesmith."

"Like who?" Lemon Drop asked.

"Well, uhh . . . . there's . . . . uhhh . . . ." Mike started, but then he realized something. "Huh. Can't think of a one."

"I wonder who Claudius Mikhail Nesmith was?" Spike asked, ignoring Mike's rambling.

"Maybe the Moochick would know," Lemon Drop said. "Come on!"

The foursome ran to the Mushromp, to see what the Moochick knew about Claudius Mikhail Nesmith.

The Moochick was one of Mike's least favorite people. He didn't like the Moochick because he was scatterbrained, and disorganized. Mike hated disorganization. But if he wanted to know about Claudius Mikhail Nesmith, the Moochick was the one to turn to.

Once at the Mushromp, Mike knocked on the door. The Moochick answered it, and appeared not to be happy to see visitors.

"What is it this time?" he asked. "Do I have to help you little ponies again?"

"Not this time," Mike said. He handed the Moochick the journal. "Brandy dug this up, and we're wonderin' who this Claudius Mikhail Nesmith is."

The Moochick took the journal, and looked at it. Then he looked up at Mike. Immediately he dropped the book, and ran into his house. Mike, Spike and Lemon Drop exchanged a glance, and followed the Moochick inside. The Moochick was frantically turning pages in his book.

"Michael come over here," he said. "Stand right there and let me take a good look at you."

"Eh?" Mike asked. "What are you gettin' at, Mr. Moochick?"

The Moochick didn't answer. He continued to flip through pages in his book until he found what he wanted. Then he brought over a chair and stood on it, in order to study Mike.

"Tell me, Michael," he said. "How old are you?"

"Twenty-three," Mike answered. "Twenty-four in December."

"When were you born?"

Mike gave the Moochick an odd look, and told him the year.

"Where were you born?" the Moochick asked.

"Texas," Mike said.

"What's your middle name?"

"Michael, actually. My real first name is Robert, but my mom preferred to call me Michael, and then I got into Mike."

"What were your grandparent's names?"

"What is this, twenty questions?!"

"What's going on, Mr. Moochick?" Lemon Drop asked.

"Nothing much, really," the Moochick said. "It's just that I've finally found him!"

"Who, me?" Mike asked.

"Him?" Spike said.

"But why Mike?" Lemon Drop asked.

"Because, my fine four legged friend," the Moochick said. "Robert Michael Nesmith is a direct descendant of Claudius Mikhail Nesmith, the founder of Ponyland!"

"You're kidding!" Spike shouted.

"You're puttin' us on!" Mike yelled.

"Indeed not," the Moochick said. "I knew Claudius Nesmith. Take a look. There's a picture here in this book."

Mike shrugged and looked at the Moochick's book, along with Spike and Lemon Drop. They were curious, too. What they discovered surprised them. Mike was a dead ringer for Claudius Nesmith!

"Whoa," Lemon Drop said. "You guys could be twins!"

"Yes indeed," the Moochick said. He pulled a box out from under the table. "I've saved this for many, many years, Michael. Claudius told me, before he died, that one day, a descendant of his will stumble upon his journal. He told me to give his magic wand to that descendant. Today's the day."

The Moochick opened the box to reveal a gold magic wand with a crystal ball on it. Mike picked it up, and looked at it.

"So . . . . ." he started. "What the heck am I supposed to do with this?"

"Study Claudius's journal," the Moochick said, giving Mike the journal Brandy had dug up. "All his magic spells are in there. With practice, you'll be as great a sorcerer as your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather."

"That great, huh?" Mike asked. "Well . . . . okay, I guess."

Mike shrugged, and he, Spike, Lemon Drop, and Brandy went back to Paradise Estate. Locket flew Mike back down to the Monkees Pad, where Jerry was waiting for him at the front door.

"Hey Locket!" Jerry called, as Mike hopped off her back, and she headed for Ponyland.

"Hi Jerry!" Locket called back, and then disappeared.

"In Ponyland, huh?" Jerry asked, and then he eyed the journal. "What's that?"

"We'd better go in and sit down," Mike said. "Because you, Davy, Micky, Peter, and Fluey are not gonna believe what happened to me in Ponyland today!"

The End