Baby Pony Love

It was a beautiful spring day in Ponyland. Medley and Airedale were flying through the clouds, enjoying the day. Heart Throb and Firefly were watching them.

"How romantic!" Heart Throb sighed.

"You think everything's romantic," Firefly groaned, rolling her eyes.

Heart Throb glared at Firefly and flew off. Firefly did her double inside out loop, and flew away as well. Airedale and Medley continued flying along the outskirts of Ponyland until they came across a garden. The most beautiful garden the two Pegasus ponies had ever seen in their lives.

"Oh! It's so beautiful here!" Medley shouted.

"This puts Posey's garden to shame," Airedale said. "Come on! Let's see what else we can find in this garden!"

Airedale flew ahead, and Medley followed him. They came across a bush that had the brightest red and purple berries growing on it. They sparkled in the evening sun like gumdrops. Airedale sniffed one, and chomped down. He chewed twice, and swallowed. Medley was a little disgusted. She loved Airedale dearly, but he had the eating habits of a pig!

"Hey these are great!" Airedale said, chomping into another. "Have one, Medley!"

"Well, I don't know . . . ." Medley said.

"Come on, Medley! They're delicious!"

Medley heaved a sigh, and delicately chewed a purple berry. Her face broke into a big smile as she swallowed. Airedale was right. These berries were great! The two of them continued eating them, Airedale chomping and slurping like a cave pony, and Medley taking tiny bites like the lady she was. By the time the sun set, the bush didn't have anymore berries on it, and Airedale and Medley were laughing and whooping it up all the way home. Airedale was doing crazy flips, and so was Medley, which was so unlike her! They made it back to Paradise Estate well after dark. Medley and Airedale were giggling their heads off when they flew into the Estate.

"Shh! Shh!" Medley hissed, giggling. "You'll wake everybody up!"

Airedale just laughed, and he flew behind Medley into her room. The two of them began laughing and giggling their heads off. They were practically screaming. All the noise woke up Gusty, and she began banging her hoof on the wall.

"Hey! Some ponies are trying to sleep you know!" she shouted. "Keep it down in there!"

"Sorry!" Medley shouted, laughing.

Medley and Airedale toned down the giggling and the screaming and the ruckus. And that was all anyone heard from them until breakfast. All the little ponies gathered in the kitchen for food. This included Megan, Danny, Molly, Julie, Jerry, Fluey, and The Monkees, who were all up visiting Ponyland for the day. Megan, Danny, and Molly were digging right into their breakfasts, along with the boys. Julie was hanging by Megan. She had met the Monkees, Jerry, and Fluey before, but she was still a little shy around them.

Airedale staggered into the kitchen, looking like a train wreck. His hair was matted and frizzed, and his aviator's helmet was knocked askew. Cupcake stared at him as if he were crazy.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Beats me," Airedale said. "All I remember is eating these great berries, and that was it."

"You look like you're suffering a hangover," Fluey said.

"How do you know what a hangover is?" Danny asked.

"Mike came into the Pad with one last night."

Mike blushed scarlet, and went back to his pancakes. Medley wandered into the kitchen a few minutes later, looking worse than Airedale!

"Somethin' tells me whatever hit Airedale, hit you too, Med," Mike said.

"Are you okay, Medley?" Julie asked.

"Fine," Medley said. "But I'm starving."

"How about some pancakes?" Cupcake asked. "Freshly made, complete with maple syrup."

"Pancakes sound good," Medley said. "But not with maple syrup. Do we have any pickle juice?"

"Pickle juice?" Micky asked, making a face. "On pancakes? Bleah!"

Everyone looked at Medley like she was crazy. But Cupcake fixed her pancakes with pickle juice.

"Thank you," she said. "Now, do we have any beef jerky? And bring the pickle juice back out, please."

"Excuse me," Peter said, turning completely green. He stood up, and went directly for the bathroom.

Cupcake brought Medley some beef jerky (Score was addicted to it), and brought the pickle juice back out. Medley then asked for the strawberry syrup. Once Cupcake gave it to her, she squeezed the strawberry syrup into the jar of pickles, and began pulling the pickles out and eating them, and dipping the beef jerky in the mix. And she was also eating pancakes covered in pickle brine. Fluey, the kid with the cast iron stomach, got a sick look on his face, and pushed his plate away.

"I think I lost my appetite," he groaned.

Medley began wolfing down her breakfast. No one had ever seen her eat so fast in her entire life!

"I think she's been hangin' around Micky for too long," Mike commented. Micky blushed. He always ate like a pig, even in restaurants!

"Oh thank you, Cupcake," Medley said once she was finished. "That was delicious."

"You're welcome, Medley," Cupcake said. "Although I'm a little confused."

Medley was about to say something, when she felt a funny feeling in her stomach. She ran to the bathroom immediately and began throwing up.

"Ew, yuck," Fluey grimaced.

"I feel the same way," Peter said. "Just looking at her breakfast made me sick!"

"What's going on?" Firefly asked, flying over.

"Nothin' much," Mike said, shrugging. "Medley's just tossin' her pickle juice, that's all."

"With what she had for breakfast, I'm not surprised she's sick," Jerry replied.

"This isn't normal," Megan said.

Medley came back out, looking a little greener than usual. She was walking a little funny, too.

"Medley, are you okay?" Firefly asked. "You don't look so well."

"Oh, I'm all right," Medley said. "My hooves are a little sore, my back hurts a bit, I'm feeling a little nauseas, and I'm dying for some strawberry Jello and liverwurst."

"Livahwurst and Jello?" Davy asked.

"Yes, mixed in," Medley said. "Think you can do that for me, Cupcake?"

"Uhhh . . . ." Cupcake stammered.

"I think we should go see the Moochick about this," Megan said.

"Good idea," Mike said. "Looks like Medley's put on some weight since last night, too."

It wasn't much, but Medley did look a little heavier than she did the night before. Megan, Mike, Medley, and Firefly decided to go down to the Mushromp. Firefly flew all the way there, but Medley just sort of . . . . . sloshed. It's the only way I can describe it. She felt too heavy to fly. Once they were at the Mushromp, Megan explained everything to the Moochick.

"She's gained some weight," she said. "And has aches in her hooves and her back, and this morning, she ate pancakes with pickle juice for breakfast."

"Yeah, along with beef jerky dipped in pickle juice," Mike said. "She's also feelin' nauseas, and she ended up tossin' her pickle juice earlier."

"Then she had a craving for Jello and liverwurst," Firefly said. "What's wrong with her, Mr. Moochick? This isn't normal pony behavior."

Before the Moochick could answer, Habit threw a book to him. The Moochick opened the book, found the page he was looking for and nodded.

"This is quite normal," he said.

"How can you say that?!" Mike yelled.

"Well, every little pony acts like Medley when they're with foal."

"Oh well, if that's the case . . . . . . I beg your pardon?"

"Did you just say . . . . ." Firefly started.

"Indeed I did," the Moochick said. "Medley is with foal. At least I'm pretty sure she is. There's only one way to find out. Michael, may I see the magic wand I gave you, please?"

"Sure," Mike said, handing his great-great-great-great-great grandfather Claudius Nesmith's magic wand to the Moochick. He waved it around Medley, and finally got a vision in the crystal ball on the top of the wand.

"I was right," the Moochick said. "Medley is definitely with foal."

"You mean to tell me," Medley said. "That I'm going to have a baby pony?!"

"No," the Moochick said. "You're going to have two baby ponies."

"Twins?!" Firefly exclaimed. "Boy, any other time a pony wants to have a baby, they just go to the Magic Mirror!"

The Magic Mirror is where baby ponies come from. A little pony would go to it, and wish for a baby pony, and one would come out, looking like a miniature version of themselves. Ember, Baby Half Note, Baby Tiddlywinks, Baby Cuddles, and the newborn twins, Milkweed and Tumbleweed and Sniffles and Snookums, were exceptions. They had been found in Paradise Estate. This was the first time a little pony would be giving birth to a baby pony!

"Oh my lord," Mike said.

"No wonder you were craving pancakes and pickle juice!" Firefly shouted. "We've got to tell the others!"

"I hate to think of what Airedale is going to say," Medley said.

"Don't worry, Medley," Megan said. "I'm sure Airedale will be surprised."

Megan couldn't have been more right. When the foursome got back to the Estate, they told Airedale right away. And he fainted!

"Well," Mike said. "He took it pretty well."

Airedale woke up a little while later. He let the news sink in.

"I need air," he said, and he flew away. Medley staid right where she was. She felt too heavy and sore to do anything else but sit.

During lunch, the baby ponies had heard what happened to Medley, and they were excited. Every last pony in Ponyland knew about it.

"Oh darling! How wonderful!" Heart Throb shouted.

"Not so wonderful," Medley said. "I'm having twins, and I'm doing it the hard way."

"How did babies get in Medley's tummy?" Baby Heart Throb asked.

"You'll find out soon enough," Mike said.

Micky laughed. Mike was a champion at dodging questions. In any case, Micky poured himself a bowl of Corn Flakes and poured orange juice over them. Baby Heart Throb, Baby Lickety Split, and Baby Gusty looked at him as if he were crazy. Then they glanced at Medley who was eating a liverwurst sandwich with sardines, pickles, onions, and a scoop of Neapolitan ice cream, because she couldn't decide if she wanted chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla on her sandwich, so she went with all three.

"Weird lunches!" Baby Gusty shouted.

"No kidding," Jerry said. He was opening a package of string cheese, pulling the strands off, and dipping them into a jar of tomato sauce before he ate them.

Baby Gusty, Baby Lickety Split, and Baby Heart Throb looked around at some of the other lunches. By far, Medley's was the weirdest, followed by Micky's.

"Corn Flakes not lunch!" Baby Lickety Split shouted. "Corn Flakes breakfast!"

"I had a craving for Corn Flakes," Micky said shrugging.

"How come Micky's milk orange?" Baby Heart Throb asked.

"It's not milk," Micky explained. "It's orange juice. I had a craving for Corn Flakes and orange juice."

"Corn Flakes and orange juice?" Baby Gusty asked, slightly confused. The three baby ponies left the kitchen then.

"Maybe Micky gonna have baby like Medley," Baby Lickety Split whispered.

"But Micky a boy!" Baby Heart Throb shouted. "Boys no have babies!"

"Stranger things have happened," Baby Lickety Split said, imitating something Fluey was often saying.

"What we do if Micky have baby?" Baby Gusty asked.

"Mama say she gonna throw Medley baby shower," Baby Heart Throb said. "We throw Micky baby shower, too!"

"What baby shower?" Baby Lickety Split said.

"Don't know," Baby Heart Throb said. "We go to Medley's. We find out, and do same for Micky."

"Let's tell other baby ponies!" Baby Gusty shouted, and the three of them were off to tell the other baby ponies their idea.

A few days later, Medley's tummy had gotten bigger, and she wasn't about to move from her spot in her room. Julie didn't want to move either. She was content sitting next to Medley, instead of outside playing with Molly and the Baby Ponies.

"Don't you want to go outside and play?" Medley asked.

"No," Julie said. "I want to stay with you. I staid with my mom when my little brother was born. I know about babies."

Medley smiled, and nuzzled Julie. The two of them settled down for a little nap. Heart Throb was a little disappointed Medley didn't want to move from her room. It threw her plans for the baby shower a little off.

"How am I going to throw it now?" Heart Throb said. "Medley doesn't want to leave her room!"

"I have an idea," Gingerbread replied. "If we can't bring Medley to the baby shower, we bring the baby shower to Medley!"

"You mean hold it in her room?" Masquerade asked.

"Yes!" Gingerbread shouted.

"Ging, you know I love ya and your perkiness," Micky said. "But how are we gonna all fit a big party into Medley's room?"

"Shifts!" Gingerbread shouted.

"Wha?" Micky asked.

"Shifts?" Heart Throb asked.

"Exactly!" Gingerbread shouted. "We'll all go in a few at a time, and give Medley some food and her presents, and then we'll play some games with her!"

Heart Throb, Micky, and Masquerade looked at Gingerbread as if she were nuts. But there was no other way around it. Heart Throb was determined to throw Medley a baby shower. She began planning it. Baby Heart Throb, Baby Lickety Split, and Baby Gusty were watching intently, so they could do the same thing.

"You sure Micky gonna have baby?" Baby Heart Throb asked. "He no big and fat like Medley!"

"Medley have twins," Baby Lickety Split said. "That why she big and fat. Micky probably only have one baby."

"But you sure?" Baby Gusty asked. "Medley eat all day."

"So does Micky," Baby Lickety Split said.

"Micky always eat!" Baby Heart Throb shouted.

"Medley also sore," Baby Gusty said. "Back and hooves hurt. Also Medley get sick. Mike say she keep tossing her pickle juice. Whatever that means!"

"Micky no sore," Baby Heart Throb said. "And Micky no toss pickle juice."

"But Micky eat funny food!" Baby Lickety Split said. "He have baby! Me sure of it!"

Baby Heart Throb and Baby Gusty shrugged, and began to put up decorations. Medley's baby shower was that afternoon. Medley, Airedale, Heart Throb, and Julie staid with her and helped her open presents, which were mostly baby things.

"Oh, how adorable!" Heart Throb gushed every time a new present was opened.

"Please stop that," Airedale said. "It's getting on my nerves."

Julie giggled. Once Medley's baby shower was over, Baby Lickety Split ran to the Estate and grabbed the sleeve of Micky's shirt.

"Micky come with us!" she shouted. "To Nursery!"

"Somethin' wrong?" Mike asked.

"Want to show Micky something," Baby Lickety Split said. "Mike come too, if you want."

Mike and Micky shrugged, and they followed Baby Lickety Split to the nursery. Once they got there, every last baby pony shouted,


"Wha?" Micky asked.

"What's goin' on here?" Mike asked. He and Micky looked around the nursery and saw pink and blue streamers hanging at weird angles. Not to mention there were a lot of old baby things laying around.

"We give Micky baby shower," Baby Lickety Split said. "Okay! Let it go!"

Baby Surprise and Baby Heart Throb then dropped a bunch of the Baby Ponies baby dolls (baby pony dolls, that is) on Micky and Mike's heads. It didn't hurt (too much), but it left the Monkees slightly confused.

"Baby Lickety Split say baby showers like April showers," Baby Tiddlywinks explained.

"We give Micky baby shower cause Micky have baby like Medley," Baby Lickety Split said. "He eat orange juice on Corn Flakes, which is funny, and Medley eat funny food, too!"

That was all it took for Mike to burst out laughing. Micky's face had turned crimson. He was so embarrassed!

"Micky eats orange juice on his Corn Flakes because he doesn't like milk!" Mike shouted, still laughing. "He's not gonna have a baby!"

"He no have baby?" Baby Lickety Split asked.

"No!" Micky shouted, still highly embarrassed. "I'm a boy! Boys can't have babies!"

"They help make babies, but only girls can give birth to them," Mike said.

"How?" Baby Lickety Split asked.

Before Mike could dodge the question, Julie came bursting into the Lullaby Nursery, and she was in tears.

"What's the matter, Jules?" Mike asked.

"Medley's tummy hurts!" Julie shouted. "She said it was time!"

"Time?!" Mike shouted. "Oh good gravy Marie!"

Mike and Micky dashed for the Estate then and there. Julie ran after them. The Baby Ponies just looked at each other, confused.

"Time for what?" Baby Lofty asked.

"Time for Medley to have her babies!" Ember shouted, excitedly.

All the Baby Ponies cheered. This was the biggest thing that ever happened in Ponyland.

Mike and Micky practically ran into Medley's room. Megan, Firefly, Heart Throb, Lickety Split, and Gusty were already there, and they were all wearing scrubs.

"What did we miss?!" Mike shouted.

"Nothing," Gusty said. "We just got started."

"Grab some scrubs if you're going to hang around," Firefly said.

"Uhh, no thanks," Micky said. "I'll go help Airedale worry."

"Chicken," Mike said, throwing the scrubs on over his clothes.

Micky shrugged and left. Megan shook her head, and got right down to business.

"Okay, Medley, just breathe in and out like this," Megan said, and she demonstrated the breathing technique her mother used when she was pregnant with Danny and Molly. Medley repeated it.

"I don't think I can take it!" she shouted.

"Come on, Med, these kids want to see the world," Mike said.

"Yeah, and we want to see these kids," Firefly commented.

Medley took a deep breath, and continued to do the breathing technique. She did that for an hour. Mike and Lickety Split left the room. They needed a break. Glory walked in to help. Most of the ponies who were mothers were going to go in and help. Megan was helping because she knew the drill. She had seen it done twice (when Molly and Julie's brother, Tommy, were born). Firefly was just in there offering her support, since Medley was her best friend.

"Anything 'appen yet?" Davy asked.

"Well . . . . ." Mike said, looking towards the room.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!" the two Monkees then heard Medley shriek.

"I think that answers your question!" Mike shouted.

"More eloquently than words, mate," Davy replied, cleaning out his ears.

"I'm gonna go get some coffee."

Mike walked out of the room and let out a low whistle. Medley was in a lot of pain. She couldn't take much more of this.

"We could be in for a long wait," Fluey said, leaning against the doorway. "I hear a woman can be in labor for days."


Fluey backed off. He had never heard Medley blow her top. In fact, nobody had. She was probably one of the most patient ponies in Ponyland. It would take a lot for her to start screaming like that.

"Maybe the twins can't decide which one wants to come out first," Shady suggested.


"Somebody shoot her with a tranquilzer," Mike said, walking back into the room.

Airedale wasn't faring too well, either. He was pacing back and forth in the living room, nervously. He was chewing on some beef jerky Score had lying around. All the Big Brother Ponies were watching him.

"Settle down there," Tex said.

"You'll wear a hole in the floor!" Salty exclaimed.

"I can fly out of it," Airedale said. "I have wings, remember?!"

"You don't have to bite anyone's head off," Lofty said, flying into the room.

"Anything happen yet?"

"Not yet, but we're trying. I think we're getting closer."

"How can you be so sure?"

"AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!" Medley shrieked from down the hall.

"Call it a hunch," Lofty replied.

Airedale nodded, and continued pacing. They weren't going to allow him inside the room until they got the baby ponies out of Medley's stomach. Medley was sweating and grunting.


"Just keep at it, Medley," Megan encouraged. "You can do it!"

"Push Medley, push!" Firefly said. "I think I see one coming!"

Medley pushed with all her might. This was killing her. She wanted to kick herself for eating those fermented berries, which seemed to cause this whole thing. She gave the biggest push of her life, and there was a little green baby pony with white mane and a white tail. He had a teeny, tiny jet on his teeny, tiny hindquarters.

"Okay, Medley, one more, darling!" Heart Throb encouraged. "You can do it, darling! I know you can!"

Medley gave another huge push, and her second twin came out. This one was yellow with green hair and she had teeny, tiny music notes on her teeny, tiny hindquarters. Medley breathed of relief, and looked at her twins. She pushed any thought she had about kicking herself for eating the fermented berries out of her head, and began nuzzling the little girl baby pony. Then she nuzzled the little boy baby pony.

"Can I come in now?" Airedale asked.

"You sure can, Dad," Mike said, smiling.

Airedale walked in, followed by some of the others. They all saw the two teeny, tiny baby ponies, and were awe struck.

"Aaaaawwwwwww," they all said (what did I tell you?)

"Look how little they are!" Molly shouted.

"Oh, aren't they darling?" Heart Throb asked.

"They so small," Baby Lofty said.

"They smaller than Newborn Twins!" Baby Cuddles exclaimed.

These two baby ponies were the teeniest, tiniest baby ponies in Ponyland, but they were really cute. The little boy pony gave a huge yawn just then, and everyone went "aaawwww" again. Davy couldn't resist. He began tickling the little girl pony under her chin.

"Cootchie, cootchie, cootchie . . . . ." he said. Right before she bit his finger that is.


"YEEEEOOOOWWWW!" Davy shouted.

"Careful, Davy, they bite," Mike said, teasing.

Jerry covered his mouth with his hand to stifle his laughter, but it didn't work. Davy shot him a killer Look.

"So what are their names?" Locket asked.

"Baby Airedale and Baby Medley of course!" Firefly shouted.

"No," Medley said. "They don't look a thing like either of us. I mean, Baby Surprise is an exact duplicate of her mother, and so are most of the other baby ponies."

"I think we should each pick a name," Airedale said. "And I pick Jet for the boy."

"Right," Medley said. "And I pick Melody for the girl."

"Jet and Melody," Micky said, and then he nodded. "Cute."

"Nice names," Baby Heart Throb said.

"Thank you," Medley said, and she nuzzled Jet while Airedale nuzzled Melody.

"They talk like us?" Baby Sundance asked.

In response, Jet and Melody began crying. Like Milkweed, Tumbleweed, Sniffles, and Snookums, they couldn't talk like the other baby ponies. Megan got two baby bottles she had handy and gave them to the two new baby ponies. They began sucking happily on them. Airedale and Medley began to nuzzle each other. They knew they were going to have their hands full with their new twins. But they knew it would all be worth it.


The End